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Libya and the Brutality of Nations

1. The Choir Sings Again!

The choir of imperialism sings currently in Libya. The overtures in Iraq and Afghanistan are not ended, yet the choir must sing because that is its raison d’ etre! The Libyans, like their North African neighbors, wanted to stage their own opera to the deities of self-determination. This was after decades under the fossilized jackboots of a political dinosaur. They were midway in the very first sonatas to freedom, when a foreign orchestra of aristocratic greed hijacked the arena; and has continued to conduct the performance ever since. Here the voice is definitely Jacob’s but the hand is clearly Esau’s. Gadhafi is certainly defeated. But Libya is lost. The orchestra of foreign vultures, hungry for Libyan oil is about to complete its oratorios of destruction, sung to send off Gadhafi. But this story is set to have a second part. The symphonies written in Libyan blood has entered its crescendo. Aristocracies of capital have once again dusted off their dogmas of profit. The ideologies of greed have raised their banners again. Imperial greed is about to dragoon another hapless country into its orbit of exploitation.

The plunder is about to begin! Libya is on the chopping block.

With the Conference of Istanbul and Paris in full swing; Libyan oil is being scrambled out, and apportioned to the war profiteers. The Libyan puppets are being selected and screened. The real occupation has begun. Gadhafi is to be decapitated. He has fallen. He did not leave quietly. His neck has definitely booked an appointment with the hangman’s noose, just like Sadaam Hussein before him. That is how empire does business. If you are in its good graces, you can rape your own people all you want. You can fart on their heads all you want. You can steal them blind all you want, and no evil shall befall you. Go ask Mobutu Sesse Seko. But once you fall out of favor with empire, the guillotine awaits your neck. Gadhafi should go write his own obituary! His ass is history. He is simply toast. Empire is merciless. Like a mafia enterprise, it decapitates it opponents and sends its enemies to swim with the fishes.

Currently, this choir sings alongside a murderous orchestra of Arab racism against Black Africans. It is genocide in plain sight. It is ethnic cleansing at the least excuse. Blacks are once more been targeted by angry Libyans, who have seen an outlet to cast them in the mold of scapegoats. Those who preferred Libyan Oil more than their human rights slogans are simply watching in unconcern and political correctness. The Libyan opposition is now committing more crimes against their Black compatriots, and other foreigners with Black skin, who are resident in Libya, than Gadhafi ever did at this time in his own revolution. In spite of the pretenses to democratic aspirations, piggybacked on NATO weapons, and America’s tacit approval, the Libyan opposition is massacring its black population to extinction. The world watches in inaction. Puerile declarations are heard over the staccatoral inelegance of bombs and bullets. It is really a dangerous time to be a black man in Libya!

All in all, the choir is still singing. We are a long way from hearing the last song. Whenever the choir takes on this last song, it is never going to be a dirge to avarice. The present congress of strange bedfellows hovering over Libya, have made that option a guaranteed impossibility.

2. It is a theatre of Avarice!

The theatre of global geopolitics has forever been an amoral jungle. It is a horrendous one. This is the arena, where men empowered by the force of their arms and the privileges of their station, take leave of their humanity in deference to their greedy ambitions. This theatre has forever underwritten and scaffolded the brutal imperialism of economics over ethics. In this raw theatre redolent of Hobbes’ State of nature; there subsists an obscene triumphalism of raw power over the rights of man. Thomas Paine should be weeping in his grave. He should weep because the glory of humanity is slain upon these high places, and Machiavelli rejoices! This triumphalism underwrites a belligerent sense of privilege for the rich few, who since the dawns of feudalism, must lord it over the swath mass of humanity, emasculated by their fears, armored ignorance, civic apathy, and socio-pathological timidities. Since the days of buccaneering pirates, sailing for God and plundering for country; this arena has licensed the princes of the earth in their perverted deployment of power in service to obscene ends. This citadel of oppression, to achieve its ends of erecting oppressive structures with little resistance to its intention from the people, it unfurls and consistently peddles a social narrative, which reinforces the farce that might is always right. This is the narrative, which not only provides the amoral detergents for power to launder its iniquities; but helps her to hoist and canonize what we have come to identify as the brutality of nations.

In this international arena; individual micro-universes of parochial interests jostle for supremacy. These interests are the primeval kinds. This explains why in these amphitheaters, whatever the powerful consider as their national interests, or the interests of the aristocratic and elitist cabal dictating its national direction is king. These interests trump the nobility of their ethics and supersede the sanctity of their philosophies. It towers above the dogmas of their religions and the doctrines of their ideologies. Here, every noble philosophy of politics is divested of meaning and impregnated with slogans of deceit. In fact with the right arrangements, this jungle hosts, has hosted, and will continue to host the essential arena, where even the most avowed of ideological enemies could meet to define and fine-tune the strategies for gobbling up anyone who stands in the way of their self-interests. History saw Communist Russia joining Nazi Germany to crucify and apportion Poland to their avaricious estates when it suited their fancies. The same Russia later joined the Western Allies to kick the shit out Hitler, when their interests so dictated. History also chronicled the same perfidious congress of vultures in Biafra. The same Soviet Russia joined Britain who was their ideological enemy, to support Nigeria’s genocidal aggression against Biafra, when their oil interests swung in that direction; trumping their ideological parallelism with ‘capitalist’ England.

