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ISIS: Satanic Is This Daesh ‘Allah’!

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL), known as Daesh in Arabic, has come to be known generally as the most potent barbaric terrorist group in the world today. Conquering one territory after another in a dreadful horrible campaign of crude terror in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Nigeria and other nations ISIS are expanding rapidly despite the aerial bombardment by the American-led coalition and lately Russia (albeit controversially). The global terror organisation with enough resources at its disposal remains one to be dreaded as their scope, reach and network are so profound and penetrating that the rest of us are left guessing in fear and trepîdation as to which targets are next in line!

Image: bykst via
Image: bykst via

Recently, last weekend to be precise, Paris was hit in a co-ordinated commando-like attacks that left more than a hundred dead and hundreds injured. The carnage in the French capital city represented a big accomplishment by Daesh that had since claimed responsibility for the mindless blood-letting calling the French President “the imbecile of France”! Of course Francois Hollande was primely targeted as he was watching a live friendly soccer match between Germany and France at the ‘Stade de France’ during the gruesome attacks. The terrorists never succeeded in gaining entrance into the stadium and in apparent frustration detonated the explosives they were wearing in the vicinity of the pitch killing spectators and passers-by!

Whereas the nuisance capacity of Daesh is recognised internationally no one should ever doubt the overwhelming military capacity of France to robustly defend her people and their fundamental values which came under assault recently in Paris. Dealing a mortal blow to the jihadists right in their fiefdom must constitute the major objective thereby degrading their nuisance value and rendering their projections and plans near impossible to execute.

Addressing the French parliament earlier this week President Hollande was uncharacteristically in his best martial element declaring war on ISIS and qualifying their aggression on the city of lights as an act of war worthy of a serious response. And since last Sunday France has activated its bold response as countless bombs had been meticulously dropped on different targets in Syria where Daesh hold sway. The aerial campaign continues with Russia providing valuable assistance.

The recent air crash involving the Russian airliner under the Egyptian skies had raised the stakes and somehow became the game-changer in the war on terror. In the said tragedy more than two hundred Russians perished when a planted bomb went off air-borne killing all passengers on board! President Vladmir Putin wanted to ‘fool’ the world initially by refusing to link the calamity to a terrorist bomb scheme until Great Britain and America confirmed fears that ISIS must have ‘smuggled’ some bombs into the aircraft which went off reducing it to rubbles! Now the Kremlin has agreed to that fact with Putin ordering his forces in Syria to intensify the aerial campaign against ISIS and co-operate fully with France to obliterate terrorism in the world exported from Syria and Iraq by Daesh. Before now the Russian military strategy in Syria had been embroiled in international controversy because Putin was militarily aiding and abetting the moribund Assad regime.

The world seems to be under attack from Daesh and their local affiliates. From Nigeria to Cameroun, Somalia to Kenya; from Libya to Egypt ISIS are making themselves heard loud and clear in a violent horrendous manner through suicide bombings and other terror attacks. In Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroun Boko Haram are daily wrecking havoc on innocent citizens, committing atrocious suicide bombings and other armed raids including rape, kidnapping and arson! Every now and then chilling details of their exploits emerge as they extend their terrorism tentacles reaching villages and towns in these neighbouring impoverished West African countries. Abubakar Shekau and his mad entourage, high on drugs, had taken it upon themselves to continually unleash terror on unsuspecting people — law-abiding citizens carrying out their legitimate economic activities in the markets and elsewhere.

In Mali recently some dare-devil terrorists had invaded a 5-star hotel in Bamako taking hostages and engaging in gun battle with soldiers. In the end more than twenty people lay dead including the jihadists. In Kenya Al-Shabab who are still terrorising neighbouring Somalia, sometimes at their convenience, crosses over the porous border to kill and maim innocent Kenyans especially in the hinterlands even though Nairobi is not exempted from the attacks. In Tunisia tourism is almost ‘dead’ on account of terrorism as foreigners had become prime targets and victims. In Egypt President Sisi is facing a hell of challenge trying to ward off the festering terror implantation in the Sinai peninsula.

The internet has somewhat become the most dangerous instrument of radicalisation in the world today. A new-age global digital phenomenon has sadly been employed by mindless scoundrels to other sadistic ends other than those for which the inventors had envisaged. The lofty intentions and ideas behind the world-wide web seems to have been defeated! Consequently we are all living more dangerously today undr the constant menace of terrorism, scam and other IT-related vices. Something radical a measure must be undertaken to nip in the bud this internet-inspired global debauchery, atheism and hedonism. Yes, something must give here: either we capitulate together in the face of terror or we we unite to uproot the hydra-headed monster. ISIS is a serious existential threat to world peace and order. A united international community must prevail over these monsters and their satanic dogmatic ideology.

The “Allah” Daesh and their adherents are professing must be a bloody satanic one indeed! This cannot be the true Allah millions of muslims around the world worship in peace and harmony. Islam remains a peaceful religion and we must not be confused or confounded about this fact. Daesh must be defeated militarily for this one and only true Allah to be glorified! Annihilating them therefore must be seen by all and sundry as a task that must be done!

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