Freedom Coalition: $250m fund to elect Abubakar Umar…(3)

by Bode Eluyera


“What matters is not how people vote but how the votes are counted.”

Joseph Stalin. Former Soviet Dictator.

“Success will not lower its standard to us. We must raise our standard to success.” Rev Randall R McBride, Jr.

“Indecision is the graveyard of good intentions.” Anonymous

“Ile ti a fi t’omo, iri ni o wo.” Yoruba proverb

“First of all I am a member of PDP, secondly the PDP designed a zonal arrangement which means it is a party that believes in fairness, it’s a party that wants to make sure everybody participate in the political process of this country, if on the other hand they are satisfied that, that objective of fairness, equity and justice have been achieved by all means I see nothing wrong in jettisoning the zonal arrangement. I want you to understand two things. This time, my dear sir, we are playing democracy, government of the people by the people and for the people using political parties, using the rule of law, I can not see it annulled by a democratic society, don’t forget I ran a military government and that is the difference.You probably might have read the whole zoning arrangement upside down, the agreement was between the north and south, and did not define it further between north west or north central or north east or south west nor south east.”

Ibrahim babangida, a.k.a. the devil in human form, Nigeria’s former dictator. Excerpt of interview. July, 2010

” The plot against President Goodluck Jonathan’s emergence as presidential candidate of the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, gathered momentum, yesterday, as the Plateau State Chapter of the Northern Political Forum, NPLF, threatened that the North would pull out of the PDP should the party decide to abandon the zoning arrangement. Also, yesterday, political leaders and people of Katsina State gathered at Maikudi Hotel insisting on zoning of presidency to North in 2011 election. However, facts emerging from the camp of retired Generals from the North indicated that they were divided over whether or not President Goodluck Jonathan should contest on the platform of the PDP or step aside and conduct free and credible elections. Jos group threatens North’s exit.

Addressing newsmen in Jos, the NPLF spokesman, Ambassador Yahaya Kwande, said the North would go round the 53 political parties in the country to rally support for a Northern presidential candidate if PDP refused to respect the arrangement. Kwande said that while the North had nothing against President Goodluck Jonathan as a person, it was against the manner the zoning arrangement which was introduced to guarantee fairness and equity to all was being toyed with. He said that the zoning arrangement had been the winning formula for the PDP adding: ‘It was an agreement signed and embraced by all but if some people feel it could be abandoned mainstream, they should be ready to face the consequences. I can tell you that the North would abandon the PDP and vote for a northerner of their choice.’Kwande who decried the attempt by some to introduce ethnicity or religion to the debate added: ‘We are not against President Jonathan as a person or the section of Nigeria he comes from as some people will want Nigerians to believe. All we are saying is that it is only morally right to respect agreement whether written or unwritten, formal or informal especially when such agreement is meant to be for the good of all.’ He said it was unhealthy to terminate an agreement arbitrarily without the agreement of all the parties as the apologists of ending zoning were trying to do. While agreeing that the zoning policy was an internal policy of PDP, he noted that the whole North would stand against its abandonment because it would affect their political interest. The elder statesman lambasted northern political leaders campaigning against zoning as selfish warning that they would always need the North to actualize their political ambitions.’

Excerpt from news report. July, 2010.


In this upcoming election in 2011, which is undoubtedly crucial for the country, there are 3 major tasks before us. Or would it be better to say that there are 3 minimum tasks before us. And they include:

1. Do everything possible and impossible to stop ibb-the devil, the no. 1 agent of the C.I.A. in Nigeria.

2. Do everything possible and impossible to stop Jonathan, Obasanjo’s boy; another American stooge in Aso Rock; an incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt opportunit like his predecessors – as it turned out.

3. Do everything possible and impossible to stop any PDP candidate.

In order to achieve this difficult, but more than realistic, task, 4 things need to be done by the progressives, opposition and human rights activists. They include:

1. Identify a worthy and electable presidential candidate;

2. Organize election campaign funds both inside and outside Nigeria;

3. Organize, conduct good election campaigns up to the grassroots and across the whole country that will;

4. Portray Jonathan as an opportunist, old wine in a new bottle, discredit him as a National leader and his leadership skills based on his ministerial appointments and the decisions that he has taken so far and explain to the people (Nigerians) that despite the fact that Jonathan is from the South, nevertheless he has no concrete plans for the country and is not in any way different from his incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt predecessors;

