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Creation, True Science versus Evolution (6): God’s Two Great Signs

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of Me, saith the Lord” – Isaiah 54:17

Besides nature; the unquestionable truth of creation by a Divine Being called God; the submission of the findings of true science to the truth embedded in Scriptures; and the great civilised impact The Bible has on the world; there are many other proofs of the existence of God and of the Bible being His only Word to man. But we shall here visit only too: Israel and The Church.

The miracle that is Israel and the sign that is ever Jewry wherever they are found and, of course, the way they have survived in a very hostile world for several thousands of years now only has divine explanation, and which explanation we see running through the pages of The Book of Life. And then, the Church! The great wonder of the Mustard Seed – its growth, uniqueness and resilience in an antagonising world with several gates of hell, who can explain! And derived from that is the truth that degenerated men are being regenerated and made righteous or made to conform to the image of God, and that through the shed Blood of Jesus Christ (the Head of the Church) on the Cross of Calvary.

Israel and the Church are divinely planted here on earth. They point to the glorious fact that God is not only up above but rules in the affairs of men. But more than that: These two plantings of God (ISRAEL and THE CHURCH) are supposed to show the world that there is eternity, which of course, is governed by God. Israel and the Church represent, as it were, God’s preparatory stage to bring men into eternity with Him, Adam having failed.

God used Adam to populate the earth that now is. The world became so corrupt that Abel, Enoch and Noah were the only highly spoken-of and, or recorded faithful between Adam and Abraham. In Abraham God decided to make a new deal. He will use Abraham through the promised child, Isaac, and Jacob the beneficiary of that great and perpetual promise, and which promise was finally consummated in Jesus Christ, THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, to populate and govern (along side the faithful before Abraham, and the Church) the coming world that will never end, under the Headship of Jesus.

A time is coming when, through Jesus Christ, all living Israelites shall be saved and that is besides all resurrected faithful Israelites. Israel is that sand on the seashore that cannot be numbered shown and promised Abraham by God. The Church is those innumerable stars shown and promised Abraham by God. Israel and the Church are planted in time and grow into eternity. They are the plantings of God and He is watching over them. There is nothing any man; any satanic concert and confederacy can do to stop that. Men can only do well for themselves if they come to God’s Christ (Jesus, the Man of Calvary) while there is still time. That is the only guaranty now to partake in that Abraham’s perpetual promise, that we see in Israel and the Church today but sure to be ushered into eternity with God. That is the only solution, failing which is inviting eternal damnation: And the Bible is incontestable and infallible in all matters: from creation to eternity.

Of the Bible (and hence by extension, the Church) Napoleon Bonaparte is most instructive on several scores when he said: “the Bible is more than a book: it is a living being with an action; a power which invades everything that oppose its extension”. That must be food for thought for all self-proclaimed enemies of Jewry and the Church. As we approach the end of time, we just hope Jacque Chirac and those after him will allow the greatest Frenchman ever to inform and educate them about the Bible; and that is parenthetical!

The more of the Bible pages scientific minds and governors and potentates peruse the better will be the nations and the more of its truth you and I imbibe and of its author, Jesus Christ, we know and become, the better is our station beyond civilization: eternity.

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