Euro-American Challenge And Africa’s Response

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Some weeks ago, a Caucasian scientist, who is a Nobel Laureate, said that “white” people were more intelligent than “blacks”. Although he is entitled to his opinion yet, he was criticised for his unguarded remarks. This was probably because he is a Nobel Laureate, so, some people had expected him to be more discreet.

Consciously or unconsciously, advertently or inadvertently, he must have thought that he was sure in his judgement. I do not know whether he apologised or not, but that does not matter. This is because “a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still”.

It is true that without conscious thought, he might have hurt some people. He does not seem to be consciously aware of the true nature of our feelings on racism, race-consciousness, xenophobia and other related intolerance. I am definitely not hurt because having lived and studied in Europe and having sojourned in the United States of America and now in Asia, I have become immune to overt or covert racism, race-consciousness, xenophobia and other related intolerance.

Through their films, novels and other mass culture hits, the Euro-American has been, from birth, inoculated with the false notion that they are more intelligent than “black” people.

My disagreement with the famous scientist is that he is guilty of generalization. He should have said that some “white” people are more intelligent than some “black” people.

The question is, are Euro-Americans really WHITE, like for example, the white hand- basin? Hell, no! They are not. Claiming to be white is a stratagem to conjure up purity and superiority.

They wear jet, black suits, black bow-ties and shinny black shoes, which goes to show that they do not really hate black, as a colour. So, the denigration of” black people” is a psychological posturing and has no justification in law or logic.

As an objective thinker would discern, it is true that the Caucasian race excel in innovativeness, state organisation and the use of intelligence to ensure that their states and their people walk the arduous road of scholarship. Euro-American states are strictly governed by laws, conventions, well-established norms, high values, and the power of shame, air assessment of ability and the grant of equitable rewards. This system inculcates in their youth, the principle that something for nothing is not the Euro-American way.

These high ideals are sustained though civic education, military training, a culturization through films, operas, drama, dance, novels, cinema, television and religious practices.

Of course, there is the occasional denigration of “black” people for good measure, even if they look like Brother OBAMA, they are still black because brown is golden.

Euro-Americans do not approve of cutting corners. You stand in the queue for your turn.

State security, crime prevention are in the hands of the police and military intelligence. Nobody is spared if one runs foul of the existing laws. Those who are intellectually well-endowed, the state gives them a carte blanche to push all-round progress.

In Africa, governments side-track intellectuals. When they retire from years of rendering services to the nation, they are dribbled from pillar to post before they are paid their terminal entitlements. Many have died during the process before they get paid.

Even when the African scholar is in active service, he hardly gets enough funds to engage in meaningful research. So, how can he write books? He is forced to read Euro-American books, journals and other creative works. Since the Euro-American writes the books we read, creates scientific wonders which we enjoy, the temptation is there to think that they are more intelligent. To dispute this is like crying over split milk.

The statement by our Nobel Laureate is partly true. If, however, our states are well-organised, with enlightened leaders, who have the relevant knowledge about statecraft, our intelligence will be awakened once more. After all, before the Europeans imposed their strange notion of democracy on Africans, which displaced the VILLAGE Government system, Africans were at par with Europe, if not ahead, but years of colonial rule, post-independence military debauchery, impoverished both the intellectual and spiritual advancement of Africans.

Our ancestor’s art works are significant evidence of creativity. It is not true that all “whites” are intelligent. I have met many of them who are nit-wits, who stammer inaudibly when speaking their mother tongues.

Having forced the African to communicate in Euro-American languages, Europeans tend to judge ones’ intelligence according to their perception of your mastery of their language. Yet, only a handful of them were ever able to speak the FUGAR language, the only language GOD hears easily.

To consider knowledge which is within the reach of a Euro-American and is not available to others, in order to judge someone’s ability or intelligence is convicted of error, a totally ignorant assertion.

This notwithstanding, Africans must pick up the challenge and equip themselves to join issues with those who thrive on denigrating African leaders and scholars.

Recently, we have been inundated with incessant lamentations by “writers” who ridicule hard-earned academic titles. If left unchallenged, this curious campaign may have a totally negative effect on our youth. Their fertile minds can be contaminated and polluted by the denigration of titles and deflect their ambitions into the orbit of “I do not know and nobody can teach me”.

