Creation, True Science versus Evolution (4): False Science is Confusion

by Eferovo Igho

“The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God… ” – Psalms 53: 1

“For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar…” – Romans 3: 4

Science without God or science that denies Him is false science. But science subject to God and The Holy Bible (His only Word to GUIDE MAN) is a servant to mankind. That is what drives humanity positively ahead and to its desired place. Science without God is tyranny and tyrannical to men because it ruins humanity at the end of the day because, in the first place, it is false.

While true science dissolves doubts and necessarily affirms scriptures (The Bible), McGrath (1981) says false science ministers or raises questions which it cannot answer. Hear him: “Science without God pretends that man is his own god but only makes him act like a devil. It was German ‘science’ which invented ‘higher criticism’ of the Bible and robbed an entire nation of morality and faith. What was the result? The ‘scientific’ Germans murdered millions, lay Europe in ruins, scientifically practiced genocide, burned human beings in gas ovens and drew off their fat to make soap, used their hair to stuff army cushions, and conducted ‘scientific experiments’ with living slaves as guinea pigs”. He reminded that ‘Scientific Marxism’ in Russia and China massacred tens of millions, enslaved other millions, tried to exterminate religion, and ended up preaching atheistic dogmas “so intricate and incredible that only a secret police inquisition and constant ‘purge’ kept the people subjugated by terror to them”.

False science is atheism. So called Scientific Marxism is false science. Evolution is another typical false science. God’s Word says: “The fool hath said in his heart, ‘there is no God’… ” (Psalms 53: 1). Dake thinks atheism is proved to be absurd by: the existence of the universe; the constitution of the body, soul, and spirit of man; the innumerable living creatures in existence (each one so perfect and intricate as to make all chance of its coming into existence automatically, an impossibility); the character of God’s works; the preservation and government of all creation (to think that all things came into existence and are being governed by themselves is folly); its ungodly mockery; its powerlessness to help a man to better himself and others; its degrading and immoral influence; the vastness of its unproved claims; and the renouncing of it by its followers in times of affliction and death. He says Sir Francis Newport, Voltaire, Tom Paine, David Hume, Altamont, Ethan Allen and Thomas Hobbes were atheists who among other atheists pleaded for mercy from God and regretted their atheism in their dying hour.

Actually, it can take only a seriously demonised man to be so deluded to say God is non-existence. For those so-called atheists who later changed their minds and went to God their Creator in repentance and asked for forgiveness in Christ Jesus well! The way our own Tai Solarin died may not afford him the opportunity to renounce or recant his atheist position. When Solarin lived this writer gave him the opportunity to retract and think like one created by God when he wrote him (Solarin) to reconcile with his Creator through the only Saviour of the world: Jesus Christ. In his reply he held to his grossly and damnable skewed resolve. Today Solarin cannot even do a rejoinder to this work: and that reminds me that there is God and tells me too that Solarin has long gone to meet, give account to, and receive reward from that God who put him on this earth in the first place. The Bible has said truly, as always: “yea, let God be true, but every man a liar” (Romans 3: 4). Too late for Solarin to make amend, but the Naiwu Osahons in our clime can embrace reason while breath they still have. Back to the foolishness that is evolution!

By the way, which is really easier to believe between the Bible (What God said and of which we attempt here to touch the iceberg) and evolution theories which McGrath summarises thus: supposedly the world originated by the accidental collision of two suns accidentally passing in space, and accidentally or by chance a gob of hot matter was torn off, and accidentally after a few million years cosmic rays fell on some water that had by chance formed on this new planet, and by chance the cosmic rays caused an atom of dead matter to become an atom of living matter, and by chance this multiplied and became millions of cells and by chance these cells turned into little germs and the germs became amoebas and the amoebas became plants and the plants became animals and the animals became man, all by CHANCE or ACCIDENT! I ask: Is ‘evolution’ not the peak of fantasy and satanic confusion? I think it is.

Be it what it calls cosmic evolution or organic evolution, evolution theorists do not deny the first cause. They begin with matter or substance already in existence and believe in primitive nebulosity and powers possessed by molecules (Dake) but cannot fantasise further, that is, how does this (the matter or substance already in existence) came into existence! Do not forget, of course, the fantasy that is the so-called big-bang theory! This is why it is not difficult to agree with McGrath that, while true science brings certitude and is in harmony with the Bible, false science raises questions and multiplies doubts and exalts human reasoning and theory above God.

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