Critical Times, Revolutionary Times (2)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

It is remarkable that the administration of George Bush took radical nationalization measures and forceful intervention that has chained the financial institutions in America to the iron law of regulation- a Marxist-Leninist socialist economic prescription!

Are the objective laws of social change gathering in the United States? Is Galbraith yielding place to Herbert Marcuse? Where is Angela Davies? She must be giggling that the indomitable economic institutions that carried the American society on their shoulders like Hercules are crumbling; Ford’s GM, Freddie & co, Merrill Lynch, American Airlines et al.

In Nigeria, the struggle, this time, is a struggle for freedom and real independence. We shall be driven by Socratic “audacity and impudence.” Braithwaite said that under the circumstance, it is not intended to divulge the strategies and tactics of the impending revolution, which ought to be televised.

The talakawa, the almarjarin, the mekunu know their oppressors. Something must be urgently done. Statements of intent are no longer helpful. The leaders should know the grand consequences of failure, neglect or inaction.

A nation that cannot extricate itself from difficulties will sooner than later grow gloomy and morose. We must diminish dangers by our prudence and by buying discretion. Let us follow those rules by all wise people, which are called prudence and discretion.

Hoping against hope will incline the restive intelligentsia to extreme resolves and transmit, by the medium of their sharp intellect, their discontent to the suffering masses. This is how revolutions take root. We are already enjoying the most frightful headaches and we all feel depressed into the bargain.

I acknowledge, with utmost sympathy, that the system has to deal with politicians of not very exemplary moral attributes. These notorious, political jobbers are susceptible of no other passion except mamonic pursuits. They are easily transported with delight over money and not high ideals. The effect of this Gethsemane on the people remains deep and their consequent suspicious that there is a helpless situation, ineradicable.

It is true that the system has, at times, found it necessary to repair an occasional blunder, but there is still need to follow a new line of conduct mapped out by new circumstances in the polity with tolerable propriety. It is true that there are still lingering pressures from discredited entities, which should be related to, with the calmest irony, as people, whose ways have been rejected and whose advice and legacy are tainted and presently of no consequence.

Nigerians believe that these thorough-bred, deliriously, happy cheats and Destroyers of Nigeria (DORS), with long prison sentences hanging over their heads, want a different revolution. Their private happiness endues them with the most absolute composure regarding matters which only affect their ambition.

As I ruefully pause to remember our late colleague, Professor Oyin Ogunba, the OAU Shakespearian wit, I frown upon the dexterity of one professor, whose eternal engagements is to hanker after recognition each time a new political season is announced. His” I am available” stance has become a subject of intense satire.

He is always able to plead the benefit of clergy. He is an unrivalled exponent of Machiavelli, for whom he has intense veneration. A man like this has advertently or inadvertently been responsible for pacifying the people, especially during military rule because he was regarded as an intellectual.

Also, I recall the bewilderment of Mr. Norman Rao, an Indian trader, with long association with Nigerian business. When I met him recently at NICON LUXURY, Abuja, he stared at a dark-complexion, baritone gentleman who, he recalled collected a bribe from him, impersonating an immigration/custom officer at Ikoyi Hotel in Lagos, in the 1980s. Rao also said that the gentleman traded in illegal foreign currency, at extortionate rate. He said the character was a failed teacher and anti-Nigerian exponent. Such compatriots cannot join the revolution. We need ideologists and progressive thinkers.

The Braithwaite and our Pastor’s revolutionary stance have received the support of many Nigerians. Both orthodox and progressive circles in the nation have expressed willingness to join the crusade. They are ready to tackle the ghoulish, satanically entrenched system of corruption and this is their reason for a strong call for allegiance to the Nigerian nation and people.

The people of Nigeria will soon be the judgment creditors and the looters, the judgment debtors. Just like “the task of the Jewish people in the world was revealed at Sinai to the descendants of the three patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”, the Nigerian mission was revealed to Zik, Awo and the Sardaunna of Sokoto.

Unfortunately, the Luciferian hierarchy used some military mutineers to, not only divert the course of Nigeria’s destiny but to usurp political power, manipulate and control that destiny. The military has bequeathed the prevailing hedonistic culture, which we must erase from our land.

Specifically, when their ass of Biliam spoke three times, the teachings of TORAH, the BIBLE and the prophets were jack-booted and with the assistance of some intellectual trading post agents, the Nigerian dream turned into a nightmare.

There are signs that a new dispensation that could advance our nation is in the offing. We are minded to launch the AWOIST Party of Nigeria, which will be based in every Nigerian Village. It is a party that will accommodate intellectuals, true Awoists and politicians, who want to find another platform.