5. Convince the electorates that since Jonathan is a member of the PDP, the party that has not brought any significant improvement into the live of an average Nigerian, he alone, no matter how good his intention may be also can not make any significant impact in the lives of an average Nigerian simply because he is surrounded by, and hi party is controlled by heartless looters of Nigerian treasuries since independence;

6. Discredit the PDP completely as a party that nothing good can ever come out of it and was set up by bandits not for the betterment of the welfare of Nigerians but in order to loot the country’s treasury and undermine the Sovereignty and economic security of the country and that sucgh a party is not capable or positioned to produce honest, competent, patriotic and dedicated leaders;

7. Potray Jonathan as another Western stooge who is already compromising the economic interests of Nigeria – finalised plans with the West to set a military base in Nigeria and potray the country’s airports – in order to get their support and achieve his political ambition;

8. Remind the people that babangida is indeed a real devil whose 8-year reign of terror brought so much hardship to Nigeria and Nigerians – both Northerners and Southerners and plunged the country into its worst political crises by cancelling the freest and fairest election held in the country’s history that was won by Moshood Abiola; looted the country’s treasury of billions of dollars and ought to have been arrested and executed publicly in a democratic society for all the crime that he committed against Nigeria and Nigerians;

9. Tell Nigerians that babangida is the no. 1 agent of the C.I.A. in Nigeria and that his wife, Maryam, was visited many times by C.I.A. agents while receiving treatment in the United States;

10. Emphasize the fact that babangida is a man of the past who has nothing to offer the country and that his presidency will not only be an insult and ridicule to Nigeria’s evolving democracy, but will as well bring to naught all the democratic dividends that might have been achieved in the past 12 years, take Nigeria 50 years back, bring more hardship to the people and make Nigeria a pariah state;

11. Potray Buhari too a

s a man of the past, who came to power through coup-detat; who does not believe in democracy; who relied only on force as a means of governing without any basic understanding of how the economics workha

12. Ensure that PDP will not be able to rig the election.

The above are the 12 obstacles(tasks) that need to be overcome(resolved) in order not only to defeat babangida, Jonathan or any PDP candidate, but as well get our candidate to Aso rock come 2011.

Now let us analyse the first point in details. (others will be analysed later in the series.)


What do we mean by the above? If you think that the meaning or full implication of the above statement is well understood, you might be mistaken.

The 3 key words here are ‘identify’, ‘worthy’ and ‘electable’. What do we mean by worthy? How do you understand this word? By a worthy candidate, I mean a candidate that at least meet some basic minimum requirements. I also want to draw attention to the words ‘minimum and basic’ requirements.


Unfortunately, due to the fact that Nigeria has been ruled for long – 50 years to be precise – by corrupt, visionless, incompetent and morally bankrupt opportunists-criminals, mainly from the North, who were imposed on us by Western imperialists, who were out to serve their own selfish interests and those of their British and American masters; and not the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians respectively, a very wide vacuuum has been created in the competent leadership of the country is concerned.

Due to the absence of true democracy for a very long period, Nigeria has been denied the opportunity to raise or groom good administrators of world class and standards, who could be excellent – or at least good – potential candidates/aspirants for presidential elections – especially the one coming up in 2011.

The long and brutal reign of the military with Northern criminal officers at the helm of affairs and the pecuilarity of Nigeria’s so called democracy: tribalism, nepotism, quota system, favouratism, impoverished and unenlightened electorates, rotational system, zoning, regular mass rigging of elections, inefective and corrupt judicial system, external intervention, money politics, violence, incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt politicians: both civilians and the military, always contesting for elections, e.t.c. have led to a tragic situation whereby many capable Nigerians who really want to serve the country honestly and contribute significantly to its development have been frustrated out or discouraged and abandoned politics for good.

To these group of Nigerians, politics is regarded as an opportunity and privilege to serve one’s country, the citizens and leave a legacy. They do not consider politics as an avenue for self-enrichment. Many of these people, 99.9% of whom are Southerners, have either left the coutry and using their brain to
develop other countries. Those that choose to remain behind are either serving
foreign companies or running their own businesses as entrepreneurs.


Unfortunately, today, as we all know, an overwhelming majority of Nigerian
politicians are in politics in order to loot – and not serve the so called Mother land. Thus, the system has ‘systematically’ produced an army of thieves, opportunists, charlants who don’t regard politics or public service/office as a divine calling but a ‘once in a life time’ opportunity to get their share of the national cake before it finishes.

