Mobil’s Oily Battle Over Intellectual Property Rights

The end to the eight-year long battle between Commandclem Nigeria Limited and Mobil Producing Nigeria Limited, over ownership of patent and intellectual rights to a chemical invention for offshore drilling seems in sight.

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, MPNU, is in serious trouble over allegations of theft of the intellectual property rights belonging to a Nigerian company, Commandclem Nigeria Limited, CNL. From the way things are turning out with the expected final deposition of CNL’s case ruling on August 19, at the Federal High Court, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, MPNU may cough out as much as $8trillion, as compensation to Clement Uwemedimo, proprietor of CNL, an agronomist who is believed to be the owner of the oil drilling invention.

Trouble brewed in 1980, with the alleged inability of MPNU to come up with an anti-corrosive chemical to neutralize the salinity of the Qua Iboe Terminal, QTI, terrain for their offshore operations. Before this time however, activities of the oil prospecting company were confined to on-shore drilling. According to Jimmy Akpan, CNL coordinator for the Western states of Nigeria, Uwemedimo brokered an agreement with MPNU in 1980, to develop an ante-dote that would neutralize the effect of salinity on the pipes that were pile-driven into the seas for oil prospecting. Accordingly, he was said to have invented an Anti-Corrosive Special Paint for QIT, processed by International Paints West Africa, IPWA, and which Mobil found to be effective in solving the Problems of their Offshore drilling operations at the QIT. Thereafter, MPNU asked for 75 barrels of the product and wrote to CNL, insisting that it wanted to formalize its relationship with Uwemedimo, apparently to review the oral understanding of the $2 per barrel of oil that MPNU was able to drill with the help of his invention. Harry Hawkins, Mobil’s representative at that time, who is now 80 years old and has a pacemaker attached to his heart allegedly signed a letter to that effect. Much later however, MPNU allegedly reneged on the oral agreement as well as the contractual agreement it had with Uwemedimo by bypassing him and started to deal directly with IPWA. That was not all. MPNU was also said to have stolen the formula from IPWA to the US and decoded it. The company began to produce the paint in large quantities and claimed the patent rights and royalties to the anti-corrosive special paint for QIT from all oil prospecting companies across the world that use the anti-corrosive product to coat their oil drilling pipes. CNL has joined representatives of these companies in Nigeria in the matter before the Federal High Court, Uyo, as co-defenders.

The ensuing legal battle over the ownership of the intellectual property began in July, 2000, and has taken place in Nigeria up to the Supreme Court and in the Nigerian Embassy in the United States. Before the Supreme Court decided in CNL’s favour and referred the case, back to the Federal High Court in Uyo Akwa-Ibom, there had been counter-claims by Mobil through its representatives. Arinze Agbun, a consultant with MPNU argued that his former employers used a branded product from Holland for painting their offshore and onshore structures. According to Agbun, formerly executive director with MPNU, ‘it cannot be true that Mobil promised him $2 per barrel of every product produced by them. The only payment we make on a per barrel of oil or gas is royalty which is a statutory payment required by government. The statutory royalty is made to the department of petroleum resources, DPR, of the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources, now called Federal Ministry of Energy’’, he said under examination. In addition, another employee of MPNU, Cyriul Odu, geologist and executive director, denied that his company committed to make payments out of future production for any goods and services it receives, even though he admitted that he was not a part of Mobil’s decision making-processes at that time. Reliable sources told the magazine that MPNU representatives offered one billion dollars to Uwemedimo’s company, CNL, to drop the case. According to Akpan, CNL did not nibble what they said they suspected was bait. This decision did not go down well with prominent members of Ikot-Eket, Uwemedimo’s community who are angry that that amount of money could help take care of some of the needs of the town, which included regular power supply, good roads and potable water.

CNL applied for and got government nod of the Non Convention Patent NO RP 13522 in 1999, apparently establishing it as owner of the intellectual rights to the chemical in question. Perhaps as measure of its confidence that it will triumph at the end of the bitter struggle, CNL has already rolled out plans on how it intends to spend monies accruable to it from the case. It said that registered patentees to CNL stand a chance of receiving N30,000.00 monthly for the rest of their lives if they subscribe to his patent right. Akpan also said that they already set up a foundation, King Clement Foundation, with which they intend to use royalties accruing to CNL to establish 155 cottage industries and 40 new industrial towns for developmental purposes across Nigeria. They claim that they are neither stock market, wonder bank nor a networking outfit.

Keen watchers of developments in the nation’s oil industry hold prospecting companies responsible for years of neglect of the needs of the communities where they prospect. The long-term effect of this neglect has been the escalation of incidences of violence and hostage taking by militant youths of the Niger Delta. Amidst growing concerns that wealth accruable to the nation was not being put to developmental projects, some corporate bodies recently organized an international seminar in Abuja, Nigeria, to draw attention to the oil problem. Nevertheless, what the fierce legal battle over ownership of the anti-corrosive special paint for QIT, between MNPU and CNL shows is that the issues go beyond problems associated with environmental pollution and degradation of the Niger Delta.


