History 700, Attitude of the new mind – Africa Intelligentsia

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

Nowadays, the internet also has its technological hazards, and if we are careful enough we do come by those facilities and tools that will aid progress in our acquaintances with the 21st century essentialities, this being that we are aware of the growth spurt of civilization. Whether we want it to bring the best out of it doesn’t rule out the fact that the internet has come to stay.

Whilst the ICT has its merits, haven aided individuals and groups in their corporate progress, it has cursed and splitted the veil of corporate giants, reducing the strength of some alleged powerful societies as mere fallible and ‘no-God’ Nation; perhaps nothing more than barking dogs. Facing the facts of the recurring decimal of the demerits of Ideas is one way towards realizing that no matter the wealth the internet has brought to mankind, how glorifying it has aided humanity in her evolutionary drive towards time and space, it has a very big curse, which in its complete analysis wrecks its blessings afterwards, thus bringing us to ground-zero.

Facebooking today has taken a new dimension than what its founders had anticipated; if they had known that it will be an abyss of global judicial table, where the judges are the spirits, minds, opinions and perceptions of its users, they, the pioneers would have started a campaign, and wouldn’t have done any work ado towards finding sponsors in its early lunching, and won’t had exhausted any part of their mental work.

They say ideas rule the world, at times when ideas come, they comes faintly in a raw state, but the realization of this dream comes when effort is made to apply this raw ideas in the physical realm. In the world of form, ideas battles to express itself, and immediately the sense, perception and operational coil of man is set into action, the said ideas becomes ‘form’ and material essence such as cars, aeroplanes, cell phones, internet, houses, money and other essential instruments that had enhance the evolution of man to this present state.

The inventions of Edison, Einstein, Rutherford, Mendel, Lamech, Faraday, Newton, Boyle, Nobel, Cracktain, Fusto, Benz, Forbi Nash, etc, as well as many other inventors and reformers of all time. Their ideas have brought both great joys and also untold suffering in the growth and development of humanity. Ideas shapes any society, whether medieval, Victoria, ancient or modern times, all where subject to the full embrace of ideas.

Opinions is the germination of Ideas, an Idea in turn sprout from the incorporeal realm of the self since man has no control of these thoughts; all men are gifted with thoughts so to speak. All men have the ability to search within the doors of their mind, the particular room that houses unfolding treasures of the idea world of reason into the idea empirical world of matter. Not all men can penetrate into this worlds; it requires training, preparation and discipline to master this act of mind reflection.

We are all aware that Africa has been marginalized for so long, thus in recent time, the emerging African Youths has decided to take the mantle of leadership and champion her course. The era of ICT has in this regard been a blessing to the formation of the ‘New Africa’ and set on course a generation of virile, disciplined, amoral and intelligent minds who are revolting to forcefully bring Africa from the quagmire of underdevelopment. The New leaders of Cheetah hoards have emerged, sprouting with Ideas.

We shouldn’t forget that It was an idea that landed man on the moon, and forced humanity to grow, when it was redundant. Africa was this epicentre, it must return to ensure a balance. Today we see Africans the world over making breakthroughs, notwithstanding the stigmas that is attached to us as demean creatures of God.

Ideas incubated dynamos involving tremendous power. It was ‘Emerson’ who said “beware of an idea whose time has come”. The idea of a new Africa has come, the better the global community start accepting this obvious truth, the better for mankind’s coexistence. According to ‘Nicholas Idemudia’ an African reformer and a revolutionary Nigerian, in his words said “a New Nigeria has come, no power can stop its becoming a reality” .

Didn’t we see the power of the ideas behind facebooking which fostered the success of the ‘revolution’ that took place in North Africa? How it emancipated the young mind from a pattern of ideology into a new set of ideology. Although it has been argued that the ideological base of leaders of the revolt were western, this in my opinion doesn’t matter in as much as Africa is taking a new positive dimension towards liberation and emancipation.

The new paradigm shouldn’t come as a result of some western kind of ideology that led to freedom, it should emanate from the deep introspection of a complete analysis of Africa in totality, from past, present and the stimulation of the new principle of the ontology of its relationship with continents like Europe, America (north and south), Australia, Asia. What the ‘New Africa’ and Africans should embrace now is how to nurture a pattern of ideology for complete independence from Western, Eastern and Arabian Interference in her politics, economy and socio-cultural emancipation.