These people are amoral to the extent that they have absolutely no principle whatsoever and could go as far as selling their biological mothers in the quest for money and in order to realise their unhealthy political ambition. They are more than ready to even dine with the devil – as a matter of fact, they have been doing that already for long – kiss him, work for him as long as that enhances their political career and increases the amount of money in their bank accounts.

Two good examples, unfortunately, are Ahmed Tinubu, who was so hungry for political power to the extent that he threw all moral values to the dogs and went as slow as going to babangida to ask him to contest on the platform of his party under the condition that he, Tinubu, would be his running mate. It’s incredible to believe that Tinubu has suddenly forgotten about the battle aginst Abacha and numerous human rights activists that paid with their lives. How could Tinubu easyly forget that ibb, the devil was the cause of the political crises that the country was plunged into? Is there no other way for Tinubu to realise his political ambition than going to ibb, the devil?

The same thing could be said of Adams Oshiomhole, the incumbent governor of Edo state and former leader of the Nigerian Labour Congress. As far as Oshiomole was concerned, it was more than appropriate to organize a rally for babangida in Benin-city camouflaged as ‘One Man, One Vote’ just to clinch the V.P. ticket with babangida. News of how Oshiomhole tricked and used the A.C. to become the governor of Edo State is also an evidence/manifestation of who this man is in reality. It is unbelievable that Tinubu and Oshiomhole could be so desperate and power hungry to the extent that they could go so low to the extent of embracing ibb.


Therefore, what we need to understand is that the market for potential presidential candidates is very very very limited and full of only mediocres. It will take some time and concerted effort before competent, dedicated and honest Nigerians – especially Nigerians in diaspora – could be attracted to politics.

Sadly, the 5 fingers of my hand is even too much to count good/worthy presidential candidates. At most 3 candiadates. The problem is even more complicated if we factor into our analysis zoning and the fact that there is no 100% guarantee that if any of these 3 candidates stands for election, he or she has a chance of securing victory over a PDP candidate. In otherwords, their electability is under serious doubts.

Thus, the issue of worthiness and electability should be our guiding principle and watch words while searching for our candidate that will take on babangida, Jonathan and/or any PDP candidate.

Worthiness and electability are inseperable. They are like a coin with 2 sides. One is just not complete without the other. They both complement and supplement each other!

As has already been stated earlier, very long and catastrophic rule of the military; civilian; quota system; absence of true dedemocracy; rotation; quota system, tribalism, favouratism have led to a situation whereby there are very little worthy available candidates of calibre. Therefore, we have no choice but lower our standard as regards to worthiness in order to get a candidate who is more or less electable.

In this election, we need to understand that we will never have the opportunity to choose great people like Pa Obafemi Awolowo, Pa Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Bola Ige, Alhaji Aminu Kano or their replica in terms of ideology, brilliance, leadership skills, discipline, dedication, personality, patriotizm, e.t.c.

In this election, what we need to understand is that our candidate will be far from being an ideal presidential candidate of our dream. (More on that later in this series.) In this election, there will be no Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington, Truman or even an Obama.

Our candidate will be more or less acceptable and a compromising candidate. For our candidate, we will be choosing among the average, below average and a little bit above average. In otherwords, succinctly speaking, we will have to choose not from the best of the best, but from a list of mediocres whom we consider to be least harmful

compared to ibb-the devil, Buhari, Jonathan and other Nigerian politicians! This, ofcourse, is very sad. However, for those of us who have a good understanding of the situation on the ground, this is just the bitter truth or reality. And the earlier we accept this unpleasant reality as our fate, the better for us.

Therefore, by worthiness, we will expect that our candidate atleast has the following qualities:

1. Relatively clean as far as corruption is concerned comapared to his compatriots and politicians like Orji Kalu, Alamaseigbe, El-Rufai, Obasanjo, babangida-the devil, Danjuma, Atiku, Alison-Madueke, David Mark, e.t.c. Certainly, it will be absurd to expect a robber to go after other robbers.

