Enough Already

by E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq

There are moments when a man must rise out of his chair and start marching. There are moments in the life of a nation, in the lives of people, when they must awaken and fight before the onset of calamity. This may well be the final hour to do so.

Nigeria does not need strong individuals but strong institutions.

While the above words may not be original to us, they express our full sentiments now.

We cannot continue to seat on the sidelines and see our collective patrimony frittered away by a bunch of mediocre persons acting in our collective name.

Nigeria is blessed with a very resourceful group of hardworking people as well as abundant natural resources, all of which have been frittered away by inept corrupt and poor leadership in the form of military dictators or clueless political charlatans and their errand boys.

All at home and in the international community have now come to the inevitable conclusion that individual as well as institutional corruption is the bane of our collective development as a nation. Nigerians may not be as united or as cohesive as they ought to be but this one thing is sure, they are unanimous that things cannot remain the same. Things must change; we must change our institutions of government now.

Ministry of Justice

Primary in this move is to change the Justice Department and the way we fight corruption. As a first step, We demand that Mr. Michael Kaase Aondoakaa SAN be asked to step down or relieved of his position forthwith in the interest of Justice. We cannot fight corruption with a corrupt institution, nor can we continue to stand by and watch this theatre of the absurd where the Attorney General is reportedly doing all in his power to frustrate the prosecution of alleged criminals instead of vigorously and transparently prosecuting them with all due diligence.

Creation of Office of Aso-Rock General Counsel

In the interest of safeguarding our democracy and insulating the office of the Attorney General, we hereby suggest that the President create the office of Aso-Rock General Counsel to advise the President on the day to day minutiae of the legal requirements of a true democracy under the rule of law. This frees the Attorney General to attend to his cabinet level duties of being the Number one officer of the court especially in regard to the necessary fight against corruption. The National Assembly too can create the position if it is not already in place to clear their legal issues in-house, or negotiate where there is a clash of legal positions taken.

EFCC Autonomy

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission although under the purview and supervision of the Office of the Attorney General was never meant to be his appendage and it was not established to be directed by the whims and caprices of any sitting Attorney General. It was established as a creature of law to be self-sustaining and self-accounting, subject to the establishing law. The EFCC has authority under the law to investigate even the Attorney General if he were to commit such crimes as come within their jurisdiction under the law. Subject to the exceptional circumstances of a Nolle Prosequi, we hereby demand that the Attorney General quit quibbling in investigation and prosecutions or general affairs of the EFCC as done by Mr. Michael Kaase Aondoakaa.

All Nigeria-American Congress (ANAC)
Legal and Ethics Committee
Hon Eric T. Ula-Lisa, Esq
Hon, Okey Mbonu, Esq

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