Gov. Orji’s New Crown

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Can anyone believe that Abia State is one of the Niger Delta states? Some
people are yet to take to cognizance that those who expressed tyranny
against mankind in history that nature was against them.

Abia has to be the most horribly ruled state in Nigeria today. Very sad! The
present dispensation is a government of excuse. Even people who are not
from Abia are not happy anytime they come to a place like Aba, because of
the defamed image of the city caused by mis-governance. Is anyone asking
why should Governor T.A Orji be humiliated in his own state in the course
of mourning the transited Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu in Aba? Orji’s
low-key performance in Abia State is making people to murmur that he cannot
anoint anybody for 2015 when his unfruitful two terms would come to an
un-glorified end.

Those who are not living in Abia or do not visit the state at least four to
five times a week but are in other parts of the country or oversees saying
that the governor is working, because, perhaps, they are feeding fat from
Orji on the expense of others, should be ashamed of themselves. Abia State
Government and such people lack understanding, because Orji is a summary of
failure. Observers freshly wrote thus in response to one nom de
plumeLawyer Somtochi Awala’s rejoinder to my article entitled, “Why
Gov. Orji Won’t Thank God”, where I said that Orji has botched. Hear them: “The
governor is chasing his own ghost. If you are not responding to group or
individual comments and pressures, you are then responding to sudden
revelation that you have been in slumber.”

They continued: “Aba is not Abia? What do you tell others who are not in
Aba and will never leave in Aba? Move to Akwa Ibom and Enugu States for
example? You have lost it along with your advisers. Shame on you, Somtochi!
You are writing from Abuja. I am sure, you have not been to Abia State for
the past five to six years, yet you have the audacity to write this
rubbish. Maybe, next week again, another lazy lawyer from Lagos will
wake-up one morning again and write his own baloney. Who is fooling who? It
seems you people think that we readers are fools. We are not. Go back to
your payee. Tell him/her that this time around that your so called
article is still being rejected. I am sure that one day Abia State will get
the right people’s Governor.”

The in-thing is that no matter how the media aides try to sell the
self-battered image of Governor T.A Orji to the public to buy, he is still
unsalable and rejected. Yet, his swindler media aides continue to leap from
one website to another, in what we call ‘busy body’ in Nigerian parlance,
laundering his image and libeling critics, but especially me, as ex-convict
and extortionist and whole lots of trash they write against me.

Other observers captured this truth thus: “Theodore Orji is a failure;
there is no window dressing from paid writers that will cover up for him.
T.A. Orji has been crowned the worst governor in the entire country. This
is a title bestowed on him by the entire patriotic people of Abia. No
amount of bootlickers’ cover-up would save him. If there is any, his good
work would’ve testified for him, not paid writers. All hail the worst
governor in Nigeria – T.A. Orji. He has a ‘Master’s in Bad Governance from
the University of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’.”

His media aides, upon these, continue to mislead him not to defend the
office of the governor he swore an oath of office to defend. The crazy
thing is that very soon they will be sacked and they will go home to eat
their wealth gotten through telling lies, whereas Orji will continue to
bear the brunt. Abia people are still annoyed with Awala’s trash of hokum.
Hear them again: “The Government of T.A Orji is a failure, total failure.
Could you please go back to Ukwu Mango, Aba, let me not mention others, you
people celebrated early this year as having been tarred, and see what is
happening there. Go back there and see whether you will still have the mind
to write rubbish. What is holding the payment of worker’s salary from being
paid, or is Orji still in bondage? How much is T.A Orji taking as
Security Vote? Let’s pray for Abia State, as we are not blessed with good
leadership under this Orji.”

This is the level the so called media aides of Orji can go to bring
disgrace, showing that they reason from the abdomen. One of the aides, who
also of late wrote under, or in appearance of Medical Practitioner, was
admonished by observers thus: “He is a medical politician! If this is how
he analyzes his patients then his operational office should be next after
the mortuary, but very close to T.A Orji’s, as Abia State’s undertakers! There
is nothing like coming to Aba to see things for yourself. No need to
respond to this money monger–medical practitioner turned Abia State-style.
I wonder how one can entrust his health to this kind of man when the truth
can be distorted by him. Your guess is as good as mine.”

Responding to the political equivalence of the conjured Medical
Practitioner, observers further said that it is a waste of time, because
birds of the same feather flock together. Hear them once more: “It is
obvious that there is no credible government in Abia State. Let’s suggest a
way forward to this madness. T.A Orji has nothing to offer to ndi-Abia.
This will teach all of us a big lesson next time how to cast our votes, if
actually our votes counted. A medical practitioner (no hospital name
given?) wrote from Faulks Road, Aba (no house number?). This guy is a
distraction and was paid to do just that hatchet job of laundering the
image of the sinking Orji. How does he get home everyday, since he wrote
that he stays in Faulks Road? Swim? I guess, and he’s happy?”

These are the shortened comments from Abia people on the Gov. T.A Orji-led
government, divergent to the media aides’ humbug tales to the world that a
dumb talk in the night in Abia State, unlike in other Niger Delta states.

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