2. Is educated and has a university degree.

3. Has some experience, exposure or understanding of how the Nigerian governmet is run or works.

4. Shares some democratic values, believes in and committed to upholding the rule of law.

5. Relatively smart and intelligent.

6. Intends to make some positive change in the country and improve the standard of living of Nigerians.

7. Does not have any evil plans up his sleeve.

8. Healthy and not older than 55 years.

9. Has some knowledge in international relations.

10. Has some kind of frame-work that he intends to impliment on getting to power.

11. Will be not be another American and/or British stooge and run to them for consultation.

12. Has some relative understanding of what Sovereignty and economic security of a country is and what measures need to be taken in order to defend them.

13. Is very much aware of the fact that the United States and Britain in particular pose the most serious threat to Nigeria’s Sovereignty, economic security, interests and development.


By electability, I mean the popularity or the ability of a candidate to win an election. In otherwords, electability is the probability of a candidate from the opposition of having at least a theoretical chance of defeating babangida or Jonathan or any other PDP candidate in a free and fair election. It makes no sense for the opposition to rally round a worthy but unpopular candidate. Since elections is more about numbers, therefore, the more popular a candidate is, the higher the probability that many voters will vote for him and the higher his chances of winning the election -all things being equal.


Do you still consider yourself a good political analyst especially as regards to Nigerian politics? If you think so, then here is another opportunity for you to test your skills. Please answer the following question (write down your answer before reading on/mine. We will compare notes at the end. Given the present political situation in Nigeria and base on the ‘What if analyses’ about Jonathan-ibb dilemma carried out in the previous part of this series, from which region, North or South, do you think the presidential candidate of the opposition should come from in order to have a god chance of defeating babangida, Jonathan or any other PDP candidate? Give reasons (write down your answer) to support your answer. I want to remind you that the reasons are even more important than the answering North or South.

If you choose South as the region where you think that the opposition should choose their/its candidate (hope you wrote down your reasons as I requested), then I am afraid to say that you are wrong and a bad political analyst – at least as far as Nigeria’s politics is concerned. The opposition must choose its/their candidate from the North, and not South, in order to have at least a theoretical chance of winning the 2011 election for the following reasons:


The reason to support my answer is well illustrated in a Russian word called ‘Ponyatie.’ Ponyatie is an abstract noun which has its roots from the verb ‘Ponyat’ or ‘Ponimat’ which means to understand. Russian verbs with the same meaning are always in 2 forms; reflecting the time an action was performed – one is like the present tense and the other like the perfect tense in English language.

In Russian language, ponyatie has 2 meanings which are ‘an understanding’ and ‘a concept.’ But ponyatie has a third meaning which is widely believed not to be literary Russian language. It’s a sort of slang. The third meaning of ponyatie is a sort of unwritten or informal rule by which a certain group of people voluntaryly abide to live strictly. In most cases, nobody could say exactly how and when and by whom the informal rule agreement was first introduced. Ponyatie is very rampant in Russian prisons or among Russian criminal gangs.

This is exactly what has happened in Nigerian politics and the North, especially Northerners in the PDP are capitalising on it in order to satisfy their dirty and selfish interests – completely different from those of the South!

In the PDP, it is generally believed that some time ago there was a sort of informal and unwritten agreement that the party would adopt rortation to choose its candidate and president – perhaps, they believe that a PDP candidate will always win elections either through hook or crook method. Today, nobody can say exactly which people , where and when was such an informal agreement reached – if it even exists all.

However, what is most important here as far the whole zoning is concerned is that the Northerns believe it exist and have decided to abide by it – even if such an agreement does not really exist – because they believe it favours them now.

The so called informal agreement has generated a lot of discussions, debates, fights and enmity within the PDP and the North when the Northerners (including those in the PDPO) suddenly, realised, to their horror that Jonathan, a Southerner, from the Niger Delta, an oil producing region that the North has depended on completely from independence on its existence, will most likely contest for the 2011 elections (they never factored into their calculation that Tuwo Yaradua would be murdered by the Americans for not been a completely obedient boy and for giving the Chinese some big chunk of Nigeria’s oil and gas deals which they believe should be reserved for them alone)

This informal agreement or ponyatie, as it is called in Russian, has been accepted by the North to the extent that even many non-PDP Northern politicians believe that it not only exists but must be observed. Fate accompli!

In otherwords, the North in general believe that after Obasanjo, a Southerner had served for 8 years, therefore a Northerner should also rule for another 8 years – for fairness(?) The North believe that by allowing Obasanjo, who was imposed on Southerners by them too through babangida-the devil, to reign for 8 years, they were doing the South which include the Yoruba, Ndigbo, Efik, Ijaws, Ogonis, Edos, Urhobo and other ethic groups in the South, a very BIG FAVOUR. And this favour must be reciprocated by force – whether the South want it or not. The don’t give a fucking damn!