Some may contend that that was ‘yesterday’, when the Cold War held some very dark sway over much of global alliances and realignments. But the end of the Cold War never nullified the fact that whenever imperial feudalism is on steroids, it convokes a congress of vultures. Feudalism did not die with the storming of the Bastilles. Neither did imperialism expire with the nominal independence of many erstwhile colonial possessions. They simply shook off their ancient garbs and reappeared in modern robes dyed with the tinctures of legal respectability and social acceptance. But they never lost their fangs or oppressive edges. They refined them. Citadels of oppression and establishments of obscene privilege are very sly and treacherous. They die hard. They are very smart parasites; lecherously sucking the lifeblood of a society, until the people wake up to want to end that relationship. They shuffle off their discredited shells and jump onto the next host, and keep on doing what they know how to do best; namely oppressing the masses to fund their obscene privileges.

In these Olympian hills of interests, ‘Profit’ is the most powerful god worshipped by all participants. To that end, every other god or goddess of every political or philosophical realm is compelled to abjure himself or herself, and genuflect in timorous subservience to ‘Profit Almighty’. This explains why the corridors of all

micro-epicenters of modern power are stalked and overpopulated by lobbyists trading influences and peddling leverages to proselytize and exact worship and patronage for the Mammon of their atavistic interests. This also explains why the United Nations, in spite of the hallowed nobility of its declarations, has become an impotent puppet, used by powerful nations to rubber-stamp and justify their aggressive covetousness of other people’s resource.

That the United Nations could degenerate into a rubber stamp of rich, powerful and erstwhile imperialistic Metropoles is really a testament to the futility of our pretenses. The UN was brow-beaten by the rogue American government under George Walker Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumseld; to sanction the invasion of Iraq for no just cause. It sanctioned the decapitation of Sadaam Hussein at America’s orders. That such an August body could allow itself to be deployed as an instrument of vengeance, by an aggrieved superpower, which manufactured fictions to justify its aggressions against a less powerful nation that harbors a resource the superpower deemed its strategic national interest, is really the nadir of the ridiculous. That it could also justify the invasion of Libya by NATO over an anticipated crime that Gaddafi was billed to commit in future is now the last straw that has converted this body from a credible one to a simple theatre of infamy, where power establishments of transnational and supranational avarice go to get legitimacy for their crimes.

The brutality of nations is when a congress of international vultures constitutes itself into the murderers of peoples and undertakers of nations in order to usurp the resources of those nations for its own profit. Vultures are scavengers; the undertakers of nature. They are uninvited guests to every meal convoked by death in the wild. Any animal that is unfortunate to cause its own expiration becomes food for vultures within microseconds of that transition. Sometimes, vultures are known to sense when an animal is on its way to death. Some scavengers are known to hasten this process. Some others wait for the animal to take a bow. Although the death and decadence of any society attracts the undertakers of nature; any well-endowed or resource-rich society that trades in retrogression is on its way to expiration. To that end, it sends malodorous, olfactory invitations to the imperial scavengers to come knocking on the door. The stench of a well-endowed and resource-rich society on its way to corruption, and decay convokes the beasts of every land and clime to come dine off its carrion.

Libya is today the feast as well as the venue, where every beast of many lands and climes have been ushered in to apportion the land to their avaricious estates. Libya became a venue because the Libyans for long through their inaction, allowed Gadhafi, a megalomanic dictator to sit atop their sources of national and social legitimacy for a long time. The integrity of the State under the dictator decayed and paved way for his madness to plunge the nation into anarchy, when the people demanded that he returns the sovereignty back to them. Had the Libyans opposed him sometime after his revolution, they would have taken back their land then, and forestalled the invasion of their land by the vultures that are now pretending to love democracy while they have only an eye for Libyan oil.

3. Not our Own Motherfucker!

Gadhafi has not earned our sympathy. He was no Hannibal! With so many years as the absolute ruler of Libya, he naturally degenerated into a political dinosaur, and anachronistic relic of an expired era. He was an evolutionary hangover of Africa’s political missteps. He fell into the illusions of omnipotence. He accelerated his steps into the trashcans of historical irrelevance, which is the destiny of every tyrant. He deluded himself with his presumptions. His eccentricities blinded him to the expiration of his time. He overstayed his welcome, and was abandoned by the gods of reason.

He was no Hannibal!

Hannibal remains one of the most brilliant military strategists of all time. This guy struck fear into the hearts of Rome. His name was dread to Roman ears. He was a thorn in the ass of an empire, which overreached itself in stealing and pillaging other people’s lands. Hannibal fought to free his people from the clutches of empire. But Gadhafi grew to become the centre of the problem he came to solve.

He was no Hannibal!