Written by
MajiriOghene Bob Etemiku
  • Sad to hear that Deacon Akpan has passed on. May his soul RIP, amen.

  • log on to and search for comandclem register patentee. go to page 2 and look for banjo. click on the links posted and watch the interview of baba. King of wealth of the ocean. happy viewing

  • Comandclem nigeria limited now in supreme court. We are expecting a date to be announce by the supreme court judges. No doubt victory is certain for comandclem.

    This is the final lap.

    Concerning the 2000. Pls the money most be paid so as to help comandclem seek redress in supreme court.

    We are using the 2000 as a support fee to comandclem. If you have paid yours, pls make sure you go to your register state and confirm your teller. Comandclem as come and stay, mobil are animals, there place of abode is forest. Let support comandclem and fight this fight. Nobody will do this for us if we dont stand and fight these white people who enslave us systematically. Peace Banjo

  • pls i don’t have any information concerning comandclem any more.pls keep me inform. thanks

  • why are u these people stil asking all the patentee to stil bring 2000 naira each. if the coy needs money let them sell one their property stop botering these innoceent people.

  • I am still confused.

    let get the full understanding of what is going on and true the state of thing as per the outcome of the mediation and meeting that took place some weeks back


  • My greeting goes to all patentee in this forum and across the globe. I try to understand the basic reason why some people dedicate their precious time in going against the Real and the Basic truth, but i now realize that there three type of truth. YOUR TRUTH, MY TRUTH AND THE BASIC TRUTH. { Note that not all who knows the truth shall be free, but remember the number is still counting} The first day i go through the document was the first time i cried for Nigeria has a country. When i say the work of 31 years ago, i understand that Nigeria his finished. How could someone be suffering from reaping his hand work from this white men who are being backed by black men. Now i now realize and understand the reason why they are calling me comandclem agent, framing words against Mr omokemesi that he frame to be the comandclem manager that wrote to us no this forum. May God have mercy no those who go against the Real and the Basic truth. I now know the rules of success which state that: YOU SHALL ALL KNOW THE SUCCESS, BUT IS NOT FOR ALL. Everybody know the direction to is bus-stop, but tell me what is holding you back from taking the step ? Just a simple two things. IT MIGHT NOT BE YOUR TURN OR YOU HAVE MIS-DESTINY. To all who are expecting the document. I will make sure i send it to you all. God bless us. God bless comandclem.uld someone be suffering from reaping his hand work from this white men who are being backed by black men. Now i now realize and understand the reason why they are calling me comandclem agent, framing words against Mr omokemesi that he frame to be the comandclem manager that wrote to us no this forum. May God have mercy no those who go against the Real and the Basic truth. I now know the rules of success which state that: YOU SHALL ALL KNOW THE SUCCESS, BUT IS NOT FOR ALL. Everybody know the direction to is bus-stop, but tell me what is holding you back from taking the step ? Just a simple two things. IT MIGHT NOT BE YOUR TURN OR YOU HAVE MIS-DESTINY. To all who are expecting the document. I will make sure i send it to you all. God bless us. God bless comandclem.

  • Update News

    There is going to be a meeting with the inventor on saturday 18/06/2011 and am going to be there to give you the fill back about the meeting, and there making it easier for patentee who wish to come and see the inventor and ask any question that is bordering their mind, we are meeting at Comandclem zonal head office: 4,ogudu road,ojota,opposite m.r.s.petrol station,ojota bus-stop. We must be at the headquarter as early as possible.Their would be a free charted bus from headquarter to our destination. Call me if you want to be dare. {Banjo 07036692021} God bless us. God bless comandclem.

  • I really blessed God for what He’s doing presently at Commandclem, God shall surely perfect it. I dont realy understand what our government doing vis-a-vis the recalcitrance of Mobil to the rulings of the Apex court. This draging of feet stuff by Mobil can never be tolerated Mobil were Nigerian and commandclem was expertriates.

    President Goodluck should look into this unjustice after the pioneer of Commandclem was from Niger-Delta.

  • Top officials of comandclem are meeting by this week to discuss the mode of collecting our royalty from mobile. Be expecting the news on friday. For ENUGUN people and to all patentee across the globe thier would be a meeting in ENUGUN with the chairman the inventor of QIT on the 4/06/2011. God bless ours. God bless comandclem.

  • Ten reason why we will. {1} We really need a sound publicities. {2}We need a positive reaction to summon attention. {3} We need co- operation. {4} We need to believe that we can and we will in bringing positive results. {5} We need to plan ahead of the master planner. {6} We need to understand before understand- understand ours all. {7} We need to ignore the ignorant people. {8} We need ideas and wisdom. {9} We need money. {10} Lastly we need prayer. God bless us all and God bless comandclem.

