Hugo Chavez: A tribute

If he had lived longer, Venezuelans would have been the better for it. He improved the social and material status of the people. He defended his socialist beliefs doggedly. He could not be intimidated. He did not cow before man-made gods in the Universe of man. Hugo focused robustly on the affairs of his country.

Hugo Chavez enjoyed popular support without self-advertisement in newspapers, playing to the gallery without achievements, telling lies about how the country will be a paradise in 2015. His people knew him well. We know our “leaders “.His social revolution was a success and for this, he will always be remembered. When shall we have a CHAVEZ?

Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabo have served honorably and meritoriously.
States are now demonstrating their independence and the ability to exercise their political independence as was aptly shown during the Tehran Conference, which even Banki Moon defiantly attended.

As trade replaces aid and the “carrot and stick incentive geopolitical game” becomes ineffective, rise in ideological beliefs and expression, states will no longer succumb to dictates by patronizingly arrogant states. The attendence at the funeral of Hugo Chavez showed clearly that there was a limit to the coercing powers on weak states. This trend will continue to be manifest in International relations. Hugo Chavez sensitized many third world leaders with idealism backed by honesty, performance and good care for the poor, who will continue to pay him homage. He did not use the Oil funds to enrich himself.His chosen one will have no problem winning the forth-coming elections. Why must Nations meddle in the affairs of other nations when history has shown that it does not work? We must handle the Korean issue very diplomatically. A little kettle on the boil if overlooked can quench the fire. Historical struggles against oppressive man-made gods often throw up leaders, agitations, revolutionaries and political malcontents. As long as man- made gods insist on practicing wickedness, callousness, so long will Chavistas, Castroists, Marxists, Trotskyites, wax strong and rise and challenge luciferian dominations of the children God. It is easier to be humane, cater for the people, than promote wars, arms-manufacturers sponsoring mayhem. The heart of man is deep and wicked, waterboarding, dark-room incarcerations, drones killings of social humans, these flow from wicked hearts. In every conflict there is a resolution lurking behind compromise, good intentions, consideration for those who do not have armored security. For years , ordinarily Venezuelans lived on crusty bread, drinking rum and coco-cola, while foreign company executives drank champagne and had fun. Chavez said No! to social injustice prevalent in Latin America. That is what chavervismo represents. Chavez’s anointed son will win. Other nations must throw off the yoke of poor governance. Injustice; no matter how long it lasts will end one day.

In the last five years, man-made gods, who think that they themselves the power of life death in Iraqi, Libya, and Egypt must be careful.

What the world is yet to understand is that the era of the anti-Christ, during which period sins, scandals, evil and debauchery are considered normal, has been replaced by a new Christ consciousness, which Pope Francis represents.


Hugo Chavez understood the psychology of the rich Venezuelans.
The bible says that the poor you will have with you always. Chavez decided that it would be good to reduce the number. He tried and succeeded.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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