Yes, we Southerners might say ‘but this is ridiculous, unfair and unacceptable, and that choosing the president of a country should be based on merits and not on rotation or zoning or quota system. Definitely, those who might hold this opinion or position are right. But ironically, not completely simply because the North, who have a completely different mentality from ours just don’t see things that way. And this is what matters most now – sadly. I use the word ‘sadly’ because irrespective of how we perceive these barbaric people, they strongly believe or think that a Northerner, and not a Southerner should be the president, despite the fact that they have misruled, ruined the country and run the wholeshow alone basically since independence! What this means in essence

is that the North has not changed an iota since the June 12, 1992 crisis till date! No lesson, whatsoever has been learnt from Moshood Abiola’s murder.


Before furthrering, I want to use this opportunity to quickly comment on the
interview given by Prof. Sam Aluko in July which I came across while writing this series. In the interview, Prof. Aluko expressed his support for the zoning arrangement in Nigerian politicsbn because he believes that it is fair and gives all stake holders and/or region equal opportunity to produce the president of the country.

With all respect to Prof. Aluko, whom undoubtedly consider a world class economist and admire a lot. Having said the above, nevertheless, I completely and categorically disagree with him on zoning.

It is indeed incredible and very unfortunate that such a primitive thinking could come from such a learned man like Aluko. First, we need to understand that Prof. Aluko’s view or opinion on all issues especially those that are beyond economics – for example political issues, can not be absolute and unchallengable.

It’s really very embarrassing that Aluko could not understand that zoning and quota system in actual fact are one of the major obstacles preventing Nigeria from being represented by the best of the best among its citizens because of the so called fairness – according to Aluko. Going by the position of Aluko, we (the South in particular) are supposed to compromise and lower the standard or qualification that potential presidential candidates should possess – as we have already been doing in the universities, ministries, federal government institutions and companies – in order for him/her not only to be effectives but as well be competitive with their counterparts from other countries, most especially from developed countries. Do we need to draw the special attention of Prof. Aluko to the fact that neither the United States nor Britain that Nigeria always tries to emulate uses zoning or rotation system to choose its leaders?

This anormally, perhaps unique only to Nigerian politics, has led to a situation whereby every Dick and Harry from the North wants to become the president because he thinks that he has the brains to rule such a sophisticated country like Nigeria, and the South in particular has to settle for mediocres and opportunits, bandits all in the name of fairness and making One Nigeria a reality. How come such an intelligent person like Aluko does not understand that zoning system is one of the major obstacles to the development of the country and a good argument to prove that One Nigeria is unattainable and the best model/option for the country is to break it up?

The hypocrisy in the so called zoning for fairness – a-la Aluko – is glaring when one realises that the North uses zoning ‘selectively’ in order to hold on to power forever and only in places/areas where they are vulnerable and not competitive with their Southern counterparts.

For example, one wonders why the North that so much champions and believes in zoning fotget completely about it (fairness) when recruiting soldiers into the Nigerian army, sitting military bases and colleges. It’s a known fact that the Nigerian army is mainly populated and controlled by Northerners and the country’s major military institutions, installations, ammunitions and armaments are practically concentrated in the North and controlled by them too.

It’s also a known secret that there’s a deliberate, secret and unwritten plan/doctrine by the North to dominate the military and limit the amount of Southerners that could be recruited so that the North could always have an advntage over the South.

All these go a long way to proove that the North are just not only uncommitted to the so called One Nigeria project, but there has never been any One Nigeria; there is none now and there will never be any. If there were to be One Nigeria in the true sense of the word, what the North should be interested in is for Nigeria to have a competent, uncorrupt, dedicated and reliable president that is determined to work in the interests of Nigeria and Nigerians – irrespective of his state of origin and religion.


The just concluded summit of Northerners as regards to zoning and the right of Jonathan, the incumbent president, to participate in the 2011 election is another testimony to support the fact that Nigheria is nothing but a mere geographical expression and not yet a nation – 50 years after independence.

It is ridiculous and disgusting to to come to terms with the fact that a certain group of people from a particular region consider themselves the ‘annointed ones’ who alone are bestowed the power and the right to give clearance to another Nigerian, the incumbent president for that matter, before he could go ahead to exercise his fundamental civic rights that is clearly stipulated in the Constitution and ought to be respected, guaranteed and obeyed.

