Governor Alamieyeseigha: Resign or be impeached

by Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Ever since Governor Alamieyeseigha was arrested in London for money laundering, Bayelsa State has remained without an active governor. The irony here is that even when he was a freeman, he spent a sizeable amount of his time outside of the state in search of lootable resources. Or stashing his ill-gotten riches.

This was a governor that should have been impeached long ago; or at the very least, recalled from his official position because of his many offences. He was not particularly effective; and neither was he a hardworking man. But his hubris was legendary. In the end, it was his greed, foolishness and superciliousness that help did him in. He looked around him and believed himself to be the alpha and the omega, the untouchable who was above the law and above God.

But unfortunately, Alamieyeseigha did not get to where he is without help and encouragement. He was helped and encouraged by the deafening silence of some Ijaw leaders who also participated in the governor’s gluttonous ways; they colluded with the governor in betraying the hope and trust of the citizens. The amount of corruption and personal aggrandizement of some of these so-called leaders is staggering. If they had behaved like leaders and elders, Alamieyeseigha wouldn’t have that smirk on his face; he wouldn’t have been beating and thumbing his chest, daring us and daring the gods.

Some Ijaw leaders were so knee-deep in stench they couldn’t and wouldn’t caution and counsel a “small boy” like Alamieyeseigha. Their actions and inactions contributed to the crisis that now threatens to engulf Ijawnation. That a fifth-rate like Alamieyeseigha became a governor is unconscionable. Any wonder “boyboy” like Timi Alaibe — who is likely to outdo the current governor in terms of corrupt practices — is hoping to someday become the governor?

By his criminal and prosecutable conducts, Alamieyeseigha has brought disrepute to Ijaw land. He has shamed us. Therefore, he must resign! He must resign or be impeached, and then be prosecuted.

This is not about the destruction of Odi, as he is alleging. This is not about resource control. This is not about siding with Atiku (against Obasanjo). This not about a man who became a pawn in the “political intrigue of OBJ.” This is not about Obasanjo versus the Ijawnation. Oh no, this is simply about a state governor who got greedy; it is about an Ijaw man who allowed his excesses and corrupt practices to cloud his judgment. This is about a man who introduced his immediate friends and family members to the low art of thievery and misappropriation. This is about high crimes and misdemeanors. And so Governor Alamieyeseigha must resign or be impeached, and then prosecuted!

His interview with the Nigerian Guardian of November 13, 2005, is nothing but a feeble and duplicitous attempt at stroking ethnic sentiments. Did President Obasanjo stuff the money found on his person in his pocket? Did Obasanjo purchase all the houses he own outside of Nigeria for him? Where did all the investment portfolios (in Alamieyeseigha’s name) come from?

You see, this is where illiteracy and stupidity takes you: “As the Chief Executive of a state with many students on welfare benefits, I always keep £110,000 in the house for statutory purposes, and I told the Police about this.” What nonsense! How much has he doled out this year or the year before to Bayelsa State students who are stuck in Russia, Ukraine or in any of those third-world countries?

One wonders how much he is hiding in his vault for the purchase of bicycles, hammers, needles, nails, and fishhooks for Bayelsa traders, farmers and fishermen.

Another stupendous statement: “an M16 officer came to me and said I should count myself extremely lucky to be alive…I was to be assassinated in Nigeria…The officer also revealed that the four-point action plan includes; linking me with Osama Bin Laden, as a terrorist…that I’m the financier of Alhaji Dokubo-Asari…if I’d mistakenly followed a British Airways flight from Nigeria, their plan was to plant drugs and explosives in my bag. And if they’d done that, I would have been in the cell and nobody would talk to me for three months.”

Oh rubbish, the talk of a drowning man! Bull! Come tomorrow or the day after, he is going to recant this yeye beer-parlor talk.

As if the aforementioned interview wasn’t irrational enough, he went on to grant the Daily Sun of November 15, 2005, another fidifidi interview. The more he opened his mouth the more stench he spews; the more he talked, the more he ropes himself in; and the more he complained, the mo

re he compounds his predicaments. This man is beginning to imagine things. Soon, he will claim that President Obasanjo and the Nigerian state are colluding to get rid of his shadow, or are about to obstruct the sun from shining or hinder the breeze from blowing towards him.

