Melodrama Of Power: Now That Yar'Adua Has Arrived

by Olayiwola Ajileye

Nigerian sick president was flown in from his base in Saudi Arabia yesterday the 24th February 2010, where he has ostensibly been receiving treatment in the last 90 days for multi-organ failure and Acute Pericarditis. This operation was shrouded in secrecy, as there was no official communication to any organ of government informing of the impending return of the President into the country. The whole operation was done under the cover of darkness with the First Lady, Mrs Turai Yar Adua and a section of the military and political class in conspiracy to keep Nigerians in the dark about the state of health of our first public officer, an elected President. This action, without being immodest, is an embarrassment to the state of Nigeria and the sensibility of the long suffering 150million Nigerians who have patiently waited and pray for the quick recovery of the president.

I have written articles before based on Medical sociology of Illness and Sickness (President Yar Adua: In Sickness and in Health) in support of the effort of the President in seeking medical attention as his due right and the obligations to do so and exemption from duties during these period of treatment. But there are laid down constitutional framework and procedures that should be followed if the period of treatment is prolonged so that the affairs of the nation and national security is not compromised. Clearly, for reasons best viewed as politically and irresponsibly motivated by few individuals who have decided to usurp the presidential mandate and abuse our constitutional provisions, this guideline has not been adhered to. Not until patience ran out and our elected parliamentarians intervene to save the nation at the brink of collapse and correct the wrong that was being perpetrated, that the country heaved a sigh of relieve. That relieve was however short-lived as the same agent of retrogression and selfish ambition decided to resurface the crisis and smuggled the president into the country under the cover of darkness.

Now that the president has returned, firstly, we welcome him back and wish him quick recovery. But then we need to see him and get him to talk to the nation and his people. He needs to physically appear in person to chair the affairs of the nation or declare his return to the national assembly for due recognition. This is not politics, but mere common sense and courtesy. Failing all that, I would think that Nigeria would assume that he has not returned or perhaps, he is not with us in soul and mind. The office of the president is greater than anyone, we have had other ex-presidents, many of whom are alive today…it is a temporary state.

The way forward IN THIS MELODRAMA…NOW THAT THE PRESIDENT HAS ARRIVED and would not show his face but wants to run by proxy, I would advise that Ministers with courage and dignity should resign en mass or go awol…. AG President Jonathan should go on vacation for 30-40 days, to allow the returned President run his government the way he deemed fit, International community should withdraw their ambassadors and post replacement who will need to present credence letter to be received by the president in person for…If the kitchen cabinet and Turai Yar Adua try to appoint new ministers, then the question will be asked about who make the appointment, who will refer them to the senate for confirmation and who will swear them in.then the truth about the Yar Adua state of health and cover up lies will come out…the system will be paralysed and Turai would have failed in her bid to rule the country by proxy…

There is no constitutional role for our Ag President to see or be briefed by the First Lady. Nigeria is not a banana republic or a monarchical state. We are a democracy with presidential system in place backed by the relevant constitution and system of government. The concept of first Lady in African politics should be abolished as it has been demonstrably abused by Turai and Yardua family who has put the nation into disrepute globally by her actions and inactions…Why is it that Nigeria always set bad precedent in political affairs among the comity of nations? What does Turai want to do with presidential power other than to wield influence and steal from the national purse with her comrades…what does she know about running a country? Does she think running a country is all about awarding contracts and pimping beautiful daughters to the highest bidder? Nigeria cannot have ghost as president. When Zambia president went abroad for treatment for two months, he handed over to his deputy, the nation was well informed about his state of health before he passed away and he was given a state respectable burial followed by a democratic election, same in Gabon, same situation in Cuba when Fidel Castro fell ill he honourably handed over the reins of government, Mandela did the same when he realised that he has edged his name on the annal of world leaders and history. Not to talk of other developed countries like Isreal, America etc. This idea of zoning and north south dichotomy is not suitable for a very divided country and immature democracy like Nigeria. Our constitution is very weak and hence easily violated by faceless individuals who by now should be languishing in prison for subversion of constitution and treasonable felony.

If a president has been away from his duty post without official leave or adherence to procedural guideline, if we forgive that, though it is an unconstitutional behaviour and violation of our sovereignty, dereliction of duty, we cannot forgive or pretend to understand why he cannot address the nation on his return and communicate with the people who have been praying for his recovery and wellbeing all these while to show his preparedness to return to service of the nation, this is discourteous, subversion of our constitutional integrity. The military are complicit in these matter and the police who should be the protector of our national security and constitutional integrity which they sworn to uphold. No nation can have two Commanders in chief at the same time. The question of insubordination on the part of the military in the Yar Adua return affairs is disgraceful and treasonable. It is either they are in power or out of power. Who gave the military order or signal to mobilise troops to the airport? What happen to the chain of command? Who switched of the light and who cleared the landing of the plane? Who approved visa for the medical personnel that accompanied him, who checked them into the country. This is a national security issue! Has the seat of power and government now been turned to a specialised hospital units where foreign medical personnel will have access to sensitive national brief and information on our day to day running of government affairs? Where in the world is this kind of arrangement allowed? If the president is still sick, he should return to where he came from or go to hospital to receive medical intervention. These are not activities that should be taking place in the office of the presidency in the full glare of foreign nationals under the guise of providing medical intervention for our president. What about the threat to national security in respect of such arrangement? The actions and inactions of the president’s handlers is a blatant compromise of our national security and democratic establishment.

Acting President Jonathan is not under any under obligation to collaborate in the subversive agenda, he has the mandate of Nigerians, the International community and constitutionally to serve the country in that capacity with full presidential authority until such times that the recovering president would be fit and able to resume the running of the state affairs. Some things can be done with money and billions of it, but some things are just not right regardless, Lets call a spade a spade, The parliamentarians, elected representatives of the people cannot be complicit in this arrangement, Nigeria Constitution must be upheld at all cost. That is the way forward and threat is what Nigeri

a and friends of Nigeria around the world expect.

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