Euro-American Challenge And Africa's Response (3)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Speech conveys thoughts. The Holy Bible tells us that “out of the fullness of the mind, the mouth speaketh”. We must not speak in a rash and thoughtless moment, especially on race-related matters.

The Holy hermit, St Thomas Aquinas (ca 1225-1274), spent his academic career studying logic and natural science. He tried to shape the art of correct expression The Benedictine monks of Monte Cassino were famous for their elegant and logical orations.

Talking about knowledge and intelligence, the Roman philosopher Plotinus wrote that “Knowledge has three degrees opinion, science, and illumination. The instrument of the first is sense, of the second, dialectics and of the third, intuition. I will think that opinion is often not objective; science always adopts St. Thomas‘s evidentiary, strict proof approach. Illumination, as I found out, is subject to the occurrence of a cosmic event. I had asked Plotinus how one could come into cosmic consciousness. He said,” Mortify the body, deny self, affections as well as appetites and the inner eye will begin to exercise its clear and solemn vision”

Illumination gives life a sublime, ecclesiastic disposition. One begins to see life from both sides,” from win and lose” However, illusions of grandeur often lache upon the intellect, resulting in arrogance. Arrogance is floating bauble; it is an illusion and loudly passes away. Much learning brings one to see that “in the end, nothing matters”, not even the skin colour, which loses its glow in the dust. So, what is the joy and opinionated semantics all about?

The phenomenological theories of race have been discredited, just like the behavioural sciences, with their hallucinating idiocies. The German philosopher, Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728-1777) described phenomenology as a “theory of illusion”. Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) extended the notion into noumena and phenomena.

The objects and events which are unfolding before our very eyes are more serious than futile and trite discussions on race relations which often lead to the explosion of the soul.

Soul explosion is more dangerous than thermo-nuclear detonation.

The dutiful academics of the University of Wisconsin, USA, were aware of this danger. So, they tried to discuss the “Critical Race Theory” at the Institute of Legal Studies, in July, 1989, the theory analyzes the relationship of law and racial subordination in the United States of America.

In contra-distinction to the shallow, hollow, tunnel-vision rhetoric on race, like the Darwinian rubbish, the Wisconsin Workshop, highlighted the legal issues “of bondage in colonial America, the enactment of post-Revolutionary codes, the Free State phase, Dred Scot V Sanford (1857), share-cropping statutes, systematic codification of racial segregation of society, PlessyV Ferguson, ( 1896 ), the Grandfather Clause and oppressive laws and administrative fiats that sustained racial discrimination in Old America.

They also reviewed BrownV Board of Education and the Reverend Martin Luther King and company revolts, propped up by the Black Panther Movement. Later, attempts to pass anti-discrimination legislation, did not go far enough and even opened the Pandora box, exposing the double jeopardy of the “black Madonnas” of America.

All these have receded into past history and any unguarded remembrance of that painful past, by anyone, no matter how highly regarded, is an ill-wind that blows no-one any good.

The Aquarian Age, we are told by mystics, ascended masters and seers, is the Age of Spirit- consciousness. Also, globalization is the new fad except that it is not clear to me who is globalising and who is being globalised.

The people, who lived in Lemuria, Atlantis and GUINEA, the last one stretched from Africa to Australia, were very progressive. They believed that human ability and not his skin colour advanced the human race.

This is not the era to applaud hegemonic sentiments in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy, antiquated rivalries and narrow interests. The Aztecs, the Incas, the Babylonians, the ancient Zimbabweans, were advanced, innovative and humane.

The modern world is irremediably skidding into barbarism. We all looked on when General Musharaff performed the perverse rites of ordering the shooting of his compatriots in a mosque! He turned and looked the other way when agents hatched the plot to kill, that indomitable daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, in broad day light.

The world is reeking of ghoulish enterprises that are reminiscent of the days of the STAR CHAMBER in Old England. Since these atrocities are committed under military intelligence guises. Military intelligence operations must be supervised by international. Law and must comply with rules of humanitarian law.

When Harold Laski, of the London University‘s School of Economics and Political Science fame, sought to interpret the “Crisis in Democracy”, he resorted to extensive investigations into Marxism. I do not know how successful he was, but he bequeathed a scholarly legacy in studies of the law and state. My concern is how to tame military intelligence and restrict it to its initial role as a craft.

I agree with Hasdrubal, the brother of Hannibal, who taught me diplomacy and statecraft, when was the Head of the Athenian Academy, that military intelligence should not be linked to dirty tricks against innocent civilians but for code-breaking, espionage, disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, psychological warfare, reconnaissance, keeping war diaries, sabotage, deciphering messages, sending signals, cryptography, humane interrogation of war prisoners etc. it can also, as in modern times, be used to foray into the activities of terrorists and influence foreign leaders and their close advisers, as well as recruit university drop-outs for covert operations to incriminate innocent people.

With reference to Africa, we were versed in diplomacy and statecraft. “I” was sent by the King of Benin, as one of the diplomats, who were accredited to the King of Portugal in 1492. Long before then, the High Emir of Kanem Bornu sent “me” on diplomatic missions to the King of Libya and the Ottoman Sultan of Istanbul in 12th century AD.

My maternal father was a CD man, a diplomatic courier, who visited the Royal Court of Benin, in the early years of the 20th century. Long before Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard

And Cologne universities started, Moorish Arab scholars studied and taught at the Universities of Timbuktu and Fez in Mali and Morocco respectively. What are we talking about intelligence?

Scientifically, carbon-dating has established the genetic link between “white” and “black

people”, who lived in Old GUINEA, across the World. So, what are you talking about? “Go to the ant thou sluggard, learn her ways and be wise”. so says the Holy Book.

The 2001 Durban United Nations Conference on Racial Discrimination, Racism, Xenophobia and Other Related Intolerance, aptly re-enforced the United Nation Convention on “The Elimination of All Forms of Racism and Racial Discrimination”. They outlawed racial arrogance and hate speeches.

It was pointed out that racism affects both the racist and the victim and that racism cannot be justified either in law or logic.

I got married in 1985, at St Anne’s Chapel in the VATICAN. I saw the magnificent sculpture of the” SEED FROM WHOM GOD FULFILLED HIS PROMISE TO RAISE A SAVIOUR FOR ISRAEL” The image was far from the distortions which the Renaissance artists gave to it in their fervent wish to make the European converts to Christianity more comfortable.

Finally, but not finally, finally, I wish to appeal to Euro-American journalists and other opinionated commentators, not to stoke the embers of racial hatred by publishing, showing or peddling hurtful images of Africa and Africans.

They should declare a perpetual moratorium on their morbid fascination with the morass most African states are marching in, so that we can, again look forward, with hope and unmistakable pride.

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