Faure Gnassingbe’s Election: A Complete Joke

by Sylvester Fadal

Forwarded to me a few minutes ago is an article captioned “Faure Gnassingbe Wins.” At least it isn’t a surprise to many. The whole Togo election debacle was a farce. It was an attempt to put a face of legitimacy to a rather obvious father-to-son transitional government. Is anyone convinced that Faure actually won the election when in fact he placed a stooge at the helm of the transitional government to help effect a mockery of an election to enable him get back to the position his father held for zillions of years? How sad.

Politics these days, especially in most African countries is corruption-dominated and formulaic. The most powerful individuals with the most influence will almost always win regardless of the votes of the masses. A false “win” is normally the commencement of the corruption saga. A life perpetuated by lies is lived and controlled by lies. A government falsely installed will function and propagate a false government. The saddest part of the actions of these high-level corruptive nations is that the worst is yet to come. The youths and new college graduates born and raised on a diet of leftist, corruption-prone, grand-devilish, deadly political system that only encourages a finite orthodoxy for self-financial aggrandizement is the foundation we have established for these new crop of future leaders. What a wistful tragic era we present to these poorly prepared future leaders.

Faure Gnassingbe knows no better system than the one he was raised in. He vaingloriously may believe that the leadership of Togo rests with his family alone. He shouldn’t have been allowed to run in the first case recognizing the complex situation. A transitional government should have been allowed to remain in power for no less than eighteen months to allow time for the influence of Eyadema to fizzle. The whole process stinks knowing the high-level corruption level and the visceral tendencies of those in power to neurotically believe they have a right to influence who gets elected.

The pitiful group of election coordinators who satisfy their daily dose of greed by ensuring that their future are financially secure have mortgaged their conscience just as much as Faure. What grates, (beside their lack of integrity) is their nonchalant attitude and condescension bristle minds filled of garbage. Faure and his pot-scourer, wine sipping, simpering and slavering folks should not be too surprise when civil war becomes the order of the day in Togo. I pray not but people are getting frustrated with cis-hosting leaders with selfish tendencies that only set developing nations backwards.

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Anonymous May 1, 2005 - 11:03 am

you summarize african situation. Togo's electionwill become a model for others

if not corrected.

Anonymous April 30, 2005 - 2:40 pm

You could not have put it better! It is a pity OBJ is backing the re-packaged self-succession fraud but what can one expect given naija's 419 election in 2003?


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