  • Mobil unlimited has replied the president of federal republic of Nigeria

    admiting having a deal with

    Uwemedimoh the copy of the

    letter was also given to the king.

    The top officials of CCNL are

    currently meeting in Akwa-ibom

    state to review the content of

    the letter which the source said

    they ll reply mobil next week

    according to Pst Salami when

    responding to questions on G-

    radio yesterday. He assurd that he is

    99% sure that mobil ll pay up

    soon not later than this year. Keep your hope alive and continue praying. God bless our. God bless comandclem. 07036692021

  • We are suggesting of making wednesday 18th of this month a fasten and prayer for patentee that are interested. Pray for comandclem, The chairman and Nigeria in general. God bless ours. God bless comandclem.

  • Am just a patentee like you. Have register since 4 years ago. But i make sure i get the latest update for each day and am close to each state manager. Negotiation is still on and we are expecting the outcome of saturday meeting. Stay bless and keep your hope alive. God bless ours. God bless comandclem.

  • mr banjo well done for good job. i want to ask you that are you a member of staff of comandclem. and i want you to update us always, Big thanksssssssssssssss

  • Have you confirm your receipts ? Make sure you do that from where you register. Or go the headoffice. Do that before the paying start. Wishing you all pleasant day. Banjo.

  • Am using this medium saying thank you for all those who do call me for latest info. I really appreciate your concern. First of all negociatn as continue due to a little brake that occur during election. Our formal president as written a letter to mobil and mobil as replyed. So this week is going to tell ours how things goes. Thanks and God bless.

  • Did you register as

    Comandclem Patentee through

    any of the persons listed

    below? 1.

    Pastor Monday O.

    Akpan 2. Innocent Ita

    3. Rev. Bokime 4.

    Elder Edem E. Ukpong

    5. Edem Effiong Etim 6.

    Ruth Alfred Ekpe Ikot

    7. Ita Effiong Etim

    8. Asuqwo Effiong

    Etim 9. Daniel Udoh

    10. Moses Effangideh

    A report in the

    latest issue of The Liberation

    newspaper, quoted King Prof

    Clement Uwemedimoh, as

    alleging that the persons listed

    above as “yet to forward the

    much needed official records to

    his office for processing,

    verification and


    Prof Uwemedimoh

    therefore called on all patentees

    who had registered with the

    above listed persons to ensure

    that their documents are

    submitted by these persons as

    “there would be no records to

    offset the payment of those


  • Patentees urged to

    remain steadfast

    …As negotiation peaks

    Indications reveal that the on-

    going negotiations with Mobil

    Oil over the payment of the

    $237billion royalty to King

    (Prof.) Clement Uwemedimoh

    may have peaked as talks may

    have reached advanced stages.

    Although, the spate of political

    activities had slowed down

    negotiations considerably, as

    most of the negotiators are top

    government officials, traditional

    rulers, respected citizens and

    some clerics are involved in

    some political activities, the

    talks, sources told The

    Liberation, ‘is advancing at a

    rate we think is normal. You

    know in negotiation, we talk a

    lot, documents have to be

    presented, screened, verified

    and the process of payment set

    in motion. We have reached a

    good level, even with the

    political activities that

    demanded the attention of most

    of the members of the

    negotiating team.’

    The committee setup to verify

    the names of geneniue

    registered patentees are

    rounding up, as most states

    have submitted the list of their

    patentees. Deacon Akpan J.

    Akpan, the Group Administrator,

    told The Liberation that, ‘as we

    round up the verification of the

    list of patentess and work out

    their [payment in line with their

    category, registration is still

    open. Another Update news coming soon. Banjo


  • saluting the courage of patentee inthe house. Verificatn of geniue patentee is now at final lap and majority of state office have summited the names of all there patentee. We are now are at the final stage. Keep your hope alive and remeber to pray for comandclem. Stay bless.

  • Comandclem

    commences short

    listing of patentees

    King (Prof.) Clement

    Uwemedimoh to verify the

    receipts and other registration

    documents of all patentees

    across the country have

    commenced work. According to

    a source close to the committee,

    the exercise which is to

    authenticate genuine patentees

    and work out their entitlements,

    has already covered most states.

    It would be recalled that last

    month, the inventor had

    directed all the state managers

    to turn in patentee registration

    documents. The papers were to

    be deposited at the head office

    of the company at 4, Ojodu

    road, Ojota, Lagos.

    Some states are yet to return

    their receipts, even as the

    closing of the exercise draws

    nearer. According to the source,

    ‘once we close our books, that

    would be the end. No other

    patentee would be screened and

    cleared for payment and we

    would have closed registration.

    For now, the registration, which

    can close at anytime, is still on.’

