Don’t Envy Lekki Residents, Pity Them

by Uche Nworah

The Lekki part of Lagos may be home to expensive mansions but you can’t help but pity its residents, particularly during this rainy season when the roads become flooded after every downpour.

For residents of some Lekki Phase 1 streets, it is sorrow all the way as the roads become impassable except for owners of 4×4 trucks and SUVS. Some residents who thought respite may have come their way late last year when some construction work went on along Admiralty Way are now left licking their wounds as the work did not cover the whole stretch, thus residents who live further down the road towards end of Admiralty Way have had to resort to navigating the back streets of Lekki, or is it the back waters, before they could come out to the first roundabout.

While it is the work of government to provide infrastructure like roads, one wonders if perhaps Lekki residents and property owners who can afford such stately homes and shylock-type rents are not better off grading the roads and providing drainages themselves as part of a wider sense of social and civic responsibility. Waiting for government to do the roads may take forever and it is the quality of life of the residents that we are talking about here, you know. Also, can some residents not at least cut the grasses growing in the middle of some of the roads? or are they waiting for government grass cutters to come and cut them?

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Kyauta May 22, 2009 - 6:47 pm

Well, flood is not peculia to Nigeria. Many cities in the US are prone to flood in the raining season, for instance, the residents of Old Town Alexandria in the state of Virginia, US always have to deal with flood every year. We do not neet to pity Lekki dwellers, they just have to come to terms with their neighbourhood.


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