In the same vain which western ideology helped in shaping an intellectual bowl of the young mind in Africa towards effective revolution and the final eviction of despotic African leaders who were their former puppets/stooges, it indeed also has captured the young mind by curtailing its excessive growth, and genuine emancipation from the dubious clandestine operations of the ‘New World Order – (NWO)’- this switchboard operations took place when African Youth leaders were invited to the White house in US of A to an informal discussion, which followed successively an invitation to other African Youths, and August visit of President Barak Obama to selected nations in Africa. This was the era of ‘explosive switching’ using a generation’s Army.

If African young minds must be free, if must network under a virile, non-post-imperialist and non-neo-colonialist Youth force, synonymous with the powers of the UN, AU, EU, etc. It should for the first time institute a body so powerful, so impenetrable as fostering Africa’s genuine growth. When this is done, we can then infer that African Young minds are truly shaping a dimension in Africa.

If facebook, twitter, and other ICT facilities were responsible in ending tyranny and despotic leadership/government in Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, and currently Libya, then we should know that Africa’s young minds have taken advantage of the unlimited benefits of ICT in moulding a new Africa. Because I belong to this indexes of African Youths, I cannot yet see that we will rehabilitate Africa, we will try, but we cannot completely eradicate the bad eggs. What we as the emerging Cheetah generation should do is to build a new Africa, virile, discipline and moral. It is on this unshaken foundation that our continent – Africa will find it proper footing in the scheme of things globally.

To end the era of bad governance and unpeople political systems, all we have to do is to use the rich tool contained in e-governance, twitter, facebook and of course ICT to conjure our wishes and desires of which result is spontaneously effective.

In our journey so far, our compliance with ICT as a motivational tools to emancipation is a blessing I disguise on one hand, and a curse on the other hand. It was with the invention of the internet that popularized the ‘International Advanced Free Fraud (419)’ and the ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ saga, the curses and abominations it carried nearly ruined Nigeria’s moral image outside, until the emergence of anti-grafts such as EFCC, ICPC and other crime fighting agencies. It was the ‘EFCC’ that waged a quite standing war against internet fraud in Nigeria; while in other African nations, the level of fraud was quite enormous with the demise of Mobutu Seseku and his acolyte leaders in other countr

ies of Africa.

Historically, apart from the inventions of technology the advanced tool-box era, Africa has since emerged, and most of the clues used today by the western world and her hoard of looters to raid Africa were tools and documents on civilization found in the library of Egypt’s high cultures in the reign of Alexandra “The Great”, Ptolemy I and Aristotle. So many documents were stolen, some were burnt in the “droop Inferno” by the order of Aristotle or carried off to Greece; and the Professor ‘Abulobuzi Manetho’s (High Priest of the Mysteries system) interpretations of Africa’s high cultures documents into Greeks, which were later twisted in their own meanings and synergies of well received. This was used to set up the second museum and library in the city of Alexandra, which was regarded by historical analyst and egyptomologist as the first organized institution/university comprising of Indigenous African Priest as professors, with Manetho being their head, which in today’s term is known as Vice-Chancellor was first instituted.

It was argue by Walter Rodney in his book “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa” that if civilization started from Africa, simply put, civilization will return to Africa, only if Africans can truly ‘think out of the box’ for once, and realize the extent of their mental slavery, and refuse the global lies and capitalism in the face of Aid to Africa, or the NWO’s ‘fight for human right’ or the ‘young mind sponsorship’ of the 21st century on a misguided and misrepresented revolutionary framework.

Most of the books and documents used today where institutions formed and supervised by Aristotle from knowledge gained from the hijacked high culture documents stolen from Africa’s high cultures and mysteries systems. It is noted that it was during this period c. 332 B.C.E, that Manetho’s (The Egyptian high priest of African-European parentage, Priest of the Mysteries Systems) (Yosef A.A.B; 1972:38)taught major laws regarding ideologies, which originally are Alkebu-Ian’s vast cultural and mystery systems.

