IBB Is A Deviant

Recent attacks on the person of Hon. Dino Melaye by one Dr. Ahmed Gana of the so called “The August Pac” is embarrassing and unfortunate. As a Nigerian living in the United States, I have been following the polity in Nigerian with keen interest. Who is Dr. Ahmed Gana for God’s sake? Fraudster, 419, miscreant and errand boy to IBB. Anyone rooting for IBB is a criminal and they should be investigated by the EFCC. They are selfish, arrogant, ignorant, self-centered, egoistic educated fools parading themselves as men of conscience while they are really wolves in sheep skin.

Most of the people rooting for IBB comeback are those who benefited from his fraudulent corrupt practices, abuse of Human Rights, killing of Nigeria’s best, articulate, brilliant and smart military officers. Renowned journalist, Dele Giwa just to mention but a few was murdered in cold blood by a parcel bomb sent to him through Alkali a (MIO) Military Intelligent officer. The likes of Uzor Orji Kalu, James Ibori and company were all IBB’s boys running a drug cartel. Yeah damn right I have evidence, yet still, I have strong evidence of the corrupt practices and bank account of all the IBB cabal that siphoned the nation’s resources to foreign banks and their properties overseas. yes I have proof and at the right time I will exposed them and bring them to light. Let those who support IBB be ready to defend their client.

They can’t take us for a ride anymore. We will muster all available resources and use the due process of law available to us to challenge IBB and his cohorts in court through the democratic process, by the time the billions he stole is gone, because he is a fool and those who drum up support for him will cajole him to spend the money, he will be left in isolation in jail or in the claws of death.

We have a group spread throughout the globe and are ready to fight the injustice melted on the Nigerian Citizenry. IBB’s presidency was marked by wanton corruption and disrespect for human life and sanctity. His recent comments about Nigerian youths are not only appalling but truly disgusting. If he is smart enough he would have been satisfied with his ill-gotten wealth, but I think he is either broke or greedy enough to stage a comeback. Blinded by a corrupt conscience marred from discernment and wise counsel, he will certainly meet his waterloo. If IBB is anything qualified to run for the office of the president, the office he abused 17 years ago, then, President Jonathan is more QUALIFIED to run. All the noise about North and South rotation is a selfish ploy to recycle the same old corrupt leaders, like IBB for a comeback to cover their tracks. If some so called “Northern Elements” are not too greedy and selfish, they would have common sense to know that the North has been in power for 38 years of the 50 years of the nation’s existence. The various statements accredited to such people not only exposed their deviant behavior, but also their psychopathic, schizophrenic, paranoia and anti-social tendencies. In life, history will remember you for the evil you did or the positive way you affected the lives of the citizenry. There is always going to be two side of a coin. The West is warned, if they decide to support IBB’s presidency, terrorism will be on the rise, drug cartel, and Al-Qaeda operatives and their activities in Nigeria will be unprecedented. It was IBB who secretly wanted to sell the soul of Nigeria to (OIC) organization of Islamic Countries. It was the same IBB that truncated and destroyed every fiber of democracy during his presidency. With the wasteful spending on political parties and then went ahead to disband them three time in order to fulfill his evil political ambitions.

IBB should declare his assets and tell Nigerian where he got all the wealth he is sitting on. Like I said, I have proof of his financial activities in the past and present, his accounts and that of some ministers and Head of States who miss-appropriated Federal Government funds into personal accounts. I dare IBB to come out and disprove these allegations, and I will have no options but tell the world who is the true LIAR and CRIMINAL.

Written by
Lambert Agama
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