How not to canvass for presidential electoral votes

Governor Mitt Romney wanted very badly to lead America, taking America through another path. It was obvious that he had hoped to win the last presidential elections, all things being equal. But all things have never been equal.

His greatest mistake was that he never managed to put forward, concrete proposals and the strategies for achieving his hopes. These have hung in the Grand Canyon silhouette till now.

Governor Romney was full of pomp and gaiety. As a result, he said things that put rational people off. For example, his mantra was, “You know what it feels to be an American” Some people would be compelled to feel that they do not know what it felt like to be Americans. Many people would give different interpretations to that innuendo.

Romney also said, “Come November 6 and we shall take back the White House” Logical thinking induces one to ask, “Who are the WE?
Are WE the 1%, who have made it, or the 99% per cent of the feral under class, marginalized under-achievers in America?

He offended the auto-makers of OHIO and without a “mea culpa,” he buzzed in and out of OHIO, hoping for the best.
I do not think that Governor Romney cared very much for ordinary people. At the beginning of his campaign, he declared that he did not care for the poor. So, the poor did not care to vote for him.

He painfully discovered that his constituency alone could not deliver THE PRESIDENCY TO HIM SINCE THEY WERE IN THE MINORITY.
Obama understood that one with God is a majority and that was what it took to win.

After the results were announced, Romney’s misery was plain. He had hastily ordered fire crackers that could not be lit. It is unnatural to celebrate defeat.

In our discussions, my wife Elizabeth told us that “pride goeth before a fall”. Romney “rode on a tiger and so could not dismount”
Pundits, who flattered Romney, are now slandering him. Romney will now learn that the more you have, the more you learn to lose”.

We must congratulate Mitt Romney for showing us how to pursue our goals, with rugged determination.

Trusting in man has l ruined a lot. Jesus never fails.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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