It Is Christ Who Died

Romans 8:34 says, “Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of GOD, who also makes intercession for us”

I will use a fictional hyperbole to drive my point just like the demoniacs, who the devil used to drive the long nails into the hands and legs of OUR SAVIOUR, JESUS, THE CHRIST, to argue that in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, paying TITHES, seems to me inappropriate. The LORD, JESUS CHRIST, was beaten, spat upon and bloodied more than anyone in recorded history.

The TRIUNE GOD accepted his shedding of blood as perpetual sacrifice, good for all times. This replaced the blood of rams and goats of the Old Testament, which were accepted as good for sacrifice. We have been reconciled with the TRIUNE GOD.

Malachi 3:8 says “….In tithes and offering” My point is that after the CRUCIFIXTION, only offerings are appropriate since we have already been reconciled with the FATHER. The blood that was shed on the Seat of Mercy was the final sacrifice for all of us, till time in definite.

I am aware that PROSPERITY pastors receive a lot of dough from tithes but is it right?

It is CHRIST who died, shedding his BLOOD for us, for all times.

Jesus is the only door and all must walk through that way to be saved. These are the End Times.

Elijah, the Prophet will soon be sent by the Triune GOD, “before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD,” which has already started as nations go bankrupt, confused and war against each other.

The Earth has been stricken with a curse and those, who have cheated others, enslaved them, denigrated them will be powerless.

Those, who robbed their fellow men, will be “purged like gold and silver.” The day has come, burning like an oven, and all the proud, yes, all who did wickedly” with the Sons and Daughters of GOD, in the five Continents, will be stubble. And the day, which is coming shall burn them up” Says the Lord of hosts. Malachi, Ch.4:1.

Let this go out as a warning to the four corners of the Earth. Those who, in ignorance, because they hate others ,and who try to turn the plans of the TRIUNE GOD in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, will turn their nations into turmoil. For GOD is not mocked, what nations sowed in historical times, they shall reap.

Before President Barack Obama took over from George. Bush, the American economy was in need of a turn-around. Obama was elected on the platform of what he said he would do. He promised a new health programme.

Three famous turn-around experts, Stuart Slatter, David Lovett, Laura Barlow, wrote an interesting book on how leaders fix troubled companies. The book is titled,” LEADING CORPORATE TURNAROUND.” The authors “identified seven key ingredients that characterize a successful turnaround and described what turnaround practitioners need to do to rescue a distressed company”.

Those, who showed up in Town Halls to heckle Obama, may wish to read the above-named book before they allow their racist dispositions to becloud their ”judgments”. Hatred will not solve US problems which are real and yawning for cool-headed solutions. After all, health is human rights.

The world is becoming manifestly intolerant. “Intolerance is ignorance matured”. Nations in turmoil should be told that, “It takes a long, long time for the light to break into the shell of prejudice and patience is the lesson they have need to learn. The constant dropping of water, wears away the hardest stone.”(Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ, by Levi. Ch 77:17 -18).

The Holy Spirit, who teaches us all things has always spoken to mankind, each time a great travail is about to happen. I see hatred manifesting ominously in our time.

In politics, those who attended bad schools and received poor education, always lose their arguments. What is annoying is that they hold the same opinion in the face of superior and better depositions. This is why governments should support good schools, so that the world will be spared the ignorant assertions of the poorly trained.

In Nigeria, the Senate President David Mark was quoted as saying that Nigerians, who are dissatisfied with the way we are, should find another country. Before long, the failure of the Nigerian Senate to check mal-practices in our banking system, will become manifest.

I had complained months ago during our BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU seminars that the liquidity flow of our big banks has coagulated .That the financial puddles had coalesced into a small account. That anyone with rudimentary, fleeting or even cascading interest in economics would discern that our banks tend to operate like Macau or Las Vegas turning wheels. That if no decisive action is taken now, our people will be told that the computer system is slow, please be patient.

Then, in a few weeks time, those who wish to withdraw large sums will be told to return next week. Meanwhile, the Managing Director would have absconded like they did during Abacha’s regime.

Finally, the Banks would blame their crooked behaviour on the state of the world economy. The revolution to clean Nigeria will start from cleansing the financial system. All hoo-doo, mongoose banks and their damaging directors cannot be allowed to continue to inflict pain on the banking system.

Imagine Nigerian banks spending dollar-fortunes advertising on CNN? Has a single Euro-American institution advertised of NTA?

What is the joy about? What are they trying to prove? The way we are going is wrong and there is no use running on a wrong road. If David Mark thinks that he would annoy our compatriots to leave, I am not leaving so that they do not sell the country, before I return.

Those who speak with rage can neither listen to others nor constructively convince others. Democracy in Nigeria has thrived so far on tolerance. It will be wise to keep it so.

As Alexander Pope rightly observed, “A little learning is a dangerous thing…”

However, “Do not be overly righteous, nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself? Do not be overly foolish. Why should you die before your time? (Ecclesiastes 7, verse 16-17)

“The Blood of Jesus has made us clean, Oh! It has made us clean. The blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus has set us free from sin and sorrow, the blood of Jesus has set us free…”

It is the blood of Jesus and not your tithes that will set you free from Prosperity pastors, especially those of them, who collect money (tithes), from robbers!

Our banks pay tithes to oversight personnel, who then turn a blind eye. The Federal Republic is an open book and you can land on any page.

I know that those pastors, who live by tithes, may disagree, so I would appreciate enlightenment on the subject, in the spirit of cultured dialogue and not the rowdy Town Meeting rage of New Hampshire. Mr. Limbaugh’s vision will not save America.

He is a rhetorician, who files riposte of the negative genre.

Perhaps Obamavision will.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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