Iran's Unchallenged Progress to the Nuclear Club: A Threat to World Peace

Iran has now a presence in space! She has launched her first two-stage satellite into orbit. A situation that has put the new administration in Washington on the defensive. Pres. Obama’s “power of our example” foreign policy thrust, would apparently be tested in the months and years ahead.

While the Pentagon has dismissed the rocket as not weaponized, and of low grade technology, military analysts have disclosed that the rocket was capable of lunching long range nuclear war heads.

Fearful as that may be, Iran has however assured the international community that the launch, which was conducted amidst religious chantings and praises, was for research and telecommunication purposes. But following her antecedents, it would be difficult to convince the world community that the effort was not a strategic military intention.

To Israel in particular, the successful launch was an accomplishment of Iran’s quest for a missile delivery technology. A worrisome development for MOSSAD and the Israeli Defense Forces. There is no gain saying the fact that another Middle-east super-power has emerged alongside Israel. Two sworn enemies, one of which highly ambitious and temperamental. Increasingly, the geo-politics of the region is getting to a frightening stage.

Iran’s quest to go nuclear has been systematically progressing with little or no challenge.

Thus, for the sake of peace and the safety of the people of the region, It now behooves the world community, in the strongest terms, to ask Iran to come clean with her nuclear activities. What has emboldened her this time around might not be unconnected with America’s current over-burdened military and economic crises. A situation that has left the Pentagon with no other choice than to feign ignorance of a potentially dangerous development.

While President Ahmedinejad’s apocalyptic vision of an annihilated Israel may have been uncomfortable with the people of Israel, his latest prediction of a collapsed American empire was more than anything else instructive.

Obviously, his messianic projections in the Islamic world may have been inspired by a believed celestial obligation. While it holds true in the thoughts of Karl Marx that religion is an opiate that tranquilizes the senses of the people, the consequence of its hubris should not be under-estimated in a nuclear Iran.

With the current situation, Israel will rightly justify her request for bunker-buster bombs from the US. These are devices that could easily penetrate Iran’s under-earth nuclear facilities but which the former U.S administration turned down.

Pres. Obama’s suggestion of a diplomatic resolution of the matter was quite received, but critics contend that it should not be an open ended strategy as that has been the case over the years. Iran should be made to feel the sense of seriousness and urgency of the matter–with threat of economic and diplomatic sanctions, and of immediate international military coalition against her should she not budge to the will of the international community.

Today is still early. It may be too late when the world will wake one morning to learn that she has tested her first nuclear device. That time might not be far.

Written by
Ossie Ezeaku
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