Hate is No Excuse: A Cursory Review of the Trayvon Martin Case

Hatred, exuberant officiousness, a Hitlerite disposition and a hardened heart should be no excuse for murder, grievous bodily harm to social humans anywhere.

The reason for Zimmerman’s curious acquittal is said to be hinged on self-defence. For self-defence to be admissible in a criminal case, I submit that the danger to the person claiming self-defence must be intimidating, imminent, with no moment for reaction and defensive deliberation. This rule was stated in the CAROLINE case.

If one applies the strict juristic test, Zimmerman’s defence attorneys’ pleadings wobble inexorably.
Trayvon Martin was unarmed, and he was at a distance from Zimmerman, was oblivious of danger from a marauding armed man. He was on his way home.

As there was no immediate danger, Zimmerman should have put a stop to his hot pursuit driven by venom and wickedness of heart.

He saw a prey, a game! His thinking was apparently geared to the fact that “being’black” Martin was up to some mischief.

Every African-American knows that suspicious look. But would I be correct to think that because the name Zimmerman is a German name, he must possess Hitlerite traits that could give him a sure blood-letting disposition?

Trial by jury
In the Information Technology Age, in which nothing is hidden under the sun, trial by jury has eminently become an anachronism and should be discarded.

A trained juristic mind and a street-hi-jacked jury, stand on footing of manifest inequality.
In America, where the rule of “sub judice” is subverted by journalists, commentators, itinerant pundits, the possibility of disclosure of material facts, cannot be ruled out.

That racism is still prevalent in America, diminishes American world concern for human rights, democracy and justice.

Zimmerman had no lawful excuse to have murdered Martin.

Zimmerman’s criminal damage to Trayvon Martin’s life is an indictable offence.
The verdict of a six-person jury has been over-ruled in more than a hundred cities in America.
If there is a Criminal Law Review Commission in America, this case should be presented before it.
If there is an iota of justice left in the world, I submit that Zimmerman recklessly and wickedly murdered an unarmed young man, who posed no immediate danger to him.

As a senior research fellow at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA,(1991-2), I attended court sessions, and I discussed intensively and extensively with some Law Professors of Law.
I asked why America placed much premium on criminal justice practices that emphasized civil rights and criminality without giving equal weight to human rights within the universal human rights laws of the United Nations.

The consensus was that the jury system, no longer served the original purpose of people being judged by their peers, without media influences and when secrecy and jury obligations could be vouched for.
Zimmerman’s actions were harmful in the extreme, claiming a human life, who could become a Senator, Governor, even the President of General Motors.

Zimmerman’s racially aggravated crime is a crime against humanity under the ICC Laws.
Under the learned impact of a judious review and a judicial review, certain facts and legal, logical postulations hold the aces.

The Roman jurist, Justinian, arguing a case involving a highly placed Roman officer, said “ Justitia neminem excusat.” Under Roman law, “law and equity will not permit a wrong to be without a remedy”.
In America, hatred has dominated American life in the last 200 years.. Also, fear is pervasive as social inequality ring out from every street-corner. Guns are under most vests.

Until the TRUST IN GOD returns, the shaking of the world, where God is blamed for using his Divine discretion to create people of all colours, eyes, noses and intellect, will increase.
Let God arise and His enemies will scatter!!!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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