Global Security In The Era Of The Gentiles

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The most heart-warming event in US/Russia relations, is their agreement to reduce the deadly nuclear weapons in their arsenal and work for arms control. However, the current efforts are not good enough and do not go very far.

The incompetence of opinion amongst Soviet and American governments during the cold war, fuelled by the erection of satanic scientific institutions and academies has been laid bare to ridicule.

How could intelligent people allow scarce national resources to be gulped by the actions of the military/industrial complex on both sides of the globe, while the people wore floaty clothes, ate frugally, died of malnutrition, in millions between 1950 and 1968?.Hate is no excuse for the US/Soviet/Russia nuclear arms race.

It is trite logic to conclude that the remote cause of the current financial crises is traceable to the wasteful expenditure by some states during the Cold war, fanned by men and women from the Universe of fallen angels.

Unless reasonable leaders can agree that the nuclear arms race has brought little dividends to people, then the situation will remain dicey.
It has continued to amaze us why some leaders engage in war as an instrument of national policy to the detriment of the race.

One of the cardinal principles of the Charter of the United Nations is to save” succeeding generations from the scourge of war” and the Charter empowered the UN Security Council to put in place, systems for the regulation of armaments.

This assignment proved problematic and as a result, the arms race between the USA and the Soviet Union escalated inexorably.
Socialism approves of egalitarianism and the distribution of wealth, while capitalism opposes the socialization of state economic policies, in preference to individualism.
Afraid that the Soviet Union could spread socialist ideas that could hurt the American capitalist way of life, the USA engaged its scientist in arms production. The Soviets also pursued their own atomic, nuclear and thermo-nuclear programmes.

Gripped by a self-inflicted economic crisis, both the US and Russia are wiser now to see the futility of the arms race.
In 1953, President Eisenhower introduced the “atom for peace” plan. His idea was to encourage the peaceful uses of atomic energy.

There were disarmament talks between 1954-55, the 1955 Geneva Summit, the Arms Control Conference in 1955 and others too numerous to narrate here.
Every strategic arms limitation talks has ended in futility.

The current meeting in Washington may go the way of other arms control talks.In spite of the cordiality that seems to exist between Obama and the Russian President, the Russians still believe that the Military/ Industrial complex in the US is crucial to any effective reduction of weapons and not the President of the United States of America.

What are Nigerians being called to do at the Arms Control talks, when we do not even produce enough pistons for our police, who are out-gunned each time they face violent opposition from armed robbers?
Awka arms producers should be encouraged to supply arms to our armed forces in order to ensure national security.

Global security in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the brotherhood of Man is crucial to peaceful co-existence in the 21st century.
If Nostradamus is right about 2012, then, these are the End-Times.
Those, who stand on the Rock of the Most High GOD, will not be moved because of his Divine promise that the “meek shall inherit the Earth.”

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