    In view of the intervention of

    well meaning Nigerians,

    Comandclem had to withdraw all

    the cases it instituted against

    Mobil Oil, which opted for an out

    of court settlement. As at press

    time, talks were still on with the

    top hierarchy of the oil

    company and Comandclem.

    According to the legal counsel of

    Comandclem, Ahmed, ‘we have

    opted for mediation instead of

    litigation to resolve this matter

    amicably. I can assure all our

    patentees that settlement would

    come about in the shortest

    possible time, talks are on.’

    A close source to the scientist,

    king Uwemedimoh told this

    paper that, ‘the King has held

    several meetings with some

    parties in respect of royalty and

    Mobil Oil. I think we are on the

    last lap of the negotiations,

    when you consider the caliber

    of persons involved in the

    negotiation’ we are sure of

    getting our rights from the oil

    com[pany. We have taken the

    patente certificate to the Federal

    Government, calling the

    attention of the former

    President, Olusegun Obasanjo,

    who signed and approved the

    invention, patent right

    certificate. Update news. Banjo.07036692021

  • @dr oguns T.

    ‘if the parties start the discussion soon, we should be over with the mediation within a month. I am sure that we should over with matter within the next one month or so”. – ahmed(comandclem’s lawyer. So has the mediation process begun?

  • We are here to allay the fear of patentee, what is on ground right now is for all patentee to go directly with their receipt to the state they registered so as to confirm if there is on mistake and there name is in the data base where they registered.

    The purpose of this info. Is to avoid any mistake concerning the payment of all registered patentee, so go and confirm if your name is well spelled and is in the data base where you regrtered ( when going make sure you go with ur receipt otherwise they may not attend to you)

    for any other info call 08186526480 or 08068262915

  • please i do not understand what is happening again with this MOBIL AND COMANDCLEM PLS IF U KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON PLS PASTE IT HERE

  • hi bt why are these people doing things like this? nevertheless God is in control cos we will surely succeed.

  • Hi my good patentee in the house. just wanna tell you that every thing is going to be alright very soon. one of the nigeria top leader are now in charge of collecting our money for ours before the end of !!! but i will be unable to mention the name of that person due to online stuf. because there some group of people who are working against our dear company and they have collected huge amount of money from mobile and they are using our information to work against ours. check THE SUN DAILY PAPER OF 3/3/2011 IN SEEN THERE NAMES.

  • i appreciate all what u guys have been doing. mobil is just a stubborn org., nevertheless,we will be patient.

  • First of all let me say happy new year to all nigerian especially the ccnl patentee. I know certainly that this year is our year and all registered patentee shall soon begin to smile.

    The agreement between mobil and ccnl was btw september/november last year but mobil have not yet fulfil their promise. There is nothing mobil can do than to pay ccnl their royalty cos comandclem have registered its invention both in Nigeria and outside the country May be u may also want to know the latest info. Call 07061501453

  • Hello guys any info on comandclem payment of royalty accrued to them? Waiting for response from someone especially comandclem officials in the forum. my no 08035379469, tnx.

  • thank God o at last the dream is becoming real. but what is the detail about this payment? am a patentee, but why is CCNL still admitting more pple. One thing am sure of is that the Nigerian govt. may fight this noble course if they found that this program may affect their monetary policies, i.e if large some of money is in circulation.

  • I salute my dear patentee. Alot of people have being calling me asking if it's true that mobile has accepted in paying the royalty and i want to tell you frankly that mobile unlimited have accepted to pay the money in four bach and all is set in paying patentee. If you wish to see the certificate of acceptance log on to Stay bless. Banjo. 07036692021

  • The case has been won already. All what we are waiting for now is the payment of the accumulated monthly payment. May God let all their promises materialised.

  • Hi good poeple over there? many poeple we have been wondering about the comencement for the payment. but by God grace every thing is going to be alrigth by january 2011. in God we trust. 07036692021

  • Well comandclem have grown beyond ur expectation. As a matter of fact mobil have agreed to pay ccnl his royalty, so all registered patentee should not loose hope at all, where we are going is not up to where we are coming from.

    The question by patentee is “HOW LONG WILL PAYMENT COMMENCE” what i strongly believe is that all patentees will soon laugh to the bank.

    May be you still have something that did not clear to you then call 08068262915 or 07087277626 .


  • heeeeeeeeeeeeee, what is happen again? a guy on nairaland said payment will commence by January or feb next year according to the statement of professor. how true it is?

  • Am in a darkroom waiting for some1 to light me up.I know ccnl is 4 real.Bt when are we going 2 be paid.No txt msg 4rm ccnl.Believe me many av lost hope.I knw som 1 who av died n is a patentee.Cn sum 1 give m d real fact.08060576074.

