'God Particle' is blasphemous; end of Iraq war, political melee in Nigeria

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

These seemingly unrelated topics will be sown together by a red thread that will show the influence of the Luciferian hierarchy in the affairs of the world.

The scientific notion of “God particle” is blasphemy. God is whole and is not to be construed in scientific particle terms. The on-going satanic scientific research on the so-called illusionist tale of how the Universe came into being, suggesting that it was not created, may tickle the scientific fancies of deluded scientists, atheists, mystics, psychics, magicians and the advanced party of the anti-christ, but not those, who have the spiritual insight to apprehend the THRUTH, as to who created the Universe of Man.

Very often ,satan divulges arcane information to confuse man. He once showed, in incandescent light, formulas to Alfred Noble, Max Planck and today, he speaks through the Cambridge don, who pontificates confusion about the origin of the universe. I once listened to his lectures at Cambridge University and I shook my head.

When the atom, the nuclei, in all its forms was “discovered”, the gullible rejoiced because of their positive aspects. Then, when the other side of the coin was flipped, mankind saw the cunning hand of satan.

Today, mankind is being destroyed by those weapons of mass destruction that came in the name of scientific advancement. These nuclear weapons are now uncontrollable and are in the military arsenal of some states.

We live by the GRACE of GOD. Now we are being told not to pray but to re-create SODOM. I warn that if God turns his back on man again, perpetual darkness “will cover the earth as water covers the sea” Habakkuk.

Convoluted Haze in the Middle East
The Luciferian hierarchy, in the last decade of the 20th century, used spirit-men to attack the commercial, military and political might of the United States of America. These agents of satan were located in the Kalahari Desert, according to some seers.

This is why up till today; the real story is yet to be known. Having stirred the eagle’s nest, revenge and retaliation followed, which then led to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and military operations around the globe.

Total security checks became routine. Some checks intruded into private human parts, in total violation and dehumanization of man.

States formed allies to protect themselves and the “motto was,” Suspect everyone, trust no-one”.
As a result, frenzied diplomatic and military intelligence operations were inaugurated world-wide. The world economy was tasked to the limit as both human and financial resources were deployed in the frenzied war efforts.

On 15th December, 2011, in keeping with his campaign promise, President Barak Obama announced the end of the war in Iraq and all the US troops left Iraq for the US via Camp Virginia, in Kuwait.
4,487 US troops had been killed. 108, ooo Iraqi forces had died. The military expenses were put at US 806 dollars. For the nine years that the war raged, I could not answer the question, who the US enemies in Iraq were. Iraqis did not attack America. They had no weapons of mass destruction.

When one reflects on the Iraqi crisis, one comes face to face with wanton violations of international law of armed conflict.
Before the sudden bombing of Iraq began, there was no formal declaration of war as required by The Hague Convention on the Opening of Hostilities of 18th July, 1907.

War victims were not protected. Century-old art works were looted and yet to be recovered. There was no restriction on certain conventional weapons. Harmful projectiles were used in the war. Cultural properties were not protected in violation of the Hague Convention of 14 May 1954.

The mass dismissal of military officers, who served in the government of Saddam Hussein was cruel, inhuman treatment, which was why the policy was later revoked, but damage had been done to families.

Although Saddam Hussein was a dictator, his trial and execution fell short of the required of advanced judicial processes.

The invasion and occupation violated the civil and political rights as well as the social and cultural rights of the citizens of Iraq, hence the Obama decision to withdraw American troops after nine years of military engagements.

Now that the US has withdrawn its troops, the future of Iraq hangs in the balance as old animosities have started to bubble again. Iraq is not a democracy. The leader, who failed in the last elections refused to hand over power and successfully stayed put. There is uncertainty, a shaky government, a factious political atmosphere persists.

When the American soldiers were leaving, both the Prime Minister and the President did not show up. Even the media kept away. It was shocking to see Iraqi youths burning the American flag. They will probably harbour images of the war, till time indefinite.

It was painful that American soldiers, who, Secretary of State Rumsfeld said would be given flowers and kisses, not only lost limbs and lives but were subjected to snobbery and ignominious exit!
In future, will Commanders-in-Chief be more circumspect in sending their compatriots to wars with no meaning?

In my book entitled, ‘IRAQ: The New Carthage, International Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi Crisis”(2003) I wrote, “After watching the destruction of Iraq, I am developing my theories about man’s inhumanity to man and the empirical evidence the Iraqi experience offered me has been very helpful in my quest.

My interest in Darwin’s evolutionary theory has spread to the field of mental inheritance. I cannot but ask after watching the destruction of Iraq, whether Calvary was worth it since man has not shown gratitude for the BLOOD that was shed. My pessimism cannot becloud the resurrection of our Lord JESUS CHRIST and the victory over evil, which is always certain. The decline of all empires begins with the callousness of a Herod and the mien of a Nero.

In these end-times, political poltergeists will continue to use wars as instruments of national policy and this will continue to impoverish their nations.

What is going on in the Middle East and North Africa, Northern America, Europe and elsewhere are manifestation of the convoluted haze of the celestial impress of the anti-christ, who is already operating through his agents of destruction.