It is disheartening and irritating to watch the so called Northern leaders and elites shamelessly and openly jumping ship and decamping from the PDP, the ruling party, that has produced the country’s president within the past 12 years, to other parties, in iorder to stop Jonathan, a Southerner from the Niger Delta, the region whose resources have been used to feed, clothe, educate, build factories, houses, hospitals, roads, airports for the North and the White Elephant elephant project called Abuja, the new capital of the North while the bonafide owners of these resources still languish in abject poverty and can not afford the most basics of the basics in terms of infrastructures and ammenities.

These ingrates who claim to occupy about 60% of the country’s territorty and also 60% of its population but contribute less than 10% to the country’s GDP and GNP respectively still believe that they are, and should be the ‘King-makers’ and are also born to rule. These parasites, whom the South have been subsidizing even before independence and have cost our economy hundreds of billions of doillars still believe that they are the annointed ones and only they have the last words as regards to which Nigerian or region should produce the president – 50 years after independence.

It’s horrifying to admit that these Northerners clamouring for another Northern president at any cost _ – by any hook or crook means – are the so called Northern elites and not just some Alamarejis roaming the country and begging for alms.

It is interesting to note that among the agitators for a Northern president and zoning, who is also threatening fire if the South does not give in to Northern intimidation, blackmail and bullying of the North to impose another incapacerated Northerner on Nigerians is one ambassador Yahaya Kwande. For God’s sake, how could we expect such a tribalist who believes that the North has some special interests which are obviously different from those of the South and must be met, to fight for or protect the interests of Southern Nigeria and Nigerians respectively when he was an ambassador and in future posts/appointments. It’s now obvious that when Kwande was an ambassador, he was busy fighting for and protecting only the interests of only Northerners and Northern Nigeria – like most of his kinsmen.

In a nutshell, what happened in July in Kaduna is a manifestation to the already known fact that Nigeria has NEVER been a nation, is not a nation now and can NEVER be a nation in another 50 years.

It’s high time we faced the bitter truth which is that the North and the South are two completely different and incompatible bed-fellows who were forced to live together by the British in order to serve their own selfish interests. Till today, the South in general are still playing heavyly for this forced union that has no prospects and/or future .




Send this article to at least 25 people of diversified professional backgrounds: civil rights activists, politicians, colleagues, e.t.c., discuss it either on the phone or in person with at least two people and ask them to do the same. You are free to publish it on a social networks. Go ahead right now. Don’t procrastinate or delay. Thank you.

* In order to have a complete understanding of this article/series, the reader is advised to read related articles. They are:

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3.Sovereignty, Economic Security, Barrack Obama’s Visit, Jonathan, 2011 Election And The Development of Nigeria: Correlation.


This article and/or series does not in any way mean that the author believes in one Nigeria or has changed his position.


a. My advise to Ribadu (if he really intends to contest the elections) or/and the opposition is to declare their intention officially not later than a week (i.e. latest by 25th of September) before October 1st – independence anniverssary.

b. It will be a big mistake and strategy on the part of the opposition to appoint Adams Osiomhole as the running mate of Ribadu. The running mate of the candidate of the opposition must come from the South East. He must be an Ndigbo. I will explain the reason in the coming parts of this series.


For those following my series on “One Nigeria: To be or not to be?” and “How The Niger Deltans can get their freedom: The action plan!”, I regret to announce that there might not be a continuation of the series because I lost more than 80 hand-written pages (A4 format) containing 3 addittional parts each of the 2 series and another series titled “Leadership, Decision Making, The North, The Military And Development In Nigeria: A System Analysis.”

I am not sure if I will have the energy, time, passion, motivation and inspiration to write another series and carry out again the comprehensive research that I did on the Nigerian oil and gas in those series. If at all I attemt to rewrite the series – which will not be earlier than next year – they will never be like the original which were written with inspiration and passion. I have never written the same article(s) twice. In anycase, I hope that my readers will bear with me and forgive. Thank you for your understanding.

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adenihun emmanuel babatunde August 31, 2010 - 10:04 am

I really appreciate your concern about the North,South dichotomy in Nigerian politics.I strongly support Jonathan’s aspiration to be president. If he misses this opportunity;the Niger Delta may not near the presidency for years.


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