  • Hi my good people, the registration is close and the payment is going to commence sooner than you aspect. I like to know the true fact before posting anyting on internet that what keep me mute in this site since all this days.Remeber my world payment commence shortlly. Banjo 07036692021

  • Hi my good people over dare. truely mobil unlimited have to be paying 10 dollar per barrel and registration have close through- out the country so let all register member be happy because all is well now, have not been online seen all this time because i want to get the real and latest information before posting it on the internet for you so by the grace of God payment commence this year then just keep your hope.

  • From a reliable source, dont ask me go confirm ‘ mobil has issued a cheque of $227billion to CCNL, but their financial year starts SEptember 2k10 and the cheque is cash-able after 3month’ which means december…. Congratulations

  • my people {patentees} how true is that MOBIL had agreed to pay $10 par barrel and how soon the payment will start {07039203136}

  • we all believed,supported and contributed but they is no need to keep info away from the pantees. some of the phone nos in d sites are not helping issues!

  • hello good day all i had that ccnl open a bank in legos an the bank name is calld commandclem international bank so guy in legos is that thru

  • On June 9, 2009, King Clement told the patentees ‘NOT TO LOOSE HOPE’. But now, it is as if the leg of our HOPE is shaking. We patentees don’t really know whats going on anymore. COMMANDCLEM has stopped sending us messages.It was December 2009 that I have received message last.

    Secondly, I saw some patentee names on the internet (Lagos based/registered patentees) and some states in the contact addresses of COMMANDCLEM while other patentees and states were excluded. I don’t know the reason oooo. PLEASE IF YOU KNOW MORE THAN I DO, I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR or READ FROM YOU. MY ADDRESS:, 07030121058 & 07055025048. THANKS.

  • Fakunle it was relayed on saturday briefing at the monthly briefing. patentees were told by Mr Akpan who also noted that we should quote him anywhere that Mobil has agreed to pay 10 USdollars per barrel starting from 1999. there is still grace for Patentees to register their loved ones. the payment shall commence soon before Dec. The accumulated Royalteis to be paid according to Apkan is 227billion dollars. It was the best meeting/briefing I have ever attended. God is ever merciful to those who trust HIM. May God reward Uwemedimo.

  • Hello ‘oga Yakubu’, are you sure with your statement? please kindly inform me in details if truely Mobil had signed the papers.


  • News flash: on friday the 13th Aug. Mobil has agreed to pay ccnl $10. This was related by ccnl international public relation ‘AKPAM’. To this effect papers were signed

  • kindly assure me that my investment in ccnl will not be in vain.If so, kindly update me with the latest information

  • Good day all,

    Please somebody should inform me if the registration is still in progress in your region and the actual period the patentees should be expecting their monthly payment.

    Thank you.

  • dear patentee out there in Nigeria and outside the country, i want u to calmdown. payment will start before nov. of this yaer. Because ther is no more regisration again and system payment is in process. I AM ALSO A PATENTEE THANKS.

  • My prayer is that God should continue to protect chief Clement Uwamadiwo so that he will reap the fruit of his labour,inthe other handI am advising him to aproach the PresidentDr Ebele Jonathan for help,because since Mobil could not kill him now they are using delay titice.Donald Igwesi,Kaduna state.

  • I love the comment of Omo Okemesi. I too believe that honour should be given to whom it’s due. Pro.Uwemedimo deserves all the appreciation the Fed. Govt. can show him in his live time.

  • This will be a fantastic opportunity for our great country Nigeria and to all Nigerians as well, and more reward and back ups from God towards you sir Dr. Clement Uwemedimo, God is with you and HE will bless you and your generation for putting Nigerians in mind….. SOGO OJEBIYI from United states a biological Nigerian citizen

  • Every year, the Federal Government of Nigeria always honour many Prominent Citizens with National Awards of different categories in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their respective callings. Before the end of this year, it is expected that our President, DR. Goodluck Jonathan, will decorate another batch of achievers with Year 2010 National Awards from Member of the order of the Niger (MON) to Grand Commander of Federal Republic (GCFR).

    There is a prominent Nigerian Inventor of World repute, Prof. King Clement Adiamako Uwemedimo, the boss of Comandclem Nig. Ltd., whose invention for Oil exploration has been ringing bells worldwide. The Invention, Anti-corrosive Special Paint for Q.I.T (TRANSTEEL BLUE, WHITE ENAMEL, Q.A.D) invented in 1980, is believed to be the first and only enabling chemical used in the production of Crude oil, condensate, liquified natural gas and other allied products.

    The Federal Government of Nigeria gave Prof. Uwemedimo the Patent Right for the invention through the Non-convention Patent RP. 13522 issued to him on 5th August 1999.

    In December 2009, Nigeria’s Court of Appeal ruled that Prof. King Uwemedimo was the true and statutory inventor of this all-important product. By this ruling, there is no more controversy over the ownership of the invention being enjoyed by oil companies and others world-wide.

    Prof. Uwemedimo even went to Ghana on Saturday, May 15, 2010, to receive an Award.

