Larry King Takes The Biggest Bow At 87

by Yahaya Balogun

“If anyone asked me what are my greatest career achievements in life; one is the creation of CNN, and the other is hiring Larry King, ”
– CNN Founder, Ted Turner

Do what you love; love what you do, and do it with passion. You will make an indelible mark.– Yahaya Balogun

The loud silence is currently palpable in CNN’s Situation Room and other newsrooms all over the world. The King of the News and Entertainment industry succumbed to death today. Instinctually, the above quote was my sudden and instinctive expression when I heard the demise of the former ace of CNN, a news program anchorman—Larry King. Larry King was the King of global television, a legendary talk-show, and entertainment host. He was a guru in current and international affairs. All Heads of States from so many countries loved to be interviewed by him. Celebrities, sportsmen and women worldwide were comfortable conversing with Larry on personal issues, continental, and global affairs.

Larry King was one of the mouthed American resources and exceptionalism. King’s bank of talent in news entertainment and talk-shows will be one resource center for the current global media. According to Wolf Blitzer of CNN’s Situation Room, the non-conformist-Larry King had conducted more than 50,000 interviews for more than six decades. Larry King was an unbiased and umpire of news and interviews who was apolitical and unpretentious. A no-holds-barred man of the news anchorage.” Larry King Live” periods on CNN was a scintillating era of candor, musing, and terrific television entertainment and moments in the united states and around the world. Larry was truly a “king of talk” with the effortless mesmerism of his spellbound audiences; audiences that cut across the odd, beautiful, and beleaguered world.

Every day, man is faced with existential threats of everyday life. A man is born to taste the good and bad idiosyncratic recipes of the world. No man or woman has it all: the rich people, the poor people are human beings, they’re bound to lack one thing or the other. Every fallible human being is created to carry his or her own cross. And no man born of a woman is a complete human being. Larry King shared from these inescapable nuances of life. King had broken marriages; lost his children at their ripe young ages, suffered several heart attacks resulting from heavy smoking. Larry King struggled with mundane everyday life and yet, he bloomed and blossomed like petals of flowers in the shiny days.

Inextricably, Larry King was more important to glued television viewers in his heydays, but television was a catalyst that enhanced the news icon’s importance and shot his talent to the limelight. Larry King brought panache, finesse, and glamour to television in the postmodern era of global news. A decade after CNN’s anchorman dropped and anchored his booming microphone, the news platforms have become the wishy-washy for all kinds of information, misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories.

In brevity, one big lesson learned from Larry’s tumultuous life is his tips to a successful interview and self-actualized life: “Passion, sense of humor, and ability to explain what you do very well.” Larry King was a lively man with every sense of humor, focus, passion, and he had the ability to explain what he did and loved to do very well. These professional qualities distinguished him amongst his contemporaries in the broadcasting industry. Larry King will be remembered as an icon of television. Existentially, life is what we make of it. The good or bad behavior of a man will outlive him. Whatever we do today either by commission or omission is an instrument for future development. Larry King came, he saw and performed in the competitive world full of beauty, voids, and nothingness.

May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May the memory he left behind be a blessing to all of us.

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