Heroes And Heroines Of Okpebho: National Assembly In Focus

by Lucky Diagi
National Assembly

Undeniably, power belongs to God, the Supreme Being, who also made gods in persons in order to actualize His command.

For the forthcoming People’s Democratic Party (PDP) National Assembly primaries nominations, it is the delegates that will be the gods in the matter, who will actualize the orders of the Supreme Being.

It is frustrating and back stabbing to know that those we empowered through our votes are now brazing up to play God as the party primaries approaches.
They have succeeded in hardening their hearts like that of the Biblical Pharaoh; refusing to hearken to the voice of reason and the much talk about political principle of Ebakota.

Even, these set of people are already boasting about their political chariots, financial power and wealth, and have concluded that the apostles of Ebakota will eat their sacrifice at the end of the day and go back to their vomit.

It must be made very clear without any ambiguity that the late Chief Tony Anenih of blessed memory, painstakingly put in place a tradition for the Edo Central.

Many notable Ishan politicians who are still alive are beneficiaries of such fantastic tradition of mutual understanding and political equity and fairness.

With Chief Tony Anenih’s demise nothing has changed as his apostles still believe in one accord and unity, which has paid off successfully in the past.

Therefore, those who are now pushing to jettison or undermine the Esan traditional political accord of the leaders in Edo Central, because of too much money they have amassed are taking their jokes too far.

From the grapevine we are in the know that those who have benefitted from our collective votes in the past, are planning and hell bent on using foreign currencies during the party primaries proper. But, they are in for a shocker; as they will be resisted adequately by the delegates.

These set of desperate politicians who are out to undo the perfect comfortable and positive political arrangement laid down by the legendary Chief Tony Anenih must be reminded of the proverbial saying between a child and father that: Vulture meat is not edible for consumption. They should go and ask those who floated the order of the late National Leader, Chief Tony Anenih, and went ahead to spend their money in the party primaries elections, what happened to them.

This is calling on the well-meaning Esan political leaders never to succumb to the plots being planned against Ebakota by these band of political confusionists and spoilers.

They must be resisted by all and sundry, they must never be allowed to disrupt the laid down convenient political culture in Edo Central, which the people are known for; and which has brought the entire Esan land the much needed peace, tranquility and respect.

The common voice of Esan people is our hope! Our common voice is our strength! Our common voice is our pride! Our common voice is our culture!

So as we move towards the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) primaries for the National Assembly slots, our leaders and delegates are the gods; the heroes and heroines that must not allow themselves to be used to change our political arrangement, culture and tradition.

Those who will do the practical political needful are going to be the real heroes and heroines of Okpebho.

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