The members of the political organization are determined to sensitize the populace through enlightened political discourses, disputations and constructive argumentation. There will be no do-or-die culture. Our members are professionals and comfortable persons, who want to serve rather than be served. Already, an intelligence organization, which will monitor the activities of our members, is in place, to make sure that we do not admit people, who could tarnish our image. The Intelligence body is largely drawn from the recently disengaged spy-police cadre. The security of our leaders is their paramount duty.

Members are sound people and are already very well known all over the world. Many are based in Nigeria, Europe and America. The party is well-funded by its rich professional class and endowments from powerful citizens, who are ashamed at the level of politics in a nation of highly gifted people.

Some are leading members of ruling parties, who are disillusioned by the low culture of political dialogue in Nigeria. There is no leader but a leadership cadre that collectively designs policies and transmits final resolutions to Village administrators at Local wards. There are no salaries for the Political Bureau members, but the Village administrators earn well. Every member’s finances must be declared every quarter and published.

Every Village Administrator has a road map for the development of every village and actions go on simultaneously, with regular assessment inspections and reports evaluation meetings holding every Saturday, throughout the country, since party officials and the Political Bureau members work during the week in their jobs.

Even if the party wins elections, the notion of Government, in which both the executive and the legislature sit around doing little will be re-defined. Salaries and allowances will be fixed with social consciousness as a guiding principle. Only real patriots can withstand our asceticism and frugality. So, please do not come if MONEY is your concern or if you “like to drink the intoxicating draught of authority and dominion.” Edmund Burke (1729-1797).

The people of Nigeria will be consulted on a quarterly basis with the party’s progress report and the nation’s financial status on display. Our endeavour has to be to mobilize and conserve resource for the greater productivity and for maintaining and improving development.

The Political Bureau leadership group will not hold elective office of President or Governor. These offices will be occupied by those the Political Bureau will recommend before elections.

Our party will maintain official relations with all existing political parties and associations, conscious of the fact that we all want to serve our country. We shall hold discussions regularly and consult on a wide range of national issues, even where there are striking disagreements, “perplexities and doubts in both theories and practice” V.I.Lenin (1870-1924).

A person is not an enemy because he or she holds different views on how our country “goes better”. This party is a national party, which has decided to adopt the advanced views on societal organization as propagated by the Nigerian sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, but which neither the season nor the circumstances permitted him to actualize in his life-time.

The primitive politics of desperation will have no place in the AWOIST Party. Tribalists, opportunists and political failures will not be admitted. Anyone, who aspires to join us, must have read the ten books Chief Obafemi Awolowo wrote, from “PATH TO NIGERIAN FREEDOM” to his other political treatises. I repeat, this not a YORUBA party!

How I met the Right Honourable, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, upon his invitation to his 33A Park Lane, Apapa, in 1978, will be discussed in due course.

This party will entrench an enlightened political culture that will be the pride of Africans. Look at the new African mess in the Congo! No more politics of hatred, acrimony and bitterness. Apart from AWOISM, we have drawn our philosophical ideals from the FABIAN SOCIETY, which was formed in London in 1883 with the object of securing a greater acceptance and application of popular democracy, based on the culture of problem-solving through consensus.

I will remain the party’s Secretary-General, consultant and thinker. Please contact us (E-mail I will earn no salary. Silver and gold, we have always had. I will emulate Fabricius Luscinus, Gaius (fl 280 B.C.).

St Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes, whose name occurs in the form of Thaddeus in the synoptic gospels of Mathew and Mark, ministered to me last night. He said that the veil of satanic oppression cast over Nigeria by the Luciferian hierarchy, will soon be removed, as a result of the new team’s performance. It will happen on a windless day, with the rainbow in full view.

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sampson iroabuchi onwuka October 31, 2008 - 7:49 pm

Well workers socialist economy is not the answer. The answer to Nigerian economic problem is history. The people lack faith in themselves on the eminent grise of European direction. There is also the issue of Darwinism which the original cloud cover over the country.

Our histories as a people did not begin the English and should end with them. There was a Nigeria before the English and until we recover that Nigeria…things will still ‘fall apart’. We need added research endeavors on the aspect of archeology…for instance the Yorubas claim to have to come down from Mecca. It is not false nor true, the picture is bad and the story or history distorted.

You see our people are Moorish people expelled from Spain on or before 1492. I know you raise eye brows but we are talking 8 years of research on my part, that will illustrate that those art forms we find in Igbo-Ukwu and the art work of Ile ife and Benin contain serious elements of Moorish standards in art that is no mistaken that arrived with those items from Spain.

How do you explain Igbo language in terms of Hebrew, a break through that I finally made suggesting and proving that Igbo language is Medieval Hebrew. I for one do not like some Yoruba people too much and I could care less about Benin but my discovery that these people’s tragedy might have started somewhere else made me develop a strange sympathy for them. That knowledge they could also be related to us has empowered my attitude towards a better Nigeria. HISTORY is key.


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