Globacom: A Giant Among Telephony Service Providers In Nigeria And Africa

by Odimegwu Onwumere

When breadfruit is budding its fruit, it has the shape of the head of a kid, but when it’s developed, it has the shape of the head of an adult. It’s my father who told me that he inherited this saying from his own father, “little thing matter”.

When Globacom began operation in Nigeria in August 29, 2003, little did Nigerians believe that the ‘little’ telephony company would be the ‘big’ telephony company that is today celebrated all over Nigeria and Africa. Among the most awards in the telecommunication industry it has won, the latest was the Best Mobile Telephone Company and Best Telephone Company 2006 award by Nigerian Technology and Telecom Awards (NITTA); Thisday and Global Excellence 2006 Company of the year; West Africa’s most preferred Telecommunications company of year 2006 award, amongst others space wouldn’t allow. Its chairman, Otunba Mike Adenuga Jr., has done overflowing thing to not have allowed this immeasurable gift given to him by nature to Nigeria to have died, and many Nigerians Glo with Pride because of him.

In March 2006, Globacom announced the extension of its General Radio Packet Service (GPRS) to gain ground in all its coverage areas in Nigeria creating a possible clime for subscribers not to cry when networking. GPRS created high speed guarantees for high speed data transmission and multimedia messaging including other benefits. Apart from this, Globacom was the first to introduce this technology in August 2004, it was the first company in telecom to introduce ‘per second’ calls in Nigeria, though it’s the second national operator. A subscriber can do the below with Glo Mobile phone in Nigeria: send advance text massage that include picture and sound; browse the Internet with Glo; amongst others.

By January and February 2006, Globacom promised coverage with its network all over the country, and by mid year 2006, it fulfilled its promise. Many villages too numerous to list here are testimonies to Globacom. By January 2006 alone, Glo Mobile drummed covering over two hundred towns, communities, and cities bringing to over 13,000 the number of these places it covered. No telecommunication industry in Africa has achieved this. Globacom has no rival!

However, apart from Glo being the second National Operation, it’s the fourth entrant to hit the GSM market. It initially had a network capacity of 10 million subscribers but has expended to a 12 million capacity by June 2006. It’s providing the best for Nigeria, in terms of quality. Kudos!

Glo has reeled out a lot of glow on Nigerians and every Nigerian tells a fellow to ‘Glo with Pride’, no matter the ugly experiences under President Obasanjo’s Economic Reform programme. But Glo’s new concept, which was advertised January 2007 as its debut in the Nigerian market is tagged: “Rule Your World”, no matter the circumstances.

I wouldn’t know how to thank Globacom for its wonderful initiatives in Nigeria. Over three years in operation, it has made it in no less way for Nigerians to Glo with Pride. They helped break monopoly in the industry. And I believe that this new debut will enable my step grandmother in the village to learn the first sentence in the usage of English language. Rule Your World is inspirational, poetic, serving, advising, guiding, encouraging and all that.

Eighty hearty kpoza to you, Globacom, and many more years of service to Nigeria that comes straight from competence.

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