Israeli Politics: The Return of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu could become the next Prime Minister of Israel for
the second time, if he can put together a” precarious coalition” of
willing parties. Other parties are waiting in the wings.
Netanyahu is passionate about his country’s security and well-being. He
knows very well that this is the concern of all Israelis, so he fashions
his agenda in this regard.

However, both the Labour Party leader, Ehud Barak and the Kadima
leader,Tzipi Livni had announced that they could not find common
grounds with the Prime Minister-designate, Benjamin Netanyahu. This
means that Israeli politics have entered a new round of fury, if not a

This apparent failure of political negotiations among leading Israeli
parties could mean that Benjamin Netanyahu could find it difficult to
form a coalition that “would have won international support and a stable
parliamentary majority.”

Anyone, who is fractionally close to Israeli politics knows that when
Israel confronts an external enemy, there is always tight unity, but in
matters concerning internal politics, there is always fractiousness,
horse-trading, which lead to the formation of precarious coalitions that
often do not last.

In August 1981, Prime Minister, Menachem Begin was assisted by three
small religious parties to form a government. His government was made
up of 43 Likud members and 13 members from his willing coalition.
With a razor-sharp, bare majority of 61, out of a 120-member
parliament, Begin governed Israel. His bombing of civilian areas of
Lebanon generated a lot of ill-will against his regime. I suspect that
the last Gaza bombardment did not resonate well with some Israelis and
they cast their votes to say so.

The National Religious party, the Agudat Israel and the Ysrael
ultra-rightists, could see Netanyahu at the helm of affairs. Tzipi Livni
has every reason to feel disappointed, but there will be another day.
She is amazing. While her mates strut around Hollywood, at times
floating like butterflies, Livni had manned the Moshad and Israeli

There are some adepts, who claim that they operate in the realm of
Akasha, and can, plot the spiritual trajectory of individuals, like the
Confucian I met in Ta’ian. He fictionalized that Livni is a re-incarnate
of Joan de Arc, Queen Amina of Zaria, Emotan of Benin and is now serving
out this life-time in defense of Israel.

Ming Cheng had predicted in January 2008, that the one-time 17th
High-gate keeper of the Great Mosque in Mecca shall rule America.
It is this Messenger of the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the
Brotherhood of Man, who will work to bring peace to the Middle East. All
these may sound esoteric, especially to those, who are on Planet Earth
for the first time, but not to those, who have been around here for

For more reflections on re-incarnation, consult any Master Rosicrucian
or an advanced ECK but do not cross the Rubicon with them. There are
also Men of Wisdom and understanding, who are initiates, ascended
masters, saints, disciples, seekers and lovers of the Holy Spirit. There
are many of them in the Middle East.

You pass these men and women by everyday without learning from them.
There are people, who are willing to listen to fallen angels, demonic
leaders and Mammonic capitalists, who built their empires on fraud and
false theories, now discredited.

With the Holy ones, you and I will receive exceptional insight, for
the Holy Spirit can teach us all things.

The state of Israel was declared in 1948. The idea was to establish a
state that would accommodate all Jews, who had been mistreated so badly
in Germany between 1933 and 1946.There was an attempt to find the Jews a
safe haven in East Africa but the climatic conditions proved very

The Arabs have consistently argued that since they were not the cause
of the mal-treatment of the Jews, which occasioned their migration to
Palestine, their displacement is and was unfair.

Although no one can fault this logic, the Arabs would have by now come
to terms with the reality of the situation and that often, painfully,”
what cannot be changed must be endured.”

Good conscience and equity demand that the Israelis too, exercise
utmost restraint and forbearance and treat their frustrated Arab
neighbours with understanding.

There have been wars without end in the Middle East. The 1936 Arab
uprising against the British, the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, the 1967 war
and especially the 1978 war in which Israel invaded Lebanon with 10,000
men and 200 tanks are now recorded military history.

In 1983, they had over 36,000 in Northern Israel. These hostilities
have left cataracts of hatred, animosity and bitterness. Arab beyond
pardon mentality, Jewish Orthodoxy, and a fight-to-finish persuasion
is aggravated by devastating economic, political and military problems
on both sides.

No matter how genuine the intentions of mediators have been,
irreconcilable differences have always thwarted their mediation efforts.
Added to these problems are fusillades of criticisms from émigré
leaders, who sit out comfortably in friendly states from where they spit
out venom, calling on their countrymen to fight to the last man, they,
being the last men.

Israeli-Arab relations have remained raucous and bitter. The United
States is a supporter and a strong ally of Israel. This is what makes
American mediation efforts to be hampered by limitations.

The Soviet Union had an-on-and off relations with the Jewish state .The
Soviet Union sent a diplomatic mission to Israel between 24-26 of May
1948. It broke off diplomatic relations with Israel on 11th February,
1953. By the 15th of July 1953, relations were normalized and the Soviet
mission became a full embassy on the 13th of April 1954.

The present Russian government is run by highly intelligent and
sophisticated politicians, intellectuals and military intelligence
cadre. Unlike the communist leaders, they are all multi-lingual, urbane
and resourceful. As a result, they take cautious steps before they

They know the overall strength of Israel and unknown to many, there are
many Jews in Russia, America and other states, holding key political,
military-industrial, financial and diplomatic positions around the

When we talk about the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, we are in fact
referring to ISRAELI POWER around this universe of Man. This being the
case, it becomes very difficult for progress to be achieved in the
Middle East, without adopting a panda approach.

Israel must appreciate the fact that “a child, who does not allow his
mother to sleep, cannot himself sleep” Power does not guarantee peace.
We must intensify international cooperation to end the tumult among the
children of Abraham.

If and when Benjamin Netanyahu becomes the Israel Prime Minister, he
must remember all the wars, unrest, and social dislocations in the
Middle East and set to work towards de-escalation of the crises in the

The most painful aspect of the Arab-Israeli wars and confrontations is
that if both sides had spent all the financial and other resources they
have been wasting on conflagrations, there would been established, a
NIRVANA OF AMEN in the Middle East.

When will the spirit of live and let live replace the negative spirit
of live and let die?

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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