It was the raw material knowledge gained from the scholarship of ancient Africans that civilization became a reality, it brewed from the necessity of man to evolve beyond his mystery into an organized group leading to what is now known as societies, states, nations, etc.

These atrocities has reach the height of futility; if those who still have some sense of morality in the west and her acolytes does not call their criminal brothers and sisters to order – those who have decided to start trading on African lives, and using Africa and Africans as their laboratory and guinea pigs; what I see are more inflicted devastation as Africans will rise against this Advanced Colonialist and Imperialist war on her motherland; for this reason too, when that time come I shall quickly pay my patriotic service in defense of my continent and motherland. It shall be fire-for-fire, terror-for-terror . I employ my readers not to quickly judge me in my strong use of a spot-point of inertias, it is a reality indisputable if all other options of peace should exhaust beyond measure.

Looking into the windows of the 21st century, from all indication, the West, Middle-East Arabia (its Jihadist advocates), Asia (the Japos, Chinese and their Taiwanese, Indians) etc has shifted their goal-post from the sponsorship of a corrupt, tyrannical, despotic and non-responsive leadership in Africa – Leaders as abandoned tools, to a generation army – the ‘Youths’ as an “Expendable Assets”. (Zanti Coupe; 2010:11)

The West, Asia, Middle-East Arabia are determined to perpetually undermine the African psyche. One of the most glaring evidences of this atrocity was the misguided, disgruntled mass mobilization of African Youths in the north to fuel through a highly evolved propaganda that lead to a mass protest and subsequently revolution from a non-violence and almost near violent demonstration to sack their non-responsive governance. It was recalled that the revolution started from the internet through the use of facebook, twitter, YouTube and other cyberspace to reach out to eager young minds in North Africa has its own demerits after all. The result of course was quick, but the long-term effects is a devastation, which International political, economic and social analyst are failing to address squarely (Uwechue 1991: 195-197).

This revolution in a long-term basis are purely detrimental as it didn’t give African youths the time and enabling environment to find their own African solutions to our emerging problems of rural unemployment, poverty, healthcare, climate change, and other mitigating problems, using development economic tools that are strictly African. The long-term effect in my Ernest opinion is being shielded by the NWO post imperialists and neo-colonialist magicians in the name of liberation was designed to destroy African intellect and to perpetuate the culture of self hate that makes Africans think that all their problems are internal and even genetic without the manipulations of others, (Chiekh A. Diop; 1955:63). We by nature outgrown this necessary lies!

While Western civilization is a welcome development, afterall it is an offshoot of our mysteries systems, and high culture of Africa which started in Egypt, thus we should learn our cultural values, traditions; and demarcate this ‘line’ from western moralities and cultures, which of course is alien to Africa, as we only accepted alien rules as a result of brute force. Unfortunately, the western education still continue to diabolically force us to adopted their alien rules, through their sanctions, aids, educational systems, and International political systems. Even in the west, African culture is alien and hardly accepted as part of a people’s generic identity, and see same as unorthodox. In the Arabia peninsular, western culture is known as ‘Haram’ , it stand so till this day, how much more the eccentric vibes that flow out from these two simultaneous (West and Arab-Islamic) cultures interchangeably with our own cultures and traditions. (Dukes; 2001:63)

We should get this facts sink home, The West and East did not abolish slavery without adequate preparation for the continued subjugation of Africans. They changed their style and became friends of the Africans to pave the way for another form of European, European-American, Eastern and Asian domination in guise of aiding Africans, to which fell on the ears of advance colonialism and imperialism. While they roast in self pity, as they pretended to be so, they never gave up their treachery and dubious conspiracy to further exploit Africa by proxy.

Here comes ‘The missionaries’ who took up the challenge and began campaigning for abolition of the slave trade because it was “unchristian”. It should also be noted historically that the Church supported slavery and gained from it and when it became uneconomical, Africans had to be deceived over the need to abolish it because it became “unchristian”. Christianity was to be the compensation for ears of slavery, whereas it was only an act of further deception. The African tropical environment was not conducive for permanent European settlement, it was meant to be toiled for hunting purpose, while Africans and their resources were regarded as the ‘Games’.

