Dreams Come True!

It was in 1963 that Martin Luther King delivered the famous speech, “I Have A Dream”. That speech announced hope into the future, that one day; men of color will no longer be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. That one day, children of blacks will one day sit side by side children of whites.

That speech was a view into the future, at that time it does not look real, it does not look like something that can happen, it was not visible, it was difficult to believe, it was not realistic because of the surrounding circumstances but no matter the criticism that anybody has to the opinion of King at that time, years later, son of a black man has been elected as the president of the USA.

In 1955, Rosa Park stood against the oppressive words of James F. Blake in Alabama when according to her she discovered that the same red blood flows in the veins of both whites and blacks and today the rest is history.

Booker T. Washington used a large part of his adult life to provide education for black children, he invested so much in the schools and today, Tuskegee University has produced more millionaires than what Yale and London Business School combined has produced. Booker had vision. He saw ahead, he discovered that black children were intelligent; he instilled values in them and created an avenue for them to unleash their potentials. He did not live to see the first black man being elected as the US president but where ever he is now, he will be the happiest man on earth.

Mohandas Karamchiand is the real name of Mahatma Gandhi but most people do not know, we all call him Mahatma Gandhi but that is the title given to him by his people meaning, “Father of the Nation”. He rose up against all oppression and opposition to build a new India, he saw what his contemporaries could not see, he raised leaders, he inspired people, and today India is the headquarters of the software market in the world. That wretched country colonized by Britain is one of the likely world powers by 2050.

Nelson Mandela saw freedom when there was despair, he knew that blacks could rule themselves better on their own land, he saw it that we are not in lack because we are black, that the fact that we are black does not mean that we should continue keeping our back to the ground, he fought a good fight and today he has realized his vision. Though there were challenges but the ability to do what people could not do at that time brought freedom to his people.

When Barack Obama started his presidential campaign, a lot of people said America was not ready for a black President but he knew that people’s opinion does not matter in achieving vision. He knew that he only needed to believe in himself and today all is hailing the first black President elect of the USA.

Great men are not men who lived for themselves.

Great men are those who can see what people cannot not see. They are people who are ready to forgo self and build empires. They are men who are ready to build their societies.

One of the greatest problems that Nigeria faces as a nation is that majority of her population live only for themselves and for their families and no one lives for the nation. Everybody is self-conscious. Nigerians do not believe in themselves, we do not believe in our God –given potentials, we are a frustrated bunch of people but as for me I’m always happy I’m a Nigerian and that’s why I know that Nigeria will become the most desirable country to live in by 2025 and the most developed nation on the planet earth by 2040.

Nigeria is no doubt a blessed nation and Africa a blessed continent. We have all it takes to rule the world. There is hardly anything that is not available in Africa. Nigeria has 34 solid minerals and we are still counting while Canada that is regarded as the exploration headquarters of the world has only 5. Nigeria’s crude is one of the best in the world. What most people do not know is that if Nigeria refuses to grow, the entire African continent cannot rule the world.

Nigeria is a great country, we alone constitute 25% of the entire black population in the world, one out of every 4 black is a Nigerian, the other 75% are scattered amongst 68 countries including the USA.

Nigeria is a blessed nation that has the power to rule the world in a decade’s time if and only if we can get our leadership right; we are where we are today because we have allowed a minute part of our population to desecrate our political lineage. We have not fared well because we have allowed people to rule us without our mandate, people who are misfit have polluted our economy because the wise people have given up. To give up is to stay idle when wrong things happen in our vicinity.

Great men are not men that give up, they are men who will be ready to fight with even their last pant of blood, if need be. Nigerians should stop suffering from the poverty of the spirit and build a nation filled with opportunities for our youths.

If you refuse to do something that will make Nigeria the most powerful nation on earth then it means you are just a genealogical staple pin connecting one generation to another. That could be dangerous. Leave your feet on the sand of history. We all must fight the fight of faith and build the Nigeria of our dream. We have the resources to work on to make Nigeria the most powerful nation on earth, all we need now is intellectual capital which you have in abundance, use it for Nigeria. Great nations of today are built by men who decided to change things no matter the cost. Do not wait until you are being called, start doing something and history will not forget you.

Together we can build a new nation devoid of corruption, nepotism, ethnicity, gerontocracy, god-fatherism, election rigging.

Nigeria needs your input to become the most powerful nation on earth. What will generations yet unborn say about you? What memorable deed will you achieve for Nigeria? The world is awaiting your manifestation as a Nigerian

Nigeria will become the most desirable country to live in by 2025 and the most powerful nation on earth by 2040. Believe it and we will achieve it.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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