But be that as it may, history will forever attest to the bad-will, sepulchral hypocrisy, and shameless opportunism that marked NATO’s involvement in Libya.

NATO, in spite of its narrative that sounded more caritative than political, never intervened to prevent Gaddafi from slaughtering his own people. If it were so, where was NATO, when the Hutus were slaughtering their Tutsi neighbors in Rwanda? Where NATO as Khartoum under Bashir was slaughtering the Darfuris for good measure? Where is NATO as Assad slaughters Syrian protesters on the streets of Damascus? NATO’s military intervention on behalf of the opposition was a ruthless, calculated, and coldly executed imperial maneuver targeted at Libya’s resources. It was not a charity mission aimed at freeing the Libyans from Gadhafi’s clutches. It was empire on a mission.

The empires of today, like the imperiums of history, have risen to become debauched, diabolical ogres that ran on the softwares of exploitation. Empires do not only steal “OPL”-Other Peoples Lands, they steal whatever they can and desire. They confiscate other people’s symbols of power and units of value. That explains why the empire of corporate aristocracy, armed with a belligerent sense of privilege is raping societies across the world today, in the name of globalisation. It also explains why many billionaires, are so very evasive of paying taxes; but have the fluid effrontery to stake claims to the goodies of the State. It seems that what being a celebrity buys you today is that you get almost everything for free, and believe that you have a right to it.

That is what the Libyans should always keep in mind. They may be exchanging Gaddafi’s yoke for a foreign one. All in all, the yoke remains. It may be a simple change of guards. The Libyans if they are not careful may be exchanging Gaddafi’s raw enslavement for the polite slaveries of an imperial power.

Gaddafi’s problem was not that he was not a motherfucker. Everyone knows that. He was like every other political motherfucker that Western interests support and undergird. His major problem was that he was his own motherfucker. He was not a bitch to be bent over by any of the interests greedily horny for Libyan resources. If Gaddafi had been the West’s motherfucker, NATO would have armed him to slaughter his own people. But he was a motherfucker with his own will. By that, he violated the principal rule in being an asshole. The rule states that to be an asshole in charge of a resource rich country, you must be an asshole of some powerful country, or you must be powerful enough to let any junkyard dog know that to approach you is to be eaten by the tiger. He neither had the Euro-American alliance on his side, nor does he have the Chinese on his side. He dismantled his nuclear program, which could have deterred his detractors. He was his own motherfucker, but lacked the power or the back-up to take on the armada of international patrons, who decides which motherfucker would keep on raping his own people, and which one should be decapitated.

If he had the Chinese on his side, like Bashir does in Sudan, he would have gotten away with murder. If he had the Chinese and the Russians on his side, like Mugabe does in Zimbabwe, he could have kept on raping his people till now, without consequence to his throne. But he was his own motherfucker; the worst thing a motherfucker could ever be.

And he will pay for it

with his head! To be a tyrant and a motherfucker are mutually exclusive. Both of them will earn you an accelerated visit to the hangman’s noose fashioned by rogue empires. Sadaam saw it first-hand. Gadhafi is next in line.

The Euro-American foreign policy, as well as that of every other empire, has always been to search out, and install their own ‘motherfuckers’ as puppets across many resource-rich nations on earth. Once you resist that, kegs of gunpowder, rain of bombs, or armadas of deadly firepower would remind you who the boss is. In the world of polite wars of today, the CIA and the MI5 together with the French, German, and Belgian intelligence would be given the mission of either engineering your assassination, or sabotaging your government. That explains why Presidents of resource rich countries like Nigeria, must hurry to the White House or No.10 Downing Street to have their job details read out to them immediately after their (s) election. So much for the sovereignty of such countries! If you show some personal initiative that is not cleared with Whitehall or Washington, then heaven or hell would be invited to receive a visitor. Ask Patrice Lumumba or Thomas Sankara. And if you dare go rogue sometime after becoming their motherfucker, a hangman’s noose would teach you a lesson you would never live to forget, or a bullet would drill the lesson into your skull to remind you to behave in your next incarnation. Ask Sadaam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, and they will tell you.

Empire has always incubated the ‘motherfuckers’ that obey its dictates. It kills those ones that develop a mind of their own, or who go rogue. This explains why innocent bad guys that run afoul of imperial dictatorial expectations are hanged, while the guilty bad guys that are in league with the powers that be, are called good friends and strategic partners. Why kick Sadaam Hussein’s or Gaddafi’s ass, and leave that of the Saudi royal family that have been funding terrorists that attack the interests of major NATO countries? Why kick Gaddafi’s ass and leave that of Nguema Teodoro Obiang in Equatorial Guinea, who is not only stealing his people blind but slaughtering opposition into submission? Why Gaddafi and not Assad? Why Gaddafi and not the beleaguered idiots raping Nigeria and rendering the Niger Delta a superlative ecological wasteland? Empire does not kill to do anyone a favour but itself. That is the only reason for NATO’s involvement in Libya. Every other thing is a manufactured narrative of hypocritical provenance.

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