Fake Intellectuals, Useless Patriots

by Michael Ewetuga

Views are subjective, they belong to individuals holding them, and such views, unless they relate to empirical subjects, are not necessarily superior one to the other. Historically, there were views expressed that were unpopular at the time of expressing them but which later became popular. Principle of fairness therefore demands that a man be free to express himself, even if his views are unpopular, because the unpopular view may point us to the right direction.

Politics in Nigeria is like war, not because the politicians love the masses that much, if at all, but because the most lucrative job in Nigeria is politics. It is not impossible to see a man that made some moderate money from, say business, become stupendously rich once he’s elected into political office, that is the norm rather than the exception, the common man is for himself and God for all.

These political animals have no principles and most of them are without shame, credible politicians, those without any self aggrandizement, may never control power in our lifetime. That is our lot, that is what we deserve, there is no question about it in my mind.

It is not impossible to get some of these credible politicians into power but we are too lazy, too complacent to make a difference. We cannot do ground work for these politicians. We cannot devote our time, energy and whatever money we have to make sure that even if someone we believe could make the difference does not have money, he will be elected into the exalted office of the president. We continue to put square pegs in round holes. We fold our arms and allow buffoons to rule us and yet we lay claim to intellectualism. We deceive ourselves by thinking we are relevant.

How are we relevant, what makes us believe that we deserve a change? We want others to fight our fight while we sit down and relax sipping juice and being rubbished in someone else’s land, claiming rights and asking for justice. Our back is against the wall yet we cannot devise a way out. We are experts in enumerating problems but novice in providing solutions and when solutions are provided, instead of reading it thru and add our own views or suggest a better way to move forward we dress in our usual attire of criticism and insult.

That is what our generation was born into, the era of criticizing. We are shameless, we are visionless and we, like the rogues ruling us have no legacy to leave for our children. While we are wasting our youths talking about a war that’s been over 40 years ago, refusing to move forward, refusing to bond, refusing to work together so that we will not in our old age refer to our generation as one that never was our children will probably refer to it as generation of the indolent.

We are yet to make any impact in our country; women are more courageous than we are because having something dangling between your legs doesn’t make you a man. That is why foreigners call us cowards and yet we get angry, flexing muscle without action, writing and speaking English without political and economic direction for our country and yet we beat our chest proudly, making noise like empty barrel.

The older generation ought to be resting while we are at the vanguard of moving our country forward, yet we sit here, eating from the crumbs that is falling from the western table, saying “yes sir” to people we are older and more qualified than. Displaying no shame, gratifying in our slave status, thinking we are somebody while everyone look at us like nobody.

We sit and condemn those who gave us the nation we now call our own, intellectual bankruptcy made us only see the impossible, sitting back while agents of corruption and destruction continue to destroy our country. Sitting around until we are rewarded with citizenship of another country, people who fought hard for their freedom, reaping where we did not sow.

It amuses me to see people bury the talent God gave them, preferring to chase shadows, calling each other names and glorifying in our stupidity. Its ok isn’t it? We get into our various apartments and cut on the light without even giving it a thought. We worked like slaves so we can buy cars and go home and walk around like king because we are on vacation in our homeland. Complaining about everything while we are there, dazzling them about a land that flows with milk and honey, stupidly hiding the fact that we slave just to make enough to pay our bills.

Our brothers struggle to come into the same country, our uncles and aunts selling lands and other possession so that their children too can come to the white man’s country. Generation that is not known for anything positive, making no breakthrough in science and technology, senseless generation, I know you’re getting ready to tell me on or two people that made an impact in their chosen field, go ahead, shameless man.

If you like deny it, say you’re not a coward, tell us what makes you a brave man. If you wish deny it, say you’re not a fool then tell us, what claim do you have to wisdom? If you like insult me, but that is okay, it’s all good because I am a member of your generation I am one of the cursed generation, I have been insulted from the time I was dumped in your generation.

We cannot organize ourselves and fight the thieves because of course I’m a Yoruba man, you are Igbo, the other one is Hausa and some of us are Ijaw, our fathers did not like one another, they did not go to school but we did and what did we learn? Why should you want to work with me to free our country, me, a Yoruba man, we are mere yes man for the Hausas, but you are a no man to both of us. So we cannot work together. The Yorubas are not to be trusted after all their leader was that Awolowo who agreed that the children of Biafra should die of hunger.

You cannot agree and work with me to free our country because of curse I am Igbo and our leader is that Azikiwe who love to cross carpet, the beautiful bride. Why should you work with me to free our country from thieves, you know I am a Hausa man and we are the most stupid people in Nigeria, we don’t like education, all we care about is sharia and cattle.

But then I met an Igbo African brother here in America, he sent me to his fiancée in Nigeria I will be traveling over that Ore road but I won’t be involved in accident, that road ought to know I am a Yoruba man, the road was not tarred because the President is not Igbo, we shall wait for an Igbo president, maybe someone from the South South so that we can get justice and basic amenities of life. I met a Yoruba man in USA, I need to go give some stuff to his mom in Lagos. The Lagos Robbers will not kill me, they ought to see that I am an Igbo man, the robbery menace should not affect me in their backyard.

I am a Hausa man, I don’t care about these unbelievers, the Saudi people are my brothers, when I see these unbelievers my dagger goes to their neck, they are not better than animals.

We will continue to criticize Gani, after all, he’s just a stupid old man, a lawyer that knows nothing else beside shouting and shouting. Wole Shoyinka? Well I think that one is drunk, he is intoxicated by the Nobel Prize, he thinks he can tell us how to think, after all Buhari might be bad, but he is better than Obasanjo, Wole is just hallucinating. Buhari? Ha! That is my main man right there, he knows what we are made of, he knows we are animals and what do you do to animals, back date decree so you can kill them. I wonder why he even bothered with the Decree; he should just have killed them any how. I like him so much; he made us queue at the post office and whooped us bad when we crossed the road instead of utilizing the pedestrian bridge.

Utomi? Forget that man, he is just a dreamer, how can he contest election, has he ever ruled before? Aside that he has no structure on the ground, so what is he going to work with? He is not fooling anyone but himself. The vice president? That is my main man too, he is a democrat, see how brilliant he was

, he cornered Sowore, I didn’t know he is that brilliant. I bet he is not corrupt and he believes in the rule of law, anytime he is antagonized he goes to court.

Freedom of speech and expression, expressing ourselves in an eloquent way, we are the best Nigeria can offer. No wonder the country is the way it is and no wonder the thieves will always desecrate the exalted presidential office. The best that is very good at criticizing and when someone provides a solution that is something he is not familiar with. I beg wey the next article, who is insulting Obasanjo, Enahoro, Awolowo, Azikiwe, Bello? Nobody? Ha, who is insulting Abati? Nobody. Wetin dey go on for this site, ok in the absence of all those juicy stuff, who is insulting the Yorubas, Igbos, or Itshekiris? Sorry nobody, but Michael is insulting you. What are you going to do about it? COWARDS. We are driving around town while our families are back home without gas to roll, we should bury our heads in shame, irrelevant generation.

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