Alamieyeseigha is a disgrace to his nation and to his nation-state. He does not deserve an iota of a thinking man’s sympathy. Once he started stealing our money, once he started taking what belongs to our people to foreign banks for his and his immediate family use, all bets were off! And so he must resign or be impeached and then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We the Ijaws cannot afford generations of thieves. If this governor goes free, then the likes of Timi Alaibe, Steve Azaiki, Jonathan Goodluck and a host of others who are eyeing Creek Haven may follow suit. As an aside, how did Oronto Douglas — a man who spend the better part of 10-15 years cultivating his reputation — got entangles in the Alamieyeseigha’ twine and fishnet? It is sad, so sad to see him join in the feast.

Anyone who wants to shed tears for Alamieyeseigha and his band of crooks may go ahead and do so. I have a suitcase full of napkins for you all.

As for all those who are carrying placards in support of the governor, what is it you don’t understand about this man and his sins. What is it that escapes your thinking in terms of criminality and prosecutable offences? Your family members are there in the Niger Delta living in abject poverty while the governor and his family lives in palatial homes. Your kids, nieces and nephews and cousins are roaming the streets while his are away in California, Miami, London and elsewhere. Save your tears for better days; don’t cry for this man.

Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha is not an honorable man. He is not fighting our fight. He is not looking out for our interests. He is not in the mold of Isaac Boro. He may be an Ijaw; but he is not one of us. Therefore, there should be no hiding place for fools, crooks and predators and for people like him. And in fact, that he is an Ijaw should have sharpened his conscience and his sense of self. Let the courts do their jobs and let the chips fall wherever they may.

But in the meantime, Alamieyeseigha should resign or be impeached! Then prosecuted. And exiled. Bayelsa State would have been better off without such characters.

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Anonymous November 23, 2005 - 7:59 am

This is great.It is time for Nigerian masses to start seeing themselves as human being .They should dignify themselves instead of some citizens of Bayelsa trooping out to welcome somebody like this disgraced governor. God bless NIgeria!


Maryland, USA

Anonymous November 22, 2005 - 8:00 am


Adebayo Adejare November 19, 2005 - 1:58 pm

Sabella, You got it right. but its very lonely upstairs. "Big" men never get good objective counsel in Nigeria. Its obvious, DSP is only recanting what he was told to say – and making his case worse in the process. When, last time he said "God Bless them" he impressed me as someone determined to bear his "cross" with equanimity and move on.After all he was a soldier. He should have waited to see us spare his fellow-governors doing the same thing before complaining of victimisation.It is not too late to just keep shut and if the bail application fails tender a resignation. If he does not, our worst fears would have been confirmed.I sincerely admire your objectve appraisal of the event.

Anonymous November 16, 2005 - 5:48 pm

Mr Abidde you got it all wrong.I strogly believe posterity would judge you wrong if you are an Ijaw man.I dont in anyway support corruption but when you support positions like this then is not right.You talk as if the fate of all Ijaws are tied to one man´s actions or inactions.For those of you Yorubas that are supporting OBJ´s devilish actions against other tribes you are planting abitter seed and would definately reap a bitter seed.NO 1 contributor all you said is true.However some of the words you used against Abidde are very harsh.Many of the things he said would definately make any Ijaw angry since they are all false and glorified our tormentors and those who robbed us of our to even exist in our God -given land.

Anonymous November 16, 2005 - 10:28 am

Mr. Abidde, this is simply excellent!

Many thanks.

Most sincerely,

Paul I. Adujie

New York, United States

Anonymous November 16, 2005 - 9:39 am

My brother God Bless you! You said all I had in mind, this Alamieyeseigha interview is mockery on himslef and all his cohorts. I am ashamed for the Ijaw leaders and I hope young men like you can shame them, people like Okrika of OMPADEC fame is still parading himself as a leader I am so dissapointed with Oronto as well, I knew him personally before I left naija, in fact he saw me a day before I left. This is a dude that refused to buy a car, to marry or even own a house when he fought Abacha (he was head of ERA) with some of my mentors to a standstill – power is indeed intoxicating! Today, Oronto is siding with a thief God help us…True word Time up Bayelasa, it is time for the legislators to take a stand, and Ribdau needs to swing to action. Alameiseigha is definitely not the only stealing governor they are spread across all geopolitical regions and they should all be issued British and American Visas very quickly! I beg.

