Election Rigging And Other Atrocities: Obasanjo Is NOT Guilty.

by Bode Eluyera

“The highest proof of virtue is to posses boundless power without abusing it.”
– Thomas Balington Macaulay.

“Courage is the art of being the only one who knows you are scared to death.”
-arold Wilson.

“The main success is that the march happened. It would pave the way for large crowd in the future.” – Garry Kasparov
Former World Chess Champion. Presently leader of an opposition party.
Excerpt of a telephone interview after leading a 7000 man protest march against the Kremlin in March 2007.

“If anybody dies nothing will happen, afterall, Abiola died and nothing happened.”
– Olusegun Obasanjo.
Excerpt of address to Deputy Police Officers.

“They are the robbers. They cannot cancel the election, unless the unthinkable happens.”
-Gani Fawehinmi.

“… My people sef dey fear too much.
We fear for the thing we no see.
We fear for the air around us.
We fear to fight for freedom.
We fear to fight for liberty.
We fear to fight for Justice.
We fear to fight for Happiness.
We always get one reason to fear.
We no won die.
We no won wound.
We no won quench.
We no won go.
I won enjoy.
I won build house.
I don build house.
I get one child.
Papa dey house.
Mama dey house.
Policeman go slap your face.
You no go talk.
Army man go whip your yansh.
You go dey look like donkey…”
-Fela Anikulapokuti.

After the gubernatorial, house of representatives, Senatorial and Presidential elections that took place on April 14 and 21 2007, respectively, unprecedented cases of rigging were recorded in the political history of Nigeria. At last, the thug formerly in military uniform, and now in agbada has fulfilled his “do or die” electoral promise. At last, the monster has taken off the mask completely and showed us his real face and colour. We have seen the monster that has led us for 8 terrible years.

Infact, Obasanjo over fulfilled his promise. He not only personally supervised the worst election in Nigeria’s democratic history, but a countless number of innocent Nigerians lost their lives. It is very sad and disappointing to admit that even ibb alias omo esu did not go this far. Yoruba ni “Kaka ki eku m’aje sese, a fi s’awada nu. This is exactly what Obasanjo has done. He has decided to turn the country upside down for being denied the opportunity or right to rule us till death. He has decided to revenge for not being allowed to own and run Nigeria like his private property; just like his Otta farm. It is not yet clear the cost in human lives and properties the atrocities of one arrogant man will cost the country when the dust settles down.

Undoubtedly, the purpose of any genuine democratic system in any society is not only to ensure that people of high caliber are presented to a well informed electorates, but must as well ensure that the peoples’ will or choice through the ballot box is respected. Thus, election is an integral part of building a viable democratic society that will not only stand the test of time, but will as well lead to economic prosperity. It is the culmination of democracy. Obasanjo by mass rigging the elections has not only committed the greatest crime, but has as well made a total mockery of our constitution and democracy. He has denied Nigerians the opportunity to be represented or led by their chosen leaders.

Having said these, the question we should ask ourselves is: Why did it take us 8 good? Years to fathom that we have a monster in human image as a President? Why didn’t we see the clear handwriting on the wall, right from the beginning? Why couldn’t we read between the lines all along? Why are we now crying over a spilt milk? Yoruba ni: Aso o ba omoye, omoye ti rin ihoho w’oja.

Unfortunately, without any intention of sounding sarcastic or insulting the sense of reasoning of the readers of this article, nevertheless, I strongly believe that Obasanjo is NOT to be blamed. It is sad to admit that we, Nigerians and our constitution are to be blamed. I have highlighted these points practically in all my articles, most especially in the multi parts article titled: “Nigeria’s 419 Constitution,” and “Leadership, Decision Making, The Military, The North and development.” We are now reaping the fruits of our labour and dubious constitution respectively.

