He who goes a-borrowing goes a-sorrowing: Nigeria turns East?

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

All those with an entrepreneurial mindset would applaud the news that Nigeria is going to China to intensify our international relations.

States do borrow from each other as a mark of comitias gentium. Certain economic factors are taken into consideration before loans are approved for lenders.

The major consideration in granting international finance is the stability of the government. Two, the potential ability to repay the loan as and when due. Three, the duration of the government’s tenure. Four, the credibility of the operators of the borrowed funds. Five, spending profile and whether the borrowed funds will yield mutual advantage. Six, the amount being solicited must meet with the lender’s financial reserves.

The lender will undertake a critical review of the borrower’s repayment history.

One must assume that both the Chinese side and the Nigerian High Contracting parties are profoundly satisfied with all arrangements, which they find mutually expedient.

I have received e-mails, which rightly or wrongly purport that Nigeria is embracing China because Obama did spite Nigeria.
Every state has the right to conduct its foreign and diplomatic relations in tune with their national preferences.

Between 2005 and 2008, I was teaching International Economic Law at the Shandong University of Science and Technology, School of Law.

As a result of the keen interest shown by Chinese business people in Nigerian business opportunities, I held weekly seminars at IBIS HOTEL in Qingdao.
Dinner was followed by cultural shows.I wrote to report my experiences and how Nigeria can establish Trade Missions and train trade attaches, to do business for Nigeria in China.

It is gratifying that the Nigerian Commercial/diplomatic mission to China is to “attract direct foreign investment”.

China is leading in investments world-wide, in many fields and Nigeria would have established good investment portfolios by now, but for our amateurish diplomatic calculations and ideological stupor, from which the Obama “ spite” has nudged us significantly.

By the strong representation of ministerial and private sector personnel in the delegation, a holistic approach to Nigeria/China economic, political, ideological, linguistic, cultural, diplomatic relations could be the mutual outcome.

I am impressed by the catalogue of bilateral agreements to be concluded by China and Nigeria.

Nigeria faces east but cannot afford to overlook America; otherwise there will be diplomatic consequences.
US/Nigeria diplomatic relations have been very deep-rooted and so, cannot be overthrown by a side wind of a hurricane of anger.

While in China, BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, intervened, where possible, in dissuading some Nigerian loafers and riff-rats, who were committing all sorts of crimes to go back home or be granted bail. Some die as a result of the intolerable conditions of incarceration.

It is a shame that these young people were and are running away from poor conditions and insecurity in Nigeria.

There should be a permanent office in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Tianjin and Nanjing, where our citizens are languishing in jail.

In diplomacy, states use auspicious moments, to extract concessions from High Contracting parties. Perhaps, the Federal Government can use this magical, diplomatic moment to send a hard-nosed negotiator to use the AD MISERICORDIAM RULES to get some of the young people home.

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU could act as a facilitator, because what I saw in Chinese prisons was etched in my consciousness.

The reason why China has become an all-comers financial friend is that China does not suffer corruption gladly and reserves the harshest punishment for ministers, party chairmen and secretaries, government bureaucrats and private sector business people.

During one of my seminars at IBIS HOTEL, in Qingdao, a Chinese Professor, Mr Patrick Lee put it to me that the Banks in England, the Isle of White, in Zurich and the US are bursting with stolen Federal Government funds.
He sent me a TWITTER yesterday,

He thinks that it did not make sense for such a rich nation like Nigeria to go a borrowing. He reminded me that he, who goes a borrowing, goes a sorrowing.

He said that since we met at IBIS HOTEL in Qingdao, he had been following Nigerian affairs. He wondered why our Present went to cut the tape after awarding a contract for the Ibadan-Lagos road that is to be, hopefully completed in 48 months.

He further wondered why so many ministers would be in Beijing all at once.
I told him that although he could regard it as peculiar diplomatic mess, it would show how much we now love China.

I assured him that the ministers will see how great a nation can be if it’s national resources are harnessed in the people’s interest.
There are new political formations that are coming on stream, which have promised to retrieve our stolen national wealth, before or in 2015.
I pour scorn on such political theatrics, when I remember how Abacha’s stolen billions were “re-stolen”.

Tom Big Harry, a Portharcourt wit once said, “Thief thief from thief, God laughs.”

There are as many political thieves in our nation. As Tom Big Harry said, Everyday is for the thief, but one is for the owner of the house.
Nigerian political commentators, who are not compromised by the brown envelope and who are not on the take, are pleading that the China fund, find judicious use and not abuse.

In this Nigerian dispensation, you can do what you like as we are entitled to say what you are doing to us.

Through powerful mediums, prophets and seers, spirits and priestesses, witches and wizards, psychics, spiritualists, rituality, visionaries and stigma tics, as depicted by Margaret Nicholas, the nation has been torn away by forces of darkness from the Kingdom of God.

We must recognize the Omnipotence of God., His Divine Love and the Divine Breath or Supreme Intelligence.

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