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Kim Jong 1l dies: the Juche ideology lives

Kim il Jong is dead but the JUCHE ideology lives! Koreans are a great nation and a great people, who, had they not been separated since the 1950’s, would have been as developed as Japan, if not more.
The notion of North and South Korea is a man-made design, which will remain an artificial creation, until the people are re- united again.

A nation may be poor materially but is spiritual rich. A nation may be materially rich but spiritually bankrupt

In North Korea, we do not hear of murders, robberies, corruption, abuse of the weaker members of society, greed and the indubitable wrongs prevalent in “free” societies.

In affluent South Korea, where materialism is the order of the day, suicide is rampant, which confirms that “Man does not live by bread alone”. The same thing occurs in Greece and othe affluent nations.
The North Korean leader died at the age of 69, after a protracted illness. In the some states, his sickness became a subject of wicked comments and many death wishes were implied in some commentaries.
A lot of lies have been told by some journalists, whose sources of information were gathered from biased pundits, itinerant journalists, the South Korean propaganda machine and writers, who never see anything good in states with different social systems.

We have been told about how the North Koreans were starving, that Kim Jong Il was a dictator, whose nuclear weapons terrorized the region, as if North Korea was the only state in the region that possessed nuclear weapons.

Those, who are fond of sowing discord among brethren constantly, fanned the embers of discontent between the North and the South. Since 1953, they have associated one Korea with every vice and the other part with virtues for geo-political gains.

If the North Koreans were as oppressed as we are falsely informed, the anguish and the tears we witnessed would not have taken place. We did not see people fainting from hunger.
If their dear leader died from” physical and mental overwork”, he died in the service of the people. As a North Korean academic Professor Kim Lee told me in Beijing, he would rather live under a dictatorship than live in societies, where people are shot by drive-by shooters everyday, where guns are all over the cities, where prostitution is promoted in licensed brothels, where some poor people sleep under the bridges and die of cold in the winter, where foreclosures send families into the streets, where bankruptcies throw men and womwn into the job market, where there is racial discrimination on the basis of poverty, birth, colour of the skin and where people commit suicide every day.

He referred to the JUCHE ideology, which seeks to maintain order in society, encourage state organization of the means of production, distribution and exchange, where the power of conscience drives people’s ethos, where peace and respect for compatriots is assured.

The North Koreans seek to maintain those values that make men human beings. It is better ro eat a morsel of bread in peace than watching your back every minute because of ubiquitous killers and rapists. How really free are the “free societies?”

In North Korea, the party, army and the leader ensure that the society functions according to their material prosperity. The West is always talking about North Koreans nuclear weapons, without discussing trade and cultural relations.

The reason why the North Koreans have continued to maintain nuclear weapons is the fact that they fear that they could be attacked if they were weak. A situation of peaceful co-existence would douse the tension between North Korea and her adversaries.

The present South Korean leader has maintained a hard line since he came to power against the North. Reciprocity has led to the hardliner attitude of the North to the South.
The language some world leaders have used to address the death of Kim Jong il is capable of infuriating the young son, because no human being will fail to be touched one way or the other by reactions to one’s father’s death.

By the display of national sorrow and passion for their dead leader, the government of North Korea is likely to continue to observe the JUCHE ideology.
From the fiery broadcasts on KCNA news agency, it is not likely that there would be a change in either foreign policy or internal direction and the people’s outpouring of grief is significant evidence of approval of the status quo.

There have been wild commentaries in which hack writers have attempted to sow discord between the military and the young successor.
This will not happen because, the people have learnt to condition their minds to a rulership that does not acquire wealth, where every citizen has access to education, health care and social rights as the state can afford.

The North Koreans know why they suffer difficulties but are stoical and hermitic about their situation. It is better to enjoy state sovereignty than have foreigners tell you what to do in your own country. To live according to the lifestyle of others is cultural slavery.
Kim il Sung, was a thinker, who designed modern Pyongyang, along certain humanitarian principles and national ethos.

In defiance of the fact that the Western press misinforms and disinforms about North Korea, the truth is that the people’s austere way of life has its merits and dignity.
Kim il Sung, who was influenced by the writings of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, Lenin and Mao Tse Dong, believed in the right of nations to self-determination and insisted that every nation has the right to fashion its statecraft according to its philosophical beliefs so far as it improves its national condition and well-being. That there should be oneness of a nation’s political integrity and independence.

Kim il Sung believed that the state and its citizens have the constitutional duty to pursue with vigour, the ethical material advancement which would ensure that socialist culture and science flourish and progress in Pyongyang. The Chinese also share this ideology and have visibly proven that point. It is the ideological strength and relevance of the JUCHE ideology that is responsible for North Korea’s homogeneous existence.

They do not need the blood-letting, fractious and manipulable democratic experiments that have caused so much damage to THIRD World societies The ghoulish outcome of electioneering debacles only feed blood to demonic forces, for which some regimes serve as agents.
In Pyongyang, its internal policies are tailored to meet the JUCHE ideology, which propagates the right to self-defence and the right to seek defence measures to secure its political independence and national security.

The North Korean economy has links with China and it is getting better in North Korea, which did not receive the infusion of capital the South received in 1960 and still receives from its strong ally.
States like Cuba, North Korea, China, the Soviet Union and other socialist states had to make do with what they had, which was not much. The core idea, which operates in these states, is that the fruits of communal efforts must be used to the benefit of all and not be monopolized by the dominant class interests. It is difficult not to agree with this viewpoint.

This is the idea behind the “Occupy Wall Street “phenomenon, the overthrow of monarchies in North Africa and the Middle East and the class struggle in Euro-America societies.

The re-emergence of a bi-polar world was as a result of the triumph of socialist statecraft in China. The North Korean nuclear programme is a subject of regular discussion in the world. It is desirable to have a nuclear-free world, if all states cooperate to eliminate the nuclear menace.
States should promote economic and cultural ties, desist from provocative and derogatory statements against each other, call their media propagandists to order, so that we can have peace.

It was dastardly irreverent, for derogatory statements to be made agai

nst a dead man, whose own people have shown respect and deep feelings for. When you pretend to speak for the people of Pyongyang by insulting their leader, you violate the elementary tenets of decorum, etiquette and good upbringing.

Political propaganda is cheap because those of us, who listen to misinformation, end up having little or no respect for the biased reporter.

CNN’s Paula Hancocks report from Seoul is convicted of error. The people’s reactions were not choreographed at all. They were genuine and spontaneous. Yet, CNN is the world’s news dealer!
The CNN must give an OSCAR prize to the great choreographer, if there was one, for his ingenuity in choreographing a whole nation for effect. There are limits to lies and propaganda! I will be very furious if a Korean journalist tells me that 9/11 was choreographed or that Pearl Harbour, the London and Madrid bombings were choreographed.

North Korea must break out from its self-imposed isolation, work peacefully for reconciliation and re-union with their blood relations. Koreans should not allow others to use them for geo-political gains.
North Korea is a strong, militaristic, socialist and nationalistic state. This was why the UN raised the issue of resumption of nuclear talks before sending a condolence message to Pyongyang. This is a frenzied diplomatic gimmick by Banki-Moon.

Reports about irreverent disturbances from a town near the place of nativity of Jesus, the Christ, is part of a growing world-wide debauchery by agents of the anti-christ to discredit the divinity.
I warn again that when GOD will turn his back on this misguided humanity, there will be darkness “as water covers the sea.” Habakkuk.

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