    My Question is, should Prof. Clement Uwemedimo, the genius who has earned a landmark reputation for Nigeria by this invention be given a National Award this year?

    Should this over 80 year old inventor be honoured by his Country while still alive?

    Should Nigeria wait until his demise only to appreciate him with Posthumous National Award?

  • @ Mr Ogun…how soon is the payment…cos the way u sound it seems u have some info… kindly share these as these will go a long way to allays the fear of some patentee. cos it will not be funny at all if payment is not made as we will become a laughing stock amongst our peers that didnt believe this noble course( I PRAY IT WORK OUT IJN)..pls ur response.

    @Banjo… what other things will follow… kindly expanciate this ur ‘OTHER THINGS WILL FOLLOW’. thankx

  • Sorry my good people out dare 4 my inability to put something in this site since all why it due to my gprs. Never the less am back, and am fully back to you. First of all i want to salute all the patentee out dare 4 courage being shown since all dis days. Comandclem Nig is growing stronger everyday and very soon our dues is going to b payed in full. Registration end this month and after then other things follow. Just hold on to your God and continue praying for comandclem. I promise u my people, you will all call me to say sweet world. 07036692021

  • Please when will the names of other patentees will be added to the list of patentee?

  • @ oguntaiwo wat arrangement are being put in place? and how soon wll the payment be?

  • Mobil is finally paying CCNL! Congratulations all patentees. Registration closes this June 2010

  • Hi patentee in the house… Pls has anybody got info. on the purported date slated for discussion @ d supreme court between Comandclem Nig. ltd. and Mobil Producing Unltd. as regards payment of royalty?…. reply via this medium, thanks.

  • Hi should they choose to go to the highest court, ccl should have no problem with that as God is on the side of the righteous and down trodden masses. It shall come to pass that ccl shall be victorious and all royalty due to her shall be paid even with interest. So all patentees keep faith our laugh shall come last.

  • Hi good people. The latest information i heard was that ccnl are taking mobile and other 21 companys to the surprime court and they said it dose not delay the payment. 07036692021

  • i feel its a great strugle for Mr. Clement, and i wish him the best, i.e sucess at the end. He has a good heart and also has Nigerians in mind.

  • Hi, patentees in the house… have faith cos i heard the inventor over the radio,choice fm, 103.5 on 17th April, 2010 affairming that he is going to collect his royalty from mobil…. keep hope alive cos our Lord is ABLE.

  • Hi Good people, i cannot lie to you am really tired of waiting 4 soo long to receive the money being promised. Wat i heard recent was dat mobil nigeria are playing planks and commandclem as desided to go to suprime court. 4 how long are we going to wait God. God help us from dis powerful men call mobil. 07036692021

  • i really appreciate ccnl for this article i think it has given me hope once again as a patentee. i want ccnl to hold tight to the case till we win.

  • I’m happy 4 wat God is doing,glory be to God as we await 4 the full manifestation.

  • we have been resiveing new that u pepole are 419, both we resive some text last year that the compeing have won the case for the past 4or 5 moth bot no chageing we want to now wen we can get the money sir

  • if there is any other word to qualify ccnl than excellent job i would have use it. it is a matter of time the whole story will soon become manifest to nigerians. kudos to the inventor

  • Hail to Commandclem & ol Patentees. I’m highly keen to establish the future of the teeming Patentees in Commandclem.I posted a mesg in Naira Land yest titled, Payment Of Royalty To Comandclem Patentees. Im a registered Patentee and i thank God for the patience He has given to all d Patentees since the inception of this scheme.

    I want to encourage you. Whatever has been and whatever is goin 2b, i want to dwel on this ground unshakabl that God is d finalist. He controls evry heart and reins.Sinc d claim of ownership had bn givn 2 king Uwemedimo, it has becom a tussle on the defendant agreein to pay d royalty but rada findin every possibl mns to hv dier way of nt payin.But I assure u that a holding period is neva a time to let go on f8t.Whn God puts His people on hold, its becos heavn is about raining on the affected.Uwemedimo’s motive and intention had bn right ol along & dats what God nid to have of us.Setle ur mind cos there’l soon be an abundanc of rain to ease our tensed up minds. Keep the prayer on cos God is abt 2 mk a comprehensive turnin.

    I suppose there is the official website of CCNL that was cheated on & later released but nw i cant get thru anymore.Cn only get to d remaining 2. Can any one help? More ova, the ccnl has stopped populating their list of Patentees.It should b brought to their awareness.Its v important as it encourages ol Patentees too seein their names on the list.Pls ds should b conveyed 2dem.

    B confident, d royalty will be paid soon no mata d constraints just feed ur faith, hold ur ground and maintain one focus- UNFAILING VICTORY.

  • Bravo CCNL Patentees, we thank god for the life of prof (king)UWEMEDIMO that, is able to withness the VICTORY of the patent right in his lifetime. But l will like to advice commandclem that it is good to do things in a straight forward manner by subscribing to a good website that people can have access to at anytime of the day.