In 1999, when it was agreed that a Yoruba man would be the next President, the Yorubas unanimously agreed that Falae, a civilian, and not Obasanjo a retired military officer and bankrupt entrepreneur, would represent us. Afterall, we knew better. But, the north, because of its own selfish interests was against the candidacy of Falae. They didn’t need a President that would conduct genuine, irreversible, effective, political, economic and social reforms. They wanted a President with a Yoruba name de jure, but de facto would represent the interests of the north, to the detriment of other Nigerians. They wanted a President that would dance to their whims and caprices. They wanted a figurehead President that they could easily manipulate. They wanted a man that would hand over power to the north under any political and economic circumstances. They wanted their own man, and they got it. Afterall the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. They wanted a man loathed by his own people so that he would have no guilty conscience for betraying them at the end of the day. They needed a retired military officer who does not believe in democracy. Obasanjo more than fitted all their parameters. However, of all these parameters or criteria, the most important to the north was that he already has a record of organising a fraudulent Presidential election that ensured the victory of Shagari in 1979. Obasanjo, with the aid of ibb, was eventually lobbied by the North into the Presidential race. They supported him overwhelmingly with their money and votes. The rest, as they say is now history. Indeed, Obasanjo has performed far above their expectations. In the just concluded fraudulent Presidential election, the 3 leading candidates were all from the north! This is an unprecedented development in the political history of Nigeria!

It is a known fact that Obasanjo is so much hated and unpopular in Yoruba land to the extent that he is not capable of winning even a local government election, if a free and fair election is conducted. However, the Nigerian 419 constitution and political system made it possible for such a man to become the President easily. In addition, suffice to also say that every Nigerian that cast his vote for Obasanjo in 1999 or/and 2003 is guilty of voting for a monster. We are all now suffering from our inability to carry out correct analysis.

Yes, it is true that Obasanjo is a Yoruba man (perhaps this assertion needs a thorough investigation.) He may be a Yoruba man de jure, but de facto, he never shares those democratic values, that we are known for. In Yoruba land, unlike in other regions of the country, neither retired nor serving military officers have a place among political elites. In Yoruba land, we respect brains, intellectuals, and not people with guns or sitting inside tanks. Why is this so? I will try to explain. If you ask a Yoruba boy (or girl) 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago whom he wanted to become in the future, you will most likely hear the following: doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, lecturers, pharmacists, accountants e.t.c., but definitely not a soldier. In most cases, in Yoruba land, majority of the people that enroll in the army are “drop-outs” or those who were not brilliant enough to gain admission into the university. The army was the last place of resort for them. In actual fact, a typical Nigerian soldier or officer has inferiority complex compared to his age mates who have excelled in their chosen professions. So, in order to compensate for this intellectual gap, he always tries to use force.

Have the Yorubas, in actual fact produced Nigeria’s President. The answer is capital NO! Dejure, Obasanjo is a Yoruba man ( I want to repeat here again that this assertion needs to be thoroughly investigated) but he was not our candidate. Therefore the Yorubas are yet to produce the President of Nigeria. Moreover, the Yorubas were denied the golden opportunity to produce quality leadership for Nigeria and millions. People like Obasanjo in Yoruba land are referred to as “Omoale.”

There is a Russian proverb that goes thus: “Вышееголованепригнеешь.” Translation: “You can’t jump above your head.” Literally, it means you can’t give what you don’t have. Or, it can also be translated to mean that “You can’t perform above your capability.” In other words, it is very naive of us to have expected Obasanjo to behave like a democrat, taking into consideration his military background. This man had a military training. He was taught all his life to kill, shout at people , and give orders that must be obeyed. Why did we naively expect that the fact that he now dons agbada instead of his old military khaki, automatically means that he has become a real democrat? How long will it take us to understand or come to the sad but correct conclusion that The Nigerian Army is not a place where democratic and competent leaders are trained? They are not even trained to protect us. The bitter truth is that The Nigerian Army and Police are trained to kill fellow Nigerians. Imagine bringing an old lion that has lived all his life in the jungle attacking sheep, goats, and cows e.t.c. home, and expecting him to behave like a tamed and obedient house dog, that will help his owner, who is a farmer to look after his poultry, goats, cows and sheep. How realistic is that? Is that not self-deceit or wishful thinking? Obasanjo is a typical example of what we call GIGO – Garbage in Garbage Out – in computer science. The garbage was put in him in the army and he is giving the garbage out as a civilian President. The garbage is in his blood, and it is impossible and too late to get them out. The same statement that Obasanjo made as regards to Adedibu – that it is too late to change him or teach him (new things) can be applied to Obasanjo too. It is in the society’s interest to get rid of such people as soon as possible. By openly rigging the elections in broad- daylight, Obasanjo has openly demonstrated his total lack of respect for Nigerians. Obasanjo has not only spat on our faces, but he is also laughing at us, and dears us to do our worse! And we are all looking like mumus.

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