They have attacked the economies of various states and the end-result will be social dislocations world-wide. They are promoting debauchery, reveling in telling sex-scandal stories, deaths in the battlefield, the suffering of social humans, promoting the hip-hop nude culture that debases the morals of youth, engaging in the sex trade and acts against the Commandments of God. Disobedience to the Laws of God and other indubitable wrongs prevalent in today’s societies.

Rebellions is now being promoted, by states, the results of elections are being frequently challenged, even where the losers know that they lost, they enact mayhem that lead to the loss of souls of the Sons and Daughters of God.

See what Laurent Gbagbo caused in Ivory Coast, Tshekedi in the Congo, the Opposition in Russia, contentions in Nigeria, in Papua New Guinea, rebellion in Egypt in protest against the elections and military rule.

This will be the pattern from now on. Phantoms from hell will take direct actions to kill and maim, in ghoulish enterprises that will surprise earth-man. The people will continue to struggle against greed, mismanagement of resources, hunger, poverty, superstition, inequalities, state arrogance, and racial discrimination by ignorant people world-wide. The role of big media houses in reporting world news is characterized by slanted reportage. They use hyperboles in describing events happening in “enemy” states, while down-playing events taking place or have taken place in “friendly states”
Where then is the objectivity evinced in balanced reportage that separates the propagandist media from the media

that is credible and reliable?

The human intelligence quotient has improved considerably as a result of the advancement in information technology, to the extent that people see the limits of poor reporting, blatant lies, misinformation, disinformation and news concocted in the upper chambers of big media houses for effect.

African nations are now better informed about international affairs and can no longer be led by the nose. For example, some scholars at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja, disagreed with Jim Clancy and GPS Zakaria that the Iraqi war triggered the Arab spring. They pointed out that the Arab Spring was triggered by the soft diplomacy of the West towards monarchical and dictatorial Arab leaders and the hopelessness in not finding a way-out to decades of cooperation between Arab leaders that oppressed their people with the tacit consent of states that benefited from the oil and cultural diplomatic ties with Arab dictators.

The scholars also explained that there was a concerted effort to fight the ideology of the Arab Baa’th Socialist parties in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and the leftist and Islamic religious movements in the Middle East.
The resistance of these groups to the onslaught against them is the remote and immediate causes of the Arab Spring.

The Impact of American Culture in Iraq.
In Iraq, there is a noticeable cultural shift among the young Iraqis, who seem to prefer the Americanism that they picked up in the last nine years. A clash of Arabic and American cultures will create a new awareness that the Arab society must move into the 21st century with the rest of humanity.

Africans should embrace the 21st century forward march, by integrating their economies, open up the continent through railways, roads and ocean travel, the movement of the people, will be facilitated.
Their economies will receive a big boost as their young people can sell their skills within the continent and not be recruited as modern-day slaves in Europe and America.

In a world, in which the agents of satan control some governments, which inflict sorrow and destruction on man, there is acute need to seek God’s face, so that the vicissitudes we witness elsewhere, will not reach us in Africa.

In Africa, we worship God Almighty and that is why HE is good to us. We have abundant sunshine, rain and good harvests if we sow

We are in the process of uprooting the agents of the Luciferian darkness that cause blood to flow in our regions. We, as Africans, the Sons and Daughters of God, will inherit the Earth.
We regard the God particle theory as blasphemy.
So we reject it till time indefinite!

Political Melee in Nigeria
We should not, in Nigeria, be carried away by the demonic but romantic revolutionary fervour going on in other states. We are a peculiar nation. So, we should seek amicable resolution of our problems through informed dialogue. Government may not always be right. Citizens should contribute to national dialogue through the media and letters to government.

It does not pay to send eulogies, if there is cause to criticize. Those, who criticize are well-meaning compatriots, while some of those, who eulogize are opportunists. Those, who send eulogies, may, in the end send apologies.

In Nigeria, ASUU is on strike and the Nigerian Labour Congress has threatened to go on strike. There is hunger and there are angry youths, who remain restless. There is need to reduce political tension in Nigeria.

The budget does not seem to carry the awaited indices to ameliorate the sufferings of the citizens without jobs, homes and food security.

Security is not only assured by the purchase of arms and gadgets. Food security is more potent a weapon to douse the mounting discontent.
The political party in power seems to have left every political management of the state to the Federal Government without organizing political events, programmes and strategies to affect good governance.
The political melee in Nigeria should be addressed. We, at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU are proposing to organize a workshop on the 15th of every month next year to create an open forum for national political dialogues in various parts of the country, in collaboration with State Governors, Party Chairmen and concerned citizens. It was on January 15, 1966, that Nigeria was hurt and every 15th of every month next year, we must do some restoration job. We are footing the programme those seek the downfall of Nigeria have been defeated. Soon and very soon, God will be seated on the Plateau and will reign and rule over Nigeria, AMEN, AMIN and Hallelujah!!! May the peace of Christmas bless every soul.

We have received positive acknowledgements from some nationalists and all those, who wish to support the programme, may contact us at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, FUGAR/ABUJA; e-mail eesiemokhai@yahoo.com or phone 07036660639

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