Thus freed African slaves who became Christians were the ideal persons for most of the missionary work. Through their effort European Christianity was consolidated in Africa. Some of the ex-slave missionaries and African Christians even dreamt of establishing a Christian state in Africa (Ajayi 1980: 21).

The emerging war on Africa has gone cyberspace, and the issue of technology is what should be understood clearly. If the symbiotic relationship between the West, East and Asia is not established, Africa may have to bend forceful the hand of time to allow mutual balance. Leaving Africa in the dark is an abrupt injustice. If by 2020 Africa is still were it is despite its dogged motivation to be recognize in the community of nations, then

I fear that what is today called ‘Terrorism’ will take its full coloration. Africa must be allowed to grow at all cost without interference of some imperialist games as if we are some sort of animals. Africa is not some prey for predators who are masters of international politics, we are souls poised to be good, virile and with morality. We once slaves, but we are slaves no more.

The dream of African is to be united and not divided by hired conflicts between our neighbouring sovereign states, yet in with the crisis in major African states, especially those leaders who were once on the drive seat of a virile African Union, a United Africa, is being plucked one after the other; from the least powerful to the more, then most powerful; from bottom up. The mission of the NWO is to annihilate completely any possible threat to the deciphering of their imperialist manipulations of Africans as lab-rats.

The case of Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya is an eye opener to the operations of these cabal. Many Africans seems to be missing the point. US-France-UK are not in Libya to make peace. The AU panel consists of members who lean towards Gaddafi and members who might be less inclined to do so. Compare with perennial butchers US-UK-France. I do not have any remorse to support the less evil Gaddafi in this case; and being it as it may, and the Ivory Coast saga, which is still lingering without any solutions; it is a mystery how these butchers had changed her goal-post, towards fighting a leader who was on the brink of calling Africans to the realities on ground.

The common pie used in this deception is the International Human-Right instrumentation and copious ‘Democracy Theory’ in the name of an emerging world, hello Africans wake up! Where these not the same folks US-UK-France who invaded Iraq with their high levelled propaganda of possession of WMDs in Iraq that eventually led to the manhunt of Saddam Hussein of Blessed memory? What then became the news in the lips of actors and spectators about that saga? Unfortunately with the era of forgetfulness, our brains have been wiped clean like a new born baby – Tabularasa. It will be recalled that while the UN security council restricted the US-UK from taking pre-emptive action, it fell on deaf ears, and the world was watching like dummies while the US-UK defied all odds and warnings as against an ongoing dialogue championed by the celebrated Kofi Annan as the UN-Secretary General.

It is also my understanding that AU members would be more likely to come to some resolve if they tried however they haven’t shown any substantial form of leadership or coalition to do so, why is because, some of this member countries are having issues of economic and political illness infested on them by the UN, US-France-UK-Russia and foes, their assassins – the Economic Hit-Men are poised and saddled with the responsibility to reclaim these Africa by causing what in the ‘Intelligence Community term’ the “Muse Sheath”.

Analyst may disagree with me on this, but I care little about their disagreements as this is the ‘Obvious’ – a prime intentions or goal of the ‘Big five and their acolytes UN’ in Libya is to stir the pot. Europe, Asia, the middle east and Americans have never being genuine peace keepers anywhere on the planet without prime objective, even with the so called Aid, especially Africa. Any theory purporting to support the claim them being peace keepers is a fallacy and thus highly motivated to further legitimatize their dubious operations in Africa.

It is my understanding that some AU members would be more likely to come to some resolve if they tried, however they haven’t shown any substantial form of leadership or coalition to do so. reasons are, some of these member states have been economically and politically bedridden to do so. Taking for instance, France and Ivory Coast, Nigeria and the UK-US, and other sovereign outspoken countries. The goal of US-France-UK in Libya is to stir the pot and exterminate Gaddafi covertly as a threat, those who are now in support of justice, such as some of the ministers who are original descents of Ta-Lebu (Libya) before the invasion of the Arab Jihadist – the blacks, through US-UK-French propaganda has been classified as Mercenaries.

