Laurent Gbagbo, the Miserable: Lessons  for Political Desperados

This essay is a follow-up to an earlier one on the subject of Laurent Gbagbo. In that essay entitled “President” Laurent Gbagbo in an Extended Universe,” I pointed out to Gbagbo that power hallucinates and that absolute power hallucinates absolutely and that he lost the election.

Happily, the ugly dramatic idiocy of Mr. Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast has tragically ended in his utter disgrace.

“The wicked shall never go unpunished” said the Lord and He instructs us,” Do not fret because of evildoers, nor be envious of the workers of iniquity
For they shall soon be cut down like the grass
And wither like the green herb” (Psalm 37 verses 1 and 2)
Do not fret because of him, who prospers in his way.
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. (Psalm 37, verse 7). For yet a little while and the wicked shall not be. Indeed, you shall look carefully for his place but it shall be no more. (Psalm 37 verse10).

I am a living witness about how true the words in Psalm 37 are and will remain. I have “seen the wicked in great power, spreading himself like a native green bay tree”. Yet, he passed away and behold he was no more. (Psalm 37 verses 30). When the wicked is cut off, you shall see.
(Psalm 37 verses 34).

In this Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, it would appear that the value of human life has become so small that many states now destroy cities and human beings with reckless abandon.

Peoples’ sensitivities are regularly assailed by horrible pictures and gory images of dead human beings. In recent years, the philistinism so wantonly displayed in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain and Ivory Coast, herald the coming of the anti-Christ.

Worse things are ordained to happen on Earth. The nuclear arsenals in nations that have them are now solely threatened by earthquakes, which are now of frequent occurrence. There will be a shaking of the World and only those nations and peoples, who are anchored on the Rock of Jesus, the Christ will be saved.

Gbagbo had the unique opportunity to rule his country for over a decade. He wanted to continue in office, even after universal opinion was against his vaulting ambition.
Alhaji Atika Abubakar rescued Nigeria from a similar capriciousness in 2007.

In his frenzied state of mind, Gbagbo engineered a rebellion, which led to the deaths and social dislocation in Ivory Coast. These have caused great hardship to the people of Ivory Coast and constitute a historic legend of a race.

This disastrous lithography will be read by generations unborn; that a drunken, big-headed political desperado, with a misplaced conscience had destroyed their country.
In the political history of the Ivory Coast and indeed Africa, any politician, who loses an election and refuses to concede defeat, will be called a ‘gbagbo”, meaning a political idiot, the Miserable.
In the essay referred to above,

I dealt with the issues of treason, crimes against the people of Ivory Coast, etc. Since Gbagbo committed crimes against the Ivory Coast, he should be tried in his country.
The impression is gaining grounds that only African leaders are tried at the International Criminal Court, while the murderous acts of other leaders are glossed over. One of the cardinal principles of universal justice is that persons are equal before the law.

I warn Nigerian politicians that the Committee for the Defence of Nigeria’s Sovereignty and Independence will controvert reckless political threats and statements, in which by perceptible forms, are with terrorist intent, aimed at causing unrest in Nigeria.

The Courts should adhere strictly by the referee’s authority, whereby the referee is given the benefit of the doubt, where he orders a penalty. The Returning Officer’s verdict should not be easily dispensed with except there is overwhelming evidence of fraud.

A popular singer has told us that
“God is watching us from a distance.” Those who were “famous” as ministers, governors and other ranks have been humiliated by WE, the people in the last elections to the National Assembly. This trend will continue till time indefinite.

Many voters I interviewed on behalf of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU in Abuja, FCT, told me that many Nigerian politicians were not altruistic but selfish and greedy. One said that he knew a Minister, who could hardly feed his family some eight years ago, but has now “made it”, by hook or crook.

This is why they use all means both possible and impossible to rig elections and they will threaten that the heavens will fall, if they fail. They promise to fight to the last man. Of course, they will be last men standing.
It is now the talk of town that those who lost their seats in the last weeks’ elections now embarrass INEC with fits of deep melancholy and violent temper.

The French poet and politician, Alphonse Marie Louise de Lamartine, a lyricist, treated issues concerning political despondency, “in effortless harmonious verse, sometimes sentimental but at best poignantly sincere. He was politically active from 1833-51 and prominent during the 1848 revolution.’
Our politicians do not want to live to fight the next time around because they do not have any ideological motivation for their ambition, which is not “made of a sterner stuff”.

One prominent loser of the election to the National Assembly recently spoke philosophically and my enlightened guess is that his life will be one of domestic conviviality.
As a wit and talker; he is bound to find accommodation among the Abuja literary circle and so, will never have a dull moment.

He will address the Curatorium of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Abuja, after the shock of defeat recedes into immediate history.
Our politicians do not have the long-suffering patience of heaven-bound saints. Many lack critical political insights; some hover around in vein of intensely individual, whimsical and capricious pursuits, which tend to obscure their avowed nationalism.

Should it become state policy that members of the National Assembly will not be paid jumbo salaries; the National Assembly will virtually be empty.

During and after our national elections, anyone, who manifests the gbagbo phenomenon, must be dealt with in rabbinical manner.

We hope that the new politicians would eschew abstemious life, but will bring intense vitality and freshness of outlook to the new dispensation.

Jennie Lee, a British politician and the wife of Aneurin Bevan, was accustomed to the ups and downs of politics. This she captured her book, “Tomorrow is a New Day.”

Nigerian 2011 elections will see the revolt and the revenge of WE, THE PEOPLE. There will be no place for mediocrity, guess-work, futile promises and unpreparedness for the high office of President of the Confederal Republic of Nigeria.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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