Why is Kanu “Begging for War” with Nigeria?


A more coordinated and articulated Ojukwu failed to win an unwinnable war. Reason: he was fighting a country that had all the instruments of war at her disposal. Kanu, the one with vague experience of war, is inciting vulnerable people to go to war with a sovereign nation. Kanu’s Boy Scout army wants to fight a state with all the military might and wherewithal, and expect not to needlessly waste or annihilate his people again. The innocent lives are at his recalcitrant mercy! Those who failed to learn from ugly history are doomed to repeat it. I am imploring the elders in Igboland to wade into this guy’s attempt to engage in suicidal game. The costly game being orchestrated by unrestrained Nnamdi Kanu is damning and uncalled for. My mother of blessed memory used to tell me that: “this my stenched and ossified teeth, if I use them to pieces meat for you to eat, you may not eat it; but if I use it to advise you, please yield to my admonition, because there are consequences for responsible and irresponsible actions or behaviors.”

The other day, I saw the jaundiced and stunted followers of Kanu in their ramshackle attires in a reconnaissance training located in the illusionary Biafran headquarters. I wondered at that time if these people were rehearsing for a Nollywood movie! I shook my head in trepidation for fools who do not consider the consequences of their irresponsible and treasonable behaviors. You do not stand in front of a moving train and expect not to be crushed into smatterings. Just like the hydra-headed Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Kanu in a dreamed “Biafra” is “begging for war” with a weaponized Nigeria. It is unfathomable to even imagine how these people use their brains to reason irresponsibly.

I am a strong advocate of true restructuring. We understand that Nigeria is a mere geographical expression where the system has long been premised on inequality, unfairness and injustice. A country plagued with chronic corruption. I understand the marginalization of our people most especially the minority in the nomenclature of Nigeria. We have to resolve Nigerian protracted problems with peaceful and amicable solution. We must kill corruption and indiscipline from our society before it kills all of us collectively.

As a Buharist, my beef with president Buhari’s administration is its deafening silence in the face of unmerited and self-glorification of opportunists like Kanu. Buhari is so magnanimous for factoring the rule of law into his decision not to be autocratic, and his respect for the Constitution. It would have been political suicide for Kanu if he had attempted to play his treasonous game with Olusegun Obasanjo, a no-nonsense ebora of Owu-baba Iyabo!

We understand the mundane problems Buhari inherited from the last kleptomaniac administration of Goodluck Jonathan, and his unfettered war on corruption. But for Buhari’s war on corruption to have a human face, we must have some deterrents cooling off their heads in various jails in Nigeria. Otherwise, we will be returning to the status quo after he leaves office. Unfortunately, Buhari and vulnerable Nigerians are saddled with a corrupt judiciary. Buhari is now a man hovering in-between the devil (judiciary); the deep blue sea (legislature) and some remnants of corrupt politicians in the executive.

This blitzkrieg attack and media hype on Buhari’s government is as a result of dissemination of inadequate information to the people. The Nigerian people are inquisitors who have every right to ask for the dividends of democracy; they have the right to be impatient and angry; and government also has the moral authority to inform its audience or citizens about the day-to-day business of government. We have our constitutional rights to be miffed for the complacency of government whenever the citizens urgently need the government to rise to the occasion to meet their needs.

The current ministry of information in Nigeria seems to be the most complacent information ministry Nigeria has had since the inception of nationhood. It gives some of us nostalgic feelings when we reflect on the dexterity and extemporaneous outlook of Professor Bolaji Akinyemi, the then external affairs Minster under General Ibrahim Babangida’s regime. Apart from his charismatic disposition and in-depth in international relations, his intellectual property was second to none among his contemporaries. We are still not in short supply of human capital like Professor Bolaji Akinyemi in Nigeria. Recently, I listened to a guy (whose name I cannot readily remember now) on Channels television in Nigeria, the guy was talking about stock market and its implications on the Nigerian economy. His depth of understanding and knowledge of the nitty-gritty of stock market was exhilarating. I was blown away! I was literally moved to tears, and was so proud of the guy for being a resourceful Nigerian. These are the people that keep you awake at night to ruminate over Nigerian wasted resources.

President Buhari should as a matter of urgency reshuffle his cabinet with impeccable young and vibrant Nigerians who are armed with incredible credentials to come to fore. Henceforth, we should remove partisan politics from the system, and President Buhari should not allow his unfettered vow to the APC party to derail his focus, agenda and dreams for Nigeria. The damage politicians have done to the Nigerian psyche and its economy is unprecedented in the history of the nation. How Nigeria is still standing is beyond any human comprehension.

Moreover, let us remind Kanu to borrow from the ace actions of the Nigerian deceased nationalists and patriots. Nigerian indivisibility remains intact unless this marriage of convenience we have currently is dissolved amicably by the agreement of the plebiscite. The spirits of Nigerian nationalists such as Herbert Macaulay, Gani Fawehinmi, Tai Solarin, Olu Onagoruwa, Chief Bola Ige, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe and a host of other Nigerian heroes and heroines are unsettling, with regret and anger in their blessed graves to see a nation they labored for inching into another precipice of war. Kanu and his coterie of jesters, and other children of corruption should be cautioned to thread softly, softly. If these people engaging in treasonable felony had seen the causative effects of thunder, they will refrain from taking part in abusing Sango, the King of Koso. Kanu should be counselled on how not to be a popular rogue. As Kanu begs for war with Nigeria, on the short run, the consequences of his unrestrained actions and hate speech may win him some admirers, but on the long run, it will be catastrophic and unpalatable for him and for his obtuse followers.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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