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Creation, True Science versus Evolution (3): God made it all!

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” – Genesis 1: 1

Only God, the “Supreme Being of unimaginable power, wisdom, and glory” (Finis Jennings Dake) can create the world, the material universes. Dake encapsulated it this way: He (God) did create our solar system and the trillions of solar systems, our galaxy (the Milky Way) with its roughly 400 billion stars (suns) and the starry space with its estimated 100 billion galaxies with their near certain figure of 40 sextillion (40, 000 million, million, million) stars or suns out there in space. God in Genesis 1: 1 (in the dateless past) created them all. God made it all: heavens (Psalm 8: 3; 19: 1; 102: 25; Isaiah 40: 12 etc), planets (Psalm 8: 3; Isaiah 40: 26; 45: 12; 48: 13 etc) all things (Proverbs 26: 10; Colossians 1: 15–18; John 1: 3; Ephesians 3: 9, etc). God made it all, be it the North Star or polestar (the bright star in the constellation Ursa Minor), the Great Nebula (the galaxy nearest ours, the Milky Way) or the faintest and farthest galaxy as captured by our telescopes, from where light could travel to our planet in 400 light years, 700, 000 light years and 500, 000, 000 light years respectively! God created ALL THINGS.

The Book of Job alone could be the foundation and guide Cosmology (9: 5-8; 26: 7; 36: 32; 37: 18; 38: 4,8-12,16,39-41; 39: 1-30; 40: 15-24), Astrology (9: 7,8; 38: 7,31-33), Geography (21: 29; 23: 8,9; 26:10) and Meteorology (1: 16-19; 9: 8; 27: 20,21; 36: 27-29,32,33; 37: 1-6,9,10; 38: 12-14,19,20,22,28,29) need to safely forge ahead.

Job tells us in Job 9: 1–12 that the mountains, earth, suns, stars, heavens and constellations are of God. In verse 9 we read: “which maketh Arcturus (a name having to do with the Great Bear – a constellation in the northern hemisphere) Orion (the constellation otherwise called the Giant, and it is said that the space in the sword of the Giant alone is about 2 trillion, 200, 000 billion or 2,200, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 times larger than the sun) and Pleiades (the name given to the 7 stars in the neck of the constellation Taurus) and the chambers of the south (suspected to be the “abode of the stars of the south or that division of the stars in the southern part of the heavens)” – Finis Dake. We must say with Amos (Amos 5: 8): “seek Him that maketh the seven stars (or Pleiades) and Orion …”

God did all that in the dateless past, Genesis 1: 1: “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – NIV, NKJV etc. It is the fact of nature represented in Genesis 1: 1 and by Job, Jeremiah and others that scientists have just found out when they tell us the earth is been here for some million (or billion) years. Yes, Adam (or modern man) has been here for only about six thousand years, but the earth certainly predates Adam. We desire that for a subject matter another day.

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