Jungle Justice

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

I am neither a supporter of Bayelsa State Governor nor I am a praise singer. But one thing is that I like having my own opinion of a particular issue.

This issue of Bayelsa State Gov. should not be over-flogged so much. The truth of the matter is that almost every government official is involved in one fraudulent practice or the other. They all have rugged skeletons in their cupboards. But once the federal government of Nigeria, under the leadership of President Obasanjo wants to deal with one person, they go all out and achieve that.

What are we really talking about? DSP is not the first governor that moved around in the international scene with too much cash. Neither is he the first public office holder from Nigeria that goes outside the shores with excess cash. The general clause is that these people have killed us. Take a good count, from the ministers under the Obasanjo administration to the clerks in the Foreign affairs ministry, how many of them have their children in Nigerian schools? You see the issue is that corruption has eaten deep into their skin. How did Oando Oil come into existence? What are they telling us in this country? Everybody gets away with whatever, only if you are in good terms with the president and the ruling PDP. But try one day and challenge him, then EFCC becomes active immediately, what kind of jungle justice is that?

We have been embarrassed internationally and generally. The embarrassment started first by:

* Removing immunity of an elected and serving governor of a state in Nigeria.

*Plotting to remove an elected and serving governor of a state in Nigeria.

*An intent to perpetuate continued stay of Mr. President in office.

I strongly believe that the plot against DSP did not start just like that. It has been planned for a long time. What is 1million pounds? How much was Late Stella Obasanjo’s beauty operation in spain? These are the simple things that we do that God turns his back on us. Let no one live in a glass house and throw stones.

The state legislatures are ganging to impeach their governor, for what? Let anyone amongst them who is innocent and sane throw the first stone. How far have they gone in utilizing their constituency allocations as legislatures that represent their people? All of them are in this crime together, have they forgotten so quickly the Jamboree they went to US to do last year? Was that not part of the waste.

You see, one Igbo adage says, “if the hunter learns how to shoot without missing, the bird will also learn to fly without perching”. They have planned to deal with this man. The plan matured fine, he suffered for almost six weeks, without seeing the shores of the land. They were still planning to nail him finally, but DSP being Amalinze “the Cat”, he has nine lives. He has survived so well and managed to come back from London. Let the drums be rolled out, let the dancers come out, let the merriment begin. Bayelsans will never allow their governor to be disgraced completely like that. Dokubo is at Abuja answering questions that are not worth it, what kind of country are we in today.

Finally, if EFCC have guts, let them start the prosecution from the bigger ones, people like Babangida are still walking the streets of Nigeria free. Obasanjo asked Nigerians to bring evidence against Babangida, what a funny statement from a serving President. Let them get to Anambra state and bring Chris Uba and co. Have they not welcomed back that fraudster to their PDP? Enough of this discussion on DSP, I have not seen any murder he committed.

A country without unemployment figure with millions of adult and children hawking in the street, prostitution and Arm robbery becoming the order of the day is a big shame. A man who has been ruling for almost eight (8) years with nothing to show for it wants more years in office. This is madness. Today we still have electricity problem, no good road, no good water supply…fulfilling any of these will have positive effects on the common man’s lifestyle.

The EFCC is nothing but a government weapon used to intimidate certain individuals who are not in their inner circle. It is used to show to the international committee that they are truly fighting corruption, however, what they don’t know is that they cannot fool the International committee as they know all about their foreign transactions and offshore bank accounts. Half a word is enough for the wise. Men are getting closer to individual government officials operating foreign bank accounts (which is against Nigeria’s code of ethics). A full publication will be out very soon.

As Nigerians living at home and abroad, we should stop deceiving ourselves and come to the frontline of reality so that this nation, Nigeria, will progress from the hands of those ardent psychopaths who rule today. They are bunch of failures, they should admit, instead of Para finding in the cupboard of political scents. This word is enough for them….I rest my case.

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ntinu ibidunn June 25, 2008 - 6:44 am

the article is ok. we dont need the old men we should emulate the Ghana country.

Anonymous April 17, 2006 - 3:06 pm

there is both negative and positive sides enshrined in this article of yours, well in all, i commend your blatant guts to stand the course amidst contemplation. DSP though is out, but i want to believe that it was a planned efforts by the govt to remove him from office, because he has become a menace to the Govt of the day…Enough of the Nonesense as well, these Govt is fooling on the people, not knowing that they too will someday have a rugged feels of their evil acts…The PDP to my Opinion have been hijacked, and those in the helm of affairs now are nothing but sick old men who thinks that the PDP is a stage of embattled war Zone of Psychotic men like that….What a poor nation that produce sick generations of Old, outdated and unintelligent Old men. I fret for the generation Nigerian Old men who are still in Govt, people like the President who is not ashamed of himself but wants to perpetuate his stay in office for one tenure of 4 yrs, what a shame to an old serving president. Young man, you have said it all….Bam!!!

Anonymous December 3, 2005 - 4:40 pm

Gbam !!! You have said it all ! As far as I'm concerned its Tribalism !!Nothing more nothing less…Nigeria needs to break up into three countries !! The whole Federal republic thing is not working at all !!

Wayo Guy November 28, 2005 - 10:30 am

Good job. You stated the truth in simple and well-written prose. Well done. In my humble opinion, the Bayelsa governor has not been shown to have commited any crime yet; we in the legal profession know the difference between a criminal charge and conviction. Even here in the United States, the prisons are full of inmates who actually confessed to crimes that they did not commit; so that even when people are actually convicted, we are trained to scrutinize the procedure leading to the conviction, including the integrity and reliability of the evidence as well as the motives of the prosecutors and witnesses. I say we should leave the Bayelsa Governor alone and desist from libelous and slanderous impulses until the court (in Nigeria or England) has done its job. Calling this man a criminal, money-launderer, thief, embezzler, and similar defamatory names does not advance the cause of justice through the law but instead plays into the hands of Nigerian enemies in the International Community and the governor's enemies in national politics. He may be guilty, but you and I don't know it yet.

Anonymous November 28, 2005 - 9:39 am

nonsense – the crime of DSP is beyond stealing money, he jumped bail and dented the image of his country men. I pray you are picked up in London very soon on trumped up charges and denied bail then u will realize why you should be bothered by this act of irresponbility. Hiding behind the everybody does it syndrome is not a very good defense in the court of law and u know it! SHows the kind of kids we are raisingf in Nigeria if young men like you can line up behind criminals…I fret for the future of Nigeria

Anonymous November 28, 2005 - 4:11 am

All you said is really right we are still very far from the path to prosperity when the presidency handles matters with

bad faith.The people of Bayelsa and Rivers states do not trust Chief Obasanjo because in everything he has proved to them beyond reasonable doubt that he is not a man of just judgement.


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