Gov. Fayose and His Fellow Travelers

by Joe Onwukeme

When relics of uncivilized, primitive and medieval men who are not fit for the consumption of the modern man are elevated to positions of authority, the people bear the brunt. Today, relics of barbarism have found their way into our nation’s political space. They include but are not limited to disabled PDP remnants who fraudulently got into office using wide spread rigging and violence and recently, Supreme Court electoral violators’ beneficiaries. They have sacrificed good governance at the altar of propaganda.



While other State governors are busy squeezing water out of the rocks to ensure they meet up with the burden of expectations of their people, Gov. Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State and his Rivers State counterpart, Nyesome Wike are more at home with controversies.

Gov. Ayodele Fayose whose proclivity for gaffe knows no bounds has taken it as a duty to harangue and discredit every policy of the ruling government.

The case of Gov. Nyesome Wike is very pathetic! It’s been 10 months since he was sworn in as governor of Rivers State after proven cases of wide spread rigging and violence which the Supreme Court recently proved otherwise, he is yet to make any meaningful impact in the State. Wike is yet to differentiate between violence and the acts of governance; ever since his victory at the apex court, Rivers State has known no peace; thuggery, militancy and armed robbery have taken up permanent residence in the garden city.

Those who have done little or nothing to alleviate the sufferings in their states should not be in the leading position in firing bullets of unjust criticisms to the APC led Federal Government.

If it were in saner climes, the damning report by the United Nations Children’s Fund and the European Union that indicted Ekiti State (the fountain of knowledge) as the State with the highest number of residents, among Nigerian states, who defecate openly, is enough for a responsible and responsive governor to abdicate his seat but not for Gov. Fayose. While other States are busy investing massively in infrastructure and placing their States on world tourism map, their Ekiti State counterpart, while neglecting basic amenities in his State, is directly investing in open defecation. He does not give an iota of damn over such embarrassing report.

Rather, he has found delectation in using Mr. President as his daily subject of contemptuous criticism, taking analgesic for any journey Mr. President embarks upon. That is the only way he can advertise his terrifying ignorance and remain relevant in progressive politics.

The best time to tell our resurgent opposition governors the harmful truth is now. The recent description of the duo of Fayose and Wike as “apostles of banditry” by APC, Rivers State chapter, has validated this quote by Thomas Man, “A harmful truth is better than a useful lie”.

Gov. Fayose and his fellow travelers should be at home with the harmful truth; it will go a long way in freeing them from executive vacuity while facing the business of governance- major reason why they were elected.

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