Israeli Politics: The Return of Benjamin Netanyahu?

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Netanyahu and Palestinian leaders in Syria and elsewhere should
carefully review the Amnesty International report on the recent war in
Gaza. The burden of shame is shared by all mankind, no matter how much
justification Mark and Fawazi can advance to challenge the findings of
Amnesty International.

The amazing success of small states in the Middle East like Dubai, Abu
Dhabi, Bahrain, Ajman, Saudi Arabia, permit hopes that with peace in the
region, the new creativity in the Arab world would endure and Israel
will prosper everyone. This notion was expressed succinctly in Section 2
of Article 1 of the Israeli-Egyptian Peace Agreement.

Political leaders, who use soldiers as oblata (sacrificial lambs) to
the Luciferian hierarchy, who they tacitly serve, often remind
themselves, in their quiet moments that their living may be worse than

Leaders, who promote evil and wars often live long to suffer from the
haunted images of those they sent to their early graves. I always pity
them as I watch them- scorchers, who fill the air with orders and grit.
Recent experience in Nigeria shows that presidential loathing and
scorn of opponents was mockery, for when the tinselled coat of authority
was torn away, the loud politician was found “to revel in lust, deceit
and many forms of secret sins”. Nothing is left as legacy but “darnel,
thistles and burs”. (The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ, by

As the fraudulent musings of the April 2007 elections are laid bare to
ridicule, the tap-root of political shenanigans, injustices and beastly
acts of killings, maiming and wanton destruction of the Sons and
Daughters of GOD, in the name of struggle for transient Luciferian power
has become futile.

Also, all contrived Visions of the Locusts (1980, 2000, 2010, 2020,
2050,) have and will end in the Wilderness. In the New Era, Man’s
limitations will be well-defined for him to marvel at.

Have you ever asked yourselves how come that some of the most
intelligent human beings on our planet have frittered away colossal
resources reaping only deaths in the Middle East?

As one of the Scribes of the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the
Brotherhood of Man, I reverently report that this is a very unique
period in human history.

As a result of the fact that Mammonic “Men of GOD “have joined the
Luciferian prosperity bandwagon, the Cherubim and Seraphim, have now
focused attention on the affairs of Earth Men and Women.
They are insisting on transparency and accountability in the governance
of states. They are overturning the old financial system that was
contrived in the Board-rooms of former colonialist and imperialist
states, whose wealth; is generally known to have been built on slave
labour, imperial rule and exploitation.

Superior Celestial Beings have taken over world governance and are
preparing the human race for the inevitable Second Coming of JESUS
CHRIST, who came to earth before to “demonstrate the resurrection of the
dead, the transmutation of the flesh of carnal man to flesh of flesh

This is why man-made scientific and economic structures are collapsing
before our very eyes. “All over the world, the Spirit is moving as the
Prophets said it would..” In the time, “the Earth will be filled with
the knowledge and glory of GOD as water covers the sea”. (Habakkuk, Ch 2
verse 14)

There is no place in the New Era for leaders who wear “a proud look”,
who have ” lying tongues”, who have “hands that shed innocent blood”, “
hearts that devise wicked plans””feet that are swift in running to
evil” and leaders, who sow discord amongst brethren. These are the
things that GOD hates. (Proverbs Ch 6 verse 16-19)

The Arabs and Israelis are brethren. They are the sons and daughters of
Abraham. This bond mandates them to work out the same life aspirations
in peace and love, not to be eternally at logger-heads and at daggers

By the way, what is so special about serving Lucifer through
unleashing wars and decimating the Sons and Daughters of GOD?
For the Earth is the Lord’s and all its fullness. (1 Corinthians 10

There are things fundamentally wrong with Western diplomatic and
political approaches to problem-solving in the world. There is a lot of
“TALKING ABOUT “the problems rather than “DOING SOMETHING” about the

Very often, information, but not knowledge about the issues, is
gleaned from what itinerant journalists and arm-chair pundits present,
instead of finding out from those, who know where their shoes are
pinching them.

High-pitched TV announcements question and answer TALK SHOW interviews
are very inadequate in scope, with the interviewer constantly glancing
at his watch and supplicating about his or her limited time. The
harassed interview guest is shut out unceremoniously. What can come out
of such encounters?

I watched Larry King interview Mr. George Clooney about his short trip
to Darfur, where he encountered an incident. There was almost something
heroic in his voice. How would the real victims have sounded, if anyone
had cared to ask them?

This visit and tell approach has been the modus operandi in failed
attempts to resolve the Middle East crises. Miss Condoleezza Rice flew
in and out of the Middle East like a rich play girl going on a jet-set

What should be done is for the United Nations to set up a Study Group
to review the whole historical episode, listen to representatives of all
the parties involved in the never-ending disputes and make a declaration
on the way forward.

Allowing interested parties to serve as mediators has not produced any
results. The international system must not be hinged on what some states

These states keep talking to themselves regardless of the fact that the
rest of the world has long stopped listening. We are tired of
indiscriminate prescriptions that do not work. Their antibiotics have
become less and less successful.

Isn’t it strange that in discussing the current economic melt-down, the
unions are hardly asked? In discussing the Middle East, the Arabs are
seldom in the Board-rooms.

Peace cannot be imposed. Trained diplomatists understand the importance
of preliminary, complimentary remarks and they know the damaging effect
of a frown during diplomatic negotiations.

In Middle East diplomacy, image has always submerged reality- the Camp
David Accords, forced hand-shakes and teeth-showing; hide the pains in
the hearts of the various leaders at the show.

As soon as the cameras are switched off, it is “to your tents O!
Israel.” O! Israel how long will “battle cries fall over your summer
fruits and your harvests”? (Isaiah 16 verse 9).

The return of Benjamin Netanyahu may be a signal that Israel is poised
for a final solution. It could also usher in a period of serious
negotiations, bold acceptance of the need to offer the Palestinians such
concessions that could lead to a settlement.

Palestinians would have preferred dealing with Kadima. So, if Netanyahu
is not disposed to peace, let another take his office.
All forms of provocations should be avoided in international relations.
Retaliations are bound to cause tensions. For example, when the new
government in Seoul unleashed propaganda about the health of Kim IL
Sung, it was obvious that it was sowing the wind. Now, the North Koreans
have been pushed to revolt and are even threatening war against the

Just like the indiscriminate throwing of rockets into Israeli was the
proximate cause of the bombardment of Gaza, the attack by Allen Goodman,

an American-born Israeli soldier, on one of the most sacred sites in
Islam, the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount, had inflamed Arab passions
throughout the Middle East in April, 1982. The Temple Mount is the site
of the ancient Temple of King Solomon.

The wars in the Middle East are ill-winds that blow no-one any good.
They are spiritual contrivances to keep the Holy land in tumult.
In the Era of the Gentles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, peace
will reign in the Holy land, provided their leaders do not succumb to
the whims and caprices of arms dealers, meddlesome interlopers,
religious bigots, extremists, and Oruba irredentists.

Every Sabbath, every Jumat, let the children of Abraham pray to the
TRIUNE GOD to let peace reign in their lands. Otherwise, the New
Jerusalem will replace the one they have broken down as the Second
Coming of our SAVIOUR draws nearer.

“We are watching we are waiting for the dawning of that glorious day,
when our SAVIOUR with all his Saints will come down in bright array.”
There will be a shaking of the world except we all become apostles,
intercessors and priests according to the Order of Melchizedek. Peace be
unto us.

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