How The Niger Delta People Can Get Their Freedom From a Terrorist Country Like Nigeria: A Simple but Effective Guide (4)

by Bode Eluyera

Ladies and gentlemen, honourable jurors, the second example to buttress my argument is the apartheid regime in South Africa. The white supremacists forcefully took over the land of black South Africans – the bonafide owners. They equally wrongfully believed that they had the military might to suppress any mass protests or arms resistance from the black South Africans. Although, black South Africans made-up about 75% of the population, only about 10% of their land was accessible to them. They lived in crowded and dilapidated buildings, while the white supremacists that consisted of just 10% of the population had to themselves about 85% of the land. They all lived like kings, queens, lords, princes and princesses while black South Africans – the bonafide owners of the land wallowed in abject poverty. The white supremacists lived the kind of lives that even their rich cousins in the west envied them, because they could only dream of such a good life. What mattered then was neither your skills, professionalism nor education. The key to good life or “life of heaven on earth” was “the colour of your skin.” All the mineral resources of the country – diamonds, gold e.t.c. served the white supremacists.

When all appeals by the black South Africans to return back their land, and secede control to them were ignored, black South Africans were forced to form African National Congress (A.N.C.), a military and political organization that eventually took up arms against the intruders on its land. The white supremacists tried to brake the will and resolve of the black South Africans. As is well known, uncountable number of black South Africans, including leaders of A.N.C. were murdered. Thousands of the citizens, including A.N.C. activists were locked up in prisons. The white supremacist tried to enter a secret pact with Mandela to secure his release. However, Mandela turned down all offers that will give him hid freedom while the apartheid system would remain. He heroically declared that he preferred to die in prison than be released to live under an apartheid regime. He eventually spent 27 years in prison for his belief and struggle!

In the long run, after the white supremacists had exhausted all means to brake the will and resolve of the black South Africans, they came to the sad but correct conclusion that the black South Africans would never allow them to live in peace. They came to the sad but correct conclusion that the only way out of the political crisis was the dismantling of the apartheid system. Eventually, in order to save face, Mandela was brought in as part of the process. Today, as they say is now history.

Ladies and gentlemen, honourable jurors, the question I have for you goes thus. By completely refusing to negotiate with the Palestinians, was it not the Israel that forced Palestinians to take to suicide bombings? If the Palestinians had not taken to suicide bombings, would Israel ever negotiate with them, talk less of withdrawing from their land? Would the white supremacists had dismantled the apartheid regime if the black South Africans had not taken up arms against them? Can you see the analogue between the Israel – Palestine territorial dispute, and the suppressed, oppressed, depressed Niger deltans terrorised by the Federal Republic of Nigeria? The answers to these questions are obvious.

The one billion dollar question. Will the Federal Government learn anything from the Israel – Palestine issue? Will the Federal Government borrow a leaf from Frederick De Klerk – who dismantled the apartheid system, after seeing the handwriting on the wall. Can the evil Nigerian Government see the handwriting on the wall? There is the saying that history teaches. Can this assertion be applied to the wicked Nigerian Government? Unfortunately, from all indications, it is very sad to admit that the answer to these questions is NO! From all indications, these criminals, parading themselves as our leaders for almost 46 years, who in actual fact, are either supposed to be in hell by now, or serving long term jail sentences have not got the message. They have not got the total resolve of the Niger delta to free themselves from their bondage. At the time of writing, a secret plot to murder Dokubo in detention was leaked to the press by his lawyer. Does this evil government headed by Obasanjo think that by murdering Dokubo, they have solved the Niger delta crisis. I can assure you that his death will only be a catalyst in the struggle for freedom. Yoruba ni ” Aja t’oba ma s’onu, ko ni gbo ife olode. We adjourn till further notice.

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