Then, later in life, they will join the low culture group of marginalized under-achievers, who hang out at marijuana joints, until a bullet terminates their failed existence. A campaign against unearned titles like some people who call themselves” DOCTOR”‘ when it is only an “honoris causa”, may be understood, but not those, who lived in very cold climes and burnt the mid-night candle and got properly conferred with appropriate titles.

Titles have been with us since time immemorial. The Venerable Apostle Paul studied law under Gamaliel and had an academic title. A review of the synoptic gospels will reveal his erudition. As primary school boys, we were full of admiration for Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Dr Ezeogueri, Dr Eme Awa (later Professor Dr. Eme Awa), etc.

Hard-work yields titles.” Excellence is never granted to man but it is a reward for labour”. Since the Universities of Timbuktu and Fez opened the doors, till today, universities confer academic titles to deserving men and women who possess intellectual abilities, and the discipline to excel. They confer Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees on each person, according to his or her ability. You wear a squared cap, a round cap but the big round one, if you have a doctorate degree. It is not every renowned professor, who possesses a doctorate degree, so they cannot answer “Professor Dr……”

You see, universities give you what you have worked hard for and they regularly admit new candidates. So, my brother, Na so e be! My Sapele friend always says “sense pass sense” “Bo, you tried”.

Some years ago, some people started campaigning against the teaching of history in universities. We kept quiet. To some extent, they succeeded. They used our fellow Africans to canvass that Africans should only hold college certificates.

Military intelligence against African interests is shrouded in secrecy. Some Africans are used without their being aware until they are thrown out. Journalists living abroad can be picked from the factory into the limelight to represent their master’s voice in many ways. The pay is always good. The gullible person is recruited, trained and used without making it obvious. Such people are lost to Africa. They speak the language of privileged institutions.

Seeing how easily the unwary African can be used, the Euro-American is right when he concludes that the African is not as intelligent because no Euro-American can be used to fight Euro- American leaders and scholars.

In the last one month, I have been studying the operations of military intelligence in order to update my book on the subject. The book is entitled,” Military Intelligence and International Law”(Max Planck Institute for Foreign Public Law and International Law” Heidelberg, Germany, 2005.) This is a treatise!

I have also been studying the processes and characteristics of major isotopes, how to plot the Gamma curve, the differences between the 34,000 separate Christian groups in the world, the results of mystic voyages to the WICCAN group and how many coven initiations have been performed since I left in 2005, the roles of whisperers, Yemoja worshippers, “friends” who stab at the back, supplanters and their fate, the Calvary nail group, etc, etc.

I am also examining how to produce Plutonium 210 and plutonium 238, thorium and protactinium -2331, radium-239 and radio-active thallium, to be detonated in law courts.

When I was asked how an International Law professor came by such knowledge, I searched my “AKASHIC” records and discovered that I worked with Sir Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge, England, which is why I went back there last summer

Let the Nobel laureate say what he likes about “white” and “black” people. Like the trees, the moon and the stars, both have a right to live on earth for now, until the “White man” flies off to the moon so that the meek, who do not produce nuclear bombs will inherit the earth.

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Rosie November 12, 2007 - 11:07 am

Loved this piece, especially the funny ending. You are right, they judge us based on the concepts of democracy, educational standards and socia-economic standards they have enforced on us. For instance, the average Nigerian lives on less than a dollar a day. To an American, that is a horrible way to live, to the average Nigerian, it may not be so bad. You can have two nice meals on a $1 a day. The westerners constantly tell us we have it so bad, or governments are bad, educational system is bad, our way of life is inferior etc… If you scratch beneath the surface of their sterilized, politically-correct, smile-frozen-place, picture-perfect life, you will find pervesion, unhappiness and every unsavory thing under the sun. That Nobel Laureate can take his opinion and shove it up his lily white @$$. I hope he gets stuck in an animal infested African jungle somewhere and needs the survival skills of the lesser people in the area to get out. We will see who is smart then.

Adejumo November 11, 2007 - 4:56 am

The way portray ourselves id the way the world will look at us.


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