Inaugural Seminar On The Future Of Africa The New World Economic Order At The University Of Bradford, UK (2)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

It looks as if the future of the world hangs precariously in the balance. There are wars in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Libya, in Syria and in Kenya. The promotion of insurrections, rebellions and the diplomatic imbroglio between Ecuador and Britain, which has heightened tension in international affairs, all these point to an unstable world.

The outcome of the presidential elections in the United States of America will signify either the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning.
Discussios on the future of Africa at our seminar was exhaustive. It was not surprising that Nigerian participants delved into the Nigerian situation and condition. They were concerned that there was no national forum for free discussions on the way forward. They commended the BRADFORD seminars, which enabled them to discuss not only the future of Africa, but the Nigerian condition.

I had written articles on Nigerian concerns in the last thirty years, in conjunction with my colleagues. Since Nigerians generally do not react to constructive suggestions on statecraft, we are saddled with the same problems that have grown bigger and intractable.

Some Nigerian academics do not feel concerned about politics in Nigeria, because there was a constitutional prohibition, which the military adopted to keep them out.

As a result, a feral underclass of touts populated the Nigerian political landscape. They are to be found in the Senate and in the House of Representatives, where anything goes.

Nigerians love to criticise their leaders without constructive suggestions on the way forward.

Recently, a lot of criticisms have been directed at the Federal Government without looking into the work of state and local governments.

We believe that there is no wisdom in crying over spilt milk, hence we are pushing the BRADFORD INITIATIVE, in order to salvage the youth by empowering them through sensitisation, mentoring and nurturing.

The response is huge from state governments in Nigeria. THE Government of Gombe has approved scholarships for students from Gombe, who will study enegetically at BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW., as soon we conclude arrangements. Other states have signified interest in the project.

Free discussions and studies in a free atmosphere yield results.
Nigerians must begin to appreciate the value of good education, enlightenment and wisdom, which go beyond wearing of agbada, riding jeeps and living in big houses bought witrh corrupt gains. A class of former political leaders are still influencing both opinion and policies.

In Nigeria, innovative and constructive thinking is ignored because the Nigerian press has been inoculated with the total habit of reporting relevancies or irrelevancies as long as these emanate from former leaders.

A new educational and philosophical orientation is what the BRADFORD Seminars will bring about. A well-educated person with a cosmopolitan outlook ought to be ready to find an international employment in any economy. This is happening already. Indusrialists are no more interested in your state of origin or colour of your skin as long as you have the wonder to grow their enterprises. The global economy now relies on a new theology of knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.

Young Africans must break away from poor education, negative complex, low ambition and embrace the BRADFORD INITIATIVE. Be an internationalist, learn to become an entrepreneur, not a job-seeker. We shall teach you how financial engineering works.

The wealth of Nigeria has been confiscated and the system has fossilized, giving the young no hope of participation in wealth distribution.
Study relevant subjects, gain relevant knowledge in order to be relevant in a world that accepts multi-lingual internationalists.
Do not rely on your corrupt parents. Coruption will end when there is no more money to embezzle!

Write to us. We are at 118 Regent Court, Whetley Lane, Thornton Street, Bradford, United Kingdom. We also operate from GATEHAUS, BRADFORD.

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