    Bolaji olushola

  • Pls does anyone have any information on CCNL and the latest information. We went to the briefing at Ojuelegba but could not get any chance to ask questions as the lawyer had to field questions from the accredited pressmen that were called for press briefing. Thanks.

  • Thanks Bob for yor article. Kidly tell me when exactly will payment likely to commence. I have been a patentee for over 4years running now. thanks and keep updating us.

  • pls,i want 2 to thank GOD for his grace over the judgement.longlive comandclem and the patentee. pls, we look forward to the payment.

  • Please,may I know if I can still upgrade my current status to the Prince?Can I still be allowed at this period?Somebody should please tell me.I can be reached on 08087564797.

  • A lot of questions on what nigerian (especially the registered patentees) are asking and willing to get a reply/answer can be summarized as “WHEN IS COMANDCLEM SHALL START PAYING THE PATENTEES

    Justice shall prevail over injustice. Comandclem have secure a victory over the defendant called mobil on 8th dec. 2009. it will also encourage you that WORLD INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANISATION (WIPO) have registered ccnl as an invention country.

    Comandclem is now presently arranging how to accomplish the promises made to his patentees. Promise made is promise kept!

    This is an indication that very soon nigeria will soon start smiling to the bank.


  • Congratulations nigerian especially the registered patentees of comandclem. The payment shall commence on june 2010 for more information contact me on 08068262915

  • May God bless commandclem,nigeria.Pls i want to know when are we expecting the payment and how do we get it?

  • I pray all get well in favour of comandclem in favour of the masses.It a tremendous hope for the Nigeria masses

  • I wih commandclem luck and advise the government of Akwa Ibom and Nigerian govt. to support his cause as a Nigerian

  • Hi there Commandclem Patentees, I wish to let you know that the judgement in favour of Commandclem can be found on page 77 of The Guardian,on Tuesday January 19 2010 under the title, RIGHT TO PATENT IN AN INVENTION IS INVESTED IN PATENTEE. I should be in Lagos over the weekend and there’s the likelihood that I’ll see Deacon Akpan, head of public relations of Commandclem. Will bring you the latest if I get it. I should also let you know that Mobil may head for the Supreme Court

    in another effort to procrastinate.

    Best of luck to you all regarding this case.

  • glory be to God for the success on the commandclem case.may god continue to strenthen you king.amenbut we sincerly hope and wait forthe royal payment.

  • I was indeed very much glad to hear the final battle between the so called oil company mobil oil and comandclem nig ltd on 8th dec.2009,despite the ajourment,time wasted,risk and monetary aspect of it.we thanx allah(swt)for sparing our life till the end of the yoruba adage which clearly stated that honour is not due to he who start the race but honour is due to he who end the race.we patentees powerfully commend the efforts of the managements of comandclem nig ltd especially our great sage,venerable man,philantropist and altruist king (prof) clement john adiamiko uwemedimo, cordinator general,cordinators,our able and competent lawyers,obas,emirs,obis and spiritual fathers and other well wishers who contributes one way or the others from the begining to the end of the battle .i pray that allah (swt)reward them super abundantlly.(amin)still looking forward for our crucial payments as it begin soonest.

  • Iam so glad that a Nigerian won his case at last against the oppressor who called them self mobil nonsence .God has given us victory at last Nigerians cheers. It is time to start paying people abi.

  • My hope knew no bounds when I heard about Comandclem. I have heard about people winning various forms of lottery, but this is mine as a registered member of this Noble organisation . May the Lord who made this case in favour of CNNL continue to abide by all. I write from Port Harcourt.

  • Congratulations all patentees and everybody that blongs to comandclem NIg Ltd. On our success. PLS CAN ANYONE TELL ME HOW SOON THE ROYALITIES WE BE PAID? U can tell through 07039203136 or THANKS.

  • Thanks to the Almighty Allah. Comandclem has come out victorious in the Appeal Court. On 8th December 2009, the Court has put a judicial STAMP on the ownership of the invention (Anti-corrosive special Paint for Q.I.T). The invention belong to Comandclem Nigeria Limited and all infringers including Mobil Nigeria unlimited are liable to pay royalties from 5th August, 1999. The process of collecting royalties from Companies using the invention is in progress.

  • cammand i knew you where going to win the case,however,it’s just an evidence to let you know God is always alert when it concerns his children,congratulations and as you continue to help the masses you’ll never lack long live to you and your staff.

  • I thank GOD for the victory .The victory is not onlyfor the commandclem but for entire nation at large.Once again more grease to your elbow PROF.

  • Thats true Bolaji. Perhaps thats why the Commandclem people resorted to paying hefty sums to key mediums so as to get the story out. TELL Magazine published this story without collecting a dime from Commandclem. I decided to publish it here again to give it some publicity. Am glad I did after all because of the responses to this story.