Africans will not show any action until we unite, and if we remain in this shell of stupidity by necessity and fail to unearth the mystery behind our woes; then we are far from uniting even as some leaders tend to know facts and figures about some highly evolved imperialist manipulations of US-UK-France and their acolyte Asia on Africa. Gaddafi, despite his flaws tried get us to united. UK-US-France are enemies of freedom and justice. And, for the fact that we somehow confuse imperialism for “action” but we Africans should be unequivocally oppose it. No “at least.” No “buts.” No “maybes.” It should be clear indication of abrupt rejections of their “pop-nosing.”

History has unveiled to us that UK-France-US have been annihilating, plundering, enslaving and colonizing for centuries. It was that same white man who carved up Africa amongst themselves, traded and branded our people like cattle, burned our men alive in front of huge white audiences and raped our women in the cloak of night (or sometime in broad daylight). Yet we do not learn, we remain in pleasantry luxury of signing our death warrant, being further confused. We woke recently and continue to agitate for the come-back of the master imperialist to intervene on issues that is off less concern to them, except otherwise in their symbiotic relations.

Africa has always been bailing the West out from their natural devastations and epilepsy; their economic toothache – recession and their perpetual curses – hurricane, earthquakes, volcanoes, cyclones to name but a few. Their deceptions are high when hunger is about to strike them with their automatic aid per excellence. The called this at some point Industrial revolutions, there was nothing industrial about the revolutions in terms of Agriculture and technology; it was a mere form of classifying “Industrial/Advanced Imperialism”, allowing Africans till the soil without interference but creating the rules that finally send the process of this scam back to the imperialist, or at most times notching where there is no basin.

Indeed man has evolved no doubt, but the dimension of this evolution is another pointer for erroneous debate. My readers may be quick to class this discourse as history 101, the truth is, this isn’t history, this is an ongoing reality. Did we forget so soon the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? And did we not notice the US support the mass murderer ‘Kagame’. Have you noticed the million black people in American prisons? Are you not aware that most of the world’s wealth is controlled by a tiny group of white people? Evolution is a hypothetical issue, and only truth can demarcate it upon which the debate of morality and justice is high.

Of course people and groups can evolve. And the Europeans, Americans and their Asian co-criminals have indeed evolved. They now have the capacity to destroy the world ten times over. They continue to invent the most deadliest weapons on the planet. In all known evolutionary works, these sect of homo-sapiens have embraced a very negative structure of evolution, and in all these wonders, I am sure it isn’t anywhere near a good evolution. Perhaps the threshold of morality may come to bear too, with or without morality and the question of justice, unity and fellowship, man has evolved, isn’t that true?

In my trust case, the blame game will not solve any problems, it only worsen things afterall. Yes some whites still live in the past and think as though we live in the past and so do we Blacks and Africans. . In order to liberate ourselves we must be willing to quit the blame game and immediately foster our unity as Africans worldwide, and ensure a proper formation of our continent from the continued tilling abruptly of our soil, and commotion caused by our imperialist distractors.


cannot spend much time in this blame game other than highlighting the beaming point, and same must be shown with vehement resentment our grievances against their inactions and imperialism so far. We should dwell more on our restructure and rehabilitations, forgetting all the rancour. But if we further engage in this mind guts, we are no worse than the persecutors; In so doing we are prisoners of our minds/thinking. In the Unity of Africa, if AU must be virile, it must stop the finger pointing and work more on implementations of its agenda for peace, unity and economic development of Africa, other than flex muscles with nations that care less about the Unity of Africa.

The premise of Africa’s Unity must be founded on the principle of Love, truth, Equality and Justice. No member states because of its funding should own any eminence in affairs of the AU. If this organization called AU must survive the brute force waged against it by its members with foreign collaboration, it must ensure that agenda and decisions are squarely effected, with all equally tasked to respect the decision of the body; but must avoid the synergies of the debating societies where articles and speech are only delivered on paper.

It was a welcome development with the ideologies of Gaddafi as a uniter – he is the biggest funder of the AU but under his own “King of Kings” agenda he funded Charles Taylor and rebel groups in Sierra Leone and Liberia to slaughter Africans-same thing in Chad-questions can be asked about the legitimacy of the actions against him now but should Africans feel sorry for him…this is the same who last yr told Berlusconi of Italy that for the right fee he would prevent a “black Europe”. Insofar as the legitimacy of the no fly zone can be challenged on principle, yet I wonder how many Nigerians and Ghanaians who survived the brutality of his migrant camps will be weeping. These were the negative sides of this champion of Africa’s Unity; but when a moral principle is established by an immoral man, the principle is altogether null and void of any atom of morality, love, truth and justice.

