Diego Maradona: A Wild Child of Argentina

by Yahaya Balogun

DIEGO MARADONA: October 30, 1960 –November 25, 2020

The ambiguities of words used in this tribute to Diego Armando Maradona are targeted at the Linguists and Muses of literature who like the construction of vocable terms. The praise may only be appreciated by the linguists, linguisticians, and the muses of using words. I also apologize to my esteemed pedestrian readers for sometimes being a pedestrian writer myself. Pardon me! I am just trying to be creative in writings to entertain and trigger a pleasurable but not tedious reading.

Diego Maradona was born in his rustic village Lanús, Buenos Airés Province, in Argentina, on October 30, 1960. Diego Maradona was a man who stirred doubtful or an excellent controversy in the game of football. He incorporated a ruthless head with the “Hand of God” into soccer tournaments. Maradona was widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time. His miniature stature combined with adroitness, skills, vision, passion and ball control, and maneuvering balls on the fields allowed him to distinguish himself among his soccer contemporaries. “Maradona was given the nickname “El Pibe de Oro” (“The Golden Boy”), a name that stuck with him throughout his life and career.”

Interestingly sad, Maradona’s 5 feet 5 inches mien gave him the center of gravity to bulldoze his ways through a thick cloud of controversies in soccer. He was a precocious child with outstanding talent and troubled character. Diego Maradona’s controversial “good troubles” have christened most politicians with dubious political maneuvering and motives in other parts of the world as “Maradona.” Maradona was mimicked by some political evil geniuses in Africa to annul or truncate their plebeians or people’s wishes.

Since the announcement of Diego Maradona’s death, beautiful eulogies have been pouring for a man slyly imitated by Minna-crafty-Militarician, Nigeria’s evil genius. While the soccer legend Maradona invented the”hands of God.” in soccer, our own pseudo-Maradona in Minna originated the “hand of his gods” in Nigeria’s general election. The aka evil-genius truncated the destined June 12, 1993, free and fair election, and Nigeria’s most peaceful referendum in the history of Nigeria nay, Africa. The June 12 election annulment promoted the exodus, decline, self-exile, and greener pastures (a better or more promising place to work) for talented Nigerians. Nigeria has been perpetually accursed in a dark hole of adversity since the annulment of the June 12, 2020, presidential election.

Maradona was an astute manager, professional football player, and “an advanced playmaker who operated in the classic number 10 position.” His presence and natural leadership on the field provided a tremendous motivational effect on his team’s performance. Diego has had so many “firsts” in his life, “the first player in football history to set the world record transfer fee twice,” the first unpenalized handling foul man in the history of soccer, also known as the “Hand of God.” FIFA even voted his head-to-hand-goal as the “Goal of the century.” Maradona’s tournament contribution to Argentina’s triumph in the 1986 World Cup was dubbed as one of the best in history by a single player of any World Cup. During the twilight stint of his football career, Maradona was banned in 1991 and 1994 for abusing drugs.

Through the mother earth, Diego Maradona has exited this terrestrial space via catacomb into the extraterrestrial world in the wee hours of November 25, 2020. Diego Maradona magically played the soccer game and mesmerized his teaming world spectators with the argy-bargy of (soccer) the two-legged match. It was bittersweet for the enthusiastic Argentinians to funeral-view their iconic lord of lords of football for the last time. The current stampede at Diego’s homeland shows a phenomenon in a country that has produced one of the world’s most revered soccer players. The soccer legend’s iconic exit may change how soccer is viewed in the history of the world’s most popular game. May Diego Maradona’s gentle but controversial soul rest in perfect peace.


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