Anonymous November 16, 2005 - 8:35 am

Greetings Sabella, It is nice having your comments once more ; however, it is rather amazing that you have left-out or possibly forgotten some of the facts that preluded our young democracy . It is rather unfortunate that you have decided to deal with Ijaw issues with ignorance and arrogance at the same time . In the first instance , there had been different attempts within Bayelsa to impeach Alamieyeseigha , and in the federation we could say it was the only state that had a thriving opposition . That was not to last as it did not favour the interest of the number one citizen . Infact, in Rivers state, when Marshall Harry dared as much as to speak, and to report issues to OBJ he was met with his sudden death , and how about Dikibo who was gunned down for opposing the mess silently , infact , before the closest police station got to know about his death , Mr president had already announced he was killed by fleeing armed robbers just like it was said about Marshall Harry . Robbers that never stole . Or if we get into the efficency talks,if the Federal government wanted an effective handling of matters shouldn't it have accredited Alamieyesiegha's maiden project , " The Niger-delta University". More so if the Federal government wanted a people-oriented governor then Mr. President wouldn't have taught, and coerced the governors into rigging on his behalf . He wouldn't have asked them to " deliver their states at all cost" to him in 2003 . Concerning " Ijaw leaders participating in Alamieyeseigha's glutonous ways " , in all his filth, Alamieyesiegha is yet to drown as much resources as Tafa Balogun or the president himself. You claim that " by his criminal and prosecutetable conducts , Alamieyesiegha has brought disrepute to the Ijaw nation " , but I did say you ignorance on national issue and the Nigerian political terain and scenary is more of a greater concern , because if this is an issue of conspiracies and a careful but steady tow towards the end days of Abacha . WHY because OBJ prefers to dine with the devils on the Nigerian political scene , Alamieyesiegha's greatest undoing was his minature corruption , if not why would Obasanjo prefer to be escorted to the UN by governor Odili that owes salaries in so much that women in his state decided to protest naked , or was detained for some hours abroad for holding huge sums of money which he later used to buy some old ovens in the name of gas turbines , or his thirst and quest for River's blood ( rich or poor , old or young ) and money , or his charity purchase of million dollars worth private jet and air ambulance while people are commiting suicide in River's state because they can not afford to pay 100naira debts and school children do not attend schools because there are no even tatched school buildings . You also claim that "Ijaw leaders participated in Alamiueyesiegha's gluttonous ways " , If I may ask how many of those so-called leaders own the type of block of flats Obasanjo's official last born Olu-Muiwa owns . Moreso , looking at the OPC,NDPVF,and MASSOB cases tribalism , and injustice fills the air because while the OPC over-rules court orders , and enforces their laws on the Nigerian-State , kills police officers and buries them in unmarked mass graves ,or kill and burn transport workers alive for disobeying OPC regulations ; Nonetheless,OPC's leaders were transfered to their Lagos home-base, and their court ruled they had no questions to answer before the Nigerian-state , yet for 12police officers Odi was turned into Africa's Hiroshima with only 3 structures left standing , and with over 2thousand being killed and the entire community being displaced . The OPC have continued untamed, and if I may ask how many soliders have Obasanjo sent there to go and loot ,kill,rape, and destroy Yoruba land . Moreover, why didn't Obasanjo accept Alamieyesiegha's offer to haunt for the culprits . Besides, when Uwazurike led MASSOB peaceably to protest the government's actions towards the Igbos , and Asari said unless all possible attempts for dialogue between the nigerian government and the Niger-delta failed he would not declare a Niger-Delta republic , the federal government decided to detain them longer than the OPC leaders that have been detained , and there are attempts to charge them on the grounds of treason . From this you can see it is still the same selective justice and tribalism that made the Attorney general of the federation and the Minister of Justice to struggle for a continued detention of Alamieyesiegha . In all, it is evident that you are blunt, myopic in the brain , or a political mole rat .


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