On the contrary, in as much as I am ambivalent about Gaddafi the man; his flaws are many – supporting, at various times, both legitimate freedom fighters and terrorists, which makes a controversial subject. But whatever his faults it pales in comparison to the Euro-Western-Asian-imperialists/terrorists. One question is a pointer to all of these Abracadabra and the ‘Crucify Gaddafi’ Saga is above all; where, by the way do all of these weapons of mass annihilation come from? The truth is They are not being produced in Libya or any other African nation. Intelligence reports shows that, these WMDs comes from Europe, Asia and portable briefcase nano-crester rapture Nuclear weapons comes from America itself.

Quite on the contrary too, Mummar Gaddafi is more interested in Gaddafism than Pan-Africanism. We can add to his list of pan-African failings his suggestion that Nigeria be split along Muslim-Christian lines, I was most disappointed how Nigerians advocated splitting up the nation, instead of agitating for true federalism towards resolving the inequalities that has pervaded in Nigeria. Also un-relentless mobilization of his racist/jihadist obsession, that of Pakistan-India. These were some of the flaws of the another Mobutu Seseku of Africa.

But to his credit the AU is a step forward from the OAU structure–it was initiated on his energetic support alone. And, a little later, in 2007, he did force the debate in Accra as to whether Africans should form a unity govt. or take the same passive approach. Wade and a few other leaders supported the move, and Tajudeen Abdul-Raheem shined, but most fell back on protecting their kingdoms. So I will continue to insist on giving him credit for that effort, irrespective of the many flaws credited to him.

The truth is, I can’t say what African immigrants in Libya are thinking right now in their various shade of opinions, but as near as I can tell, many were at least employed up until the rebellion. They are now being attacked by racist “rebels” who perceive any “black” person to be a Gaddafi supporter.

However, the bottom line for me is that this is not really about Gaddafi. It is about US-UK-France’s several hundred years’ old policy of white supremacy. There should be no ambivalence when it comes to the perennial butchers from the US-UK-France. I bet if anybody can challenge this premise, as this is much too mild, This issues goes far beyond principles, if we begin to blindly follow the supremacist principles, then we are letting the Western butchers off way too easily.

This mere fact alone should tell us that the United Nations is a farce. It is run by the former colonial masters who simply use it to assert white supremacist authority over their former colonies and other countries which they have successfully conquered. The AU is comprised of 53 nations, yet the USA, UK, and France feel legitimized by the UN to attack another sovereign nation which most of the world object. Because AU has been infiltrated by the prominence of the ‘Big Five’ of the UN, the Body has been compromised, a sham and curious wonderer; only a strong, virile, moral and justice African Salvation Army can emancipate Africa and free her peoples from the shackles of imperialist global dogs.

Many of our leaders have failed us, but they have gotten lots of help along the way. Our greatest pan-Africanist: Garvey, Malcolm, Nkrumah, Lumumba, Du Bois, were all undermined, in part by American malfeasance. Pan-Africanism is much older than Osei-Kwame Osagyefo Nkrumah. But he was certainly a great pan-Africanist. Pan-Africanism will become a reality because it was founded on a moral purpose predating renowned Pan-Africanists. I so much imagine it happening in our lifetime, it certainly will happen.

Conclusively, in today’s emerging democracies, Africans should learn from the mystery of the internet to correct their morality and journey backward-forward in retracing her steps. Africans through their various scholarship should endeavour to find the answers and solutions to the mass-problems of Africa. We must use the gains of the internet to construct a masterpiece, designed to pull Africa back to his treasure mountains and indeed the citadel of all known civilizations. In this new age, Africa has come of age, and must dust off her ignorance and mental retardation, we must free ourselves and put our continent back on track. Although we have too many imposters amongst us parading as core Africans and friends of Africa, the truth is, only Africans can liberate Africa. The solutions is not far, it is near, let us use the internet and search for these solutions.

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