Duplicitous Condonation is a Co-ordinate of Corruption

IMAGE: www.icpc.gov.ng

The origin of inexplicable wealth often displayed by some Nigerians has been laid bare to ridicule by the Buhari administration, in its anti-corruption drive.

The former rulers during the era of debauchery, government by proxy, ogboju, intrigues and subterfuges declared their latent inability to deal with corrupt elements, who were fronting for them.

IMAGE: www.icpc.gov.ng
IMAGE: www.icpc.gov.ng

Duplicitous condonation is a coordinate of crime and infamy. Yet, these rural urchins, poorly educated leaders are still walking the corridors of our national space, talking about things that expose their narrow worldview and muddled perceptions on statecraft.

These unschooled leaders now belatedly see that to climb a ladder one must start at the bottom. Some catapulted themselves by hook and crook to the top. Walpole cautioned men of the civil service not to get to the top too fast because, if they do, they may find that they have nowhere else to go, except to come down.

Some of our dealers /leaders later discovered, as Oscar Wilde noted, that “ambition is the last refuge of failure”.

They then constituted themselves into the National Council of State and into their pockets millions of Naira flowed for serving for, in one case, for three months!

There was duplicitous condonation of the debauchery, looting and mal-administration of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which was discernible to voters/arbiters of the Federal Republic, who rejected damnable continuity.

The well-known elite supporters of continuity , among them the ex-this and former that, who were DESTROYERS of the Federal Republic ( DFR)l) now extol the need for change and dealing with corruption.

These political chameleons and political turn-coats, who hunt with the hounds and run with the hare, are unreliable opportunists. THEY ARE NOT GENTLEMEN. IWA LANWO IWA, IWA LANWO IWA!

The new Republic has no place for such skunks and cretins, who speak to power, in their own interests to cover their crimes, dismal failures and commissions.

All the well-known pretenders to power, who ruled by proxy, borrowed brains ogboju, intrigues and subterfuges are now put to shame by superior integrity, unalloyed commitment to the Federal Republic and its people and dedication to the whole nation without covet alliances with foreign and local controllers and manipulators of the Federal Republic. Their humiliation is Nigeria’s biggest revenge.

History has now exposed political charlatans, ancient thieves, worshippers of Moloch  and Mammon, bribe-takers, mandarins, sheep in lion skins, wolves,  who have lost  their teeth, but not their nature, worshippers of man-made gods, with asps under their lips.

They now give advice since they cannot give good examples.

The present entrenchment of a sociocratic state based on humanitarian attributes, decency, Godliness righteousness and morality will prevail over  the convoluted  Republic that was wrestled from the devotees of satanic culture, who diverted needed funds for social engineering into Luciferian holdings, purchase of houses in foreign states, dubious reforms that transferred national wealth into the hands of misplaced consciences. Delinquents with no feelings for the people, they pretended to have served.

Condonation may be construed as a legal doctrine, a legal principle, or a legal norm.  I prefer to give it an ontological interpretation, which explains the inherent condemnation of a person, who knows that a delict has been committed but looks the other way.

Duplicitous condonation is a co-ordinate of corruption, QED. For God is not mocked what nations and people sow, they shall reap. Some people, who sowed the wind are reaping the whirlwind. Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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