Kalu’s ABSU Degree And Gov. Orji’s Comedian Political Campaign

by Odimegwu Onwumere

It is good for someone to be in the news, but not always in the bad
direction. The later is the position that Governor Theodore Orji of Abia
State and his desperate boys have taken. They are always in the news, but
in the wrong direction.

One thing that has made them a laughing stock before all the peoples of the
different tribes in Nigeria is their art in cooking-up fictitious stories
and present them as real for public consumption. They are now waterlogged
in their imagery, how they’ve undermined Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu Abia State
University (ABSU) degree. Where did that happen? They are just daydreaming
and walking in somnambulism of what they cannot do.

It is a great ignominy of Gov. Orji’s actions of bringing Kalu to the news
always since he (Orji) discovered that he lacked the political will power
to govern Abia State. Orji knows that he can’t give a good leadership,
because he does not possess the wit; hence, he is using his propaganda
machineries to praise his ineptitude and attempt to undermine Kalu.

The other time, they cooked-up, as usual, their hopeless stories of how
their traditional rulers, civil society groups, ministers of God, even the
ordinary man in the street insisted that Governor Orji should probe Kalu.
What happened after that a-waste-of-time story that they circulated and
made it look like an about-to-happen festivity?

They knew that Kalu’s aura is above their kangaroo meetings and
conspiracies against him. This is why they are always nervy about Kalu;
therefore, they are always citing public hate against him. But instead
their orchestrated plan would hold water against Kalu, the reverse is the
case. Go to anywhere and mention the name, Governor Theodore Orji. If it is
in a restaurant you see people abandon their foods or start to vomit. This
is how unremitting the name Theodore Orji has become in and out of Abia

Governor Orji’s awfully illegal and confrontational acts defer pleas by
well-meaning and public spirited people, including religious and civic
leaders, whom he had severally made to bite the dust, whenever they engaged
him in his deceitful paths to abrogate conk decisions of his.

A case in study: Known as a fascist governor of Abia State, the Abia State
Government under his administration did not withdraw an order to sack three
thousand so-called “non-indigenes” from the Abia State civil service,
upon… It is with the same sense that his ridiculous government alerted
the public about its readiness to met out injustice against Kalu as against
the decision of the management of ABSU condemning Orji’s potential
illegality in attempting to invalidate Kalu’s ABSU degree.

This policy of Orji has made-a-mistake tremendous times for letting the
public hear such a shamefaced course-of-action that Kalu’s degree must go.
This is not the first time that Orji was to prove himself incapable of good
governance and statesmanship.

Rather than do the right thing that will enhance the already poor living
conditions of Ndi-Abia, Governor Orji and his boys are often in exceedingly
dreamlike language to attack critics (even this writer) rather than do the
right thing that is not only right in their own myopic lens, which the
public is always rating him far too limited and blinkered in his standpoint
as always very surprising.

It is quite clear why Abia State is not working under Governor Orji: He
likes propaganda so much, co-joined with public stunts that always deviate
the attention of onlookers of his loophole government he creates. Governor
Orji was busy initially sacking non-indigenes in his state. Today, he is
busy seeking to invalidate the degree of Kalu rather than embark on
courageous, unselfish, innovative, and life changing projects.

Perhaps, Governor Orji sees that if he is able to undo Kalu’s ABSU degree
that he has done a significant thing that would lift Abia from vulgarity
and deficiency to prosperity. Can you imagine how poor a person can think?

Well, the people of Abia are not in doubt of this shallowness, because many
had expressed their disbelief that if an adviser of “Media and Strategy” to
Governor Orji cannot communicate himself adequately in English, which is
the official language of the state, there’s palpably “very little thinking
going on in the Umuahia Government House”. But what has been going on in
the Theodore Orji’s Abia State is a waste of Abia tax payers’ money for
frivolities, especially on his media aides.

One of the false-impressions of the Governor Orji’s government is that it
creates huge scenes that give credence to perception than reality. Critics
of the government had always said that Governor Orji and his boys like an
environment where they hoodwink the unsuspecting public with the view that
with the deliberate distortion and or misrepresentation of facts always
make the public to believe and accept their falsities as facts. Governor
Orji is always using the concentration of disdainful publications to malign
Kalu, but he is not succeeding. He is always on a campaign of calumny
against Kalu, who happens to be his political master; but Orji was too
quick to learn, therefore his fall.

This clownish political campaign by Governor Orji against Kalu must
stop. Governor Orji has gone gaga to the extent that he has lost his sense of consideration
that it’s Kalu who made him and gave the name he now thinks is above all
other names? This exhibition of ego by Governor Orji is one among the
biggest predicaments that Abia people are suffering under his government.

Orji likes the gospel of division. He has been governing as one man who
does not want to see the good in Abia State, because he lacks patriotism in
every sense of existence. He hates to hear the aged-long aphorism, which
says that, the spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom are the pillars of
a good society. What Governor Orji is fighting Kalu for is best known to
the former. How far can somebody be purely selfish? Governor Orji does not
align himself with whatever that will concern the interest of the good
people of Abia, but his own interest.

It has become obvious that Governor Orji represents the most awful thing
that has happened to Abia State in-view-of-the-fact that democracy returned
in 1999; he had held what he called “Liberation Service from Kalu” in 2010
at Umuahia Stadium without-delay, after he sold PPA’s mandate to the PDP.
What else can such a man not do! Governor Orji does not see the height of
infrastructural decay in the Abia State laced with hyper-maladministration,
but Kalu. Why must Governor Orji be much concerned with anything Kalu? Why
can’t Governor Orji see the deficiency that is called governance in Abia
State and correct it? The question now is whether Governor Orji’s purported
attack to invalidate Kalu’s ABSU degree would mean another liberation of
Abia State to him.

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