  • Congratulations Commandclem patentees. Information I just got from the press centre of Commandclem centre indicate that the company got judgement against Mobil at the Appeal Court in Uyo where the case was heard.

    The patent has been awarded to commandclem from 1990, 20 years ago and anybody found to have infringed on the ownership of the patent, ie Mobil, is therefore liable.

    A Commandclem official has promised to send me the 15page judgement. As soon as i get it, I ll make it available to you.

  • Am a beat disappionted with the way nigeria press handle the whole issue of ccnl . l think we nigerians don't really appreciate our own thing until, it goes extra-ordinary or are they waiting to be call upon before carring or publishing a vital information that need to be know by the whole world……. Bolaji olushola..

  • the above article is true of the story because l have had about it since 2006 and l decided to register as one of the patentee beco’s l believe this is a nigeria fight and not any country war . CCNL is the best that can happen to the nigerians chid.

  • I will like to use this medium to encourage all nigerians especially the patentees that comandclem have already won the case. Just calm down as the final judgednent is taking tomorow 2nd december 2009. Once again do not loose hope for God is in our side. you can reach me on 08068262915 posted by Doctor Ogunnoiki Taiwo

  • The issue between ccnl and mobil is a gross betrayal of trust on the part of mobil for refusing to stand by the agreement signed and an outright fraud because they impersonated to be the inventor. A drawning person who strugles is bound to sink further, but he can rescued is he waits and expects helping hands. I therefore, call mobil to look for way out of this fraudulent manovers on the negotiation table with ccnl and save their integrity if there is still some left.

  • Balogun, Mobil won in the High Court in carricature judgement delivered but the trial judge was unable to give the ownership of the patent (Anti-corrosive special paint for QIT) to Mobil because there is only one person in the whole wide world that has the certificate of ownership to the patent and that person is PROF. KING CLEMENT UWEMEDIMO. The certificate that worth more than $1 billion that it was priced. Our eyes are clearly open now not even when we have someone who refused to sell his Country. The baby that was born in 1980 in Eket has a father and the birth certificate is right in the hand of the KING. Meanwhile, kindly visit for updated informations. The final judgement in the Appeal court is coming-up on 2nd December 2009. We pray that it's in the favour of CCNL.

  • God has answered our prayer already, king uwemedimo and my cor. patentee.we will win the case in jesus name.

  • I wish all the patentees of CCNL all the best… But the truth is that this cannot work, so don’t be disappointed and re-engage your efforts on more realistic issues… Thank you

  • I am a patentee and want KING UWEMEDIMO to continue. GOD will grant you long life to enjoy your victory in Jesus name. AMEN.

  • hi, whats going on. have been trying to open the companys site but its not responding.want to know the result of the court case on october 5th.lets keep praying nd belive God to make it work well.

  • no matter how long the sun shine, the night will eventually come. we member of commandclem shall laugh at last. beware judiciary, God is watching.

  • I am a patentee and am very happy everything is working out well and i believe it will work out in our favour. All we need do is to pray and trus god that no matter how long it will come to pass.what was the decision of the court in june?

  • i want to know what would happen to the subcribers` money if nothing happened at the end.

  • infact i have been expecting this vital information from a reliable source like you . i will be happy if the case is being won by comandclem.

  • Very wonderful. I wish Commandclem a great success in the case. But how far has the case gone at present?

  • please visit for the latest as to your request. stay blessed and thanks for the patience and identifying with us.

  • I wish all patentee good luck in advance because the moment of joy is by the corner. We should keep praying for God’s own time to come soonest. I am praying for long life for the inventor to see the fruit of labour. AMEN

  • This is no more rumours that comandclem is the original inventor of this Anti-Corrosives Special paint,all what mobile producing Nigeria is just scared of is how to paid such an huge amount of money that have been accumulated so far(accrued),but they have no choice than paying it.My prayer is that by the time the money is paid CCNL should not defaulted in the payment to patentee (because we too have suffered a lot)

  • l wish them the best of luck and strenght to see the end of this battle

  • I still cant imagine what the Government is doing for the past 8yr.I hope the end will be a success.CCNL all the best in June.

  • The lord has help me to contribute unforgetteable impact in commadclem on may 2009, which i believe there will be victory by latest by june 2009. I am confident in saying this becos of my spiritual and physical contribution to the matter. So victory isa ours in jesus name

  • COMANDCLEM is the best thing that is happening to Nigeria and Nigerians. Soon we shall begin to truely enjoy th fruit of our labour. I wish COMANCLEM the best in its quest to rid Nigeria of poverty. May the Good LORD continue to protect the owner and those around him.

    On the other Hand May the LORD reward MIBIL according to thier evil plan for Nigerai and Africa as a whole.

    I give a tumb up for this writer

  • Does anyone know about the outcome of the appeal by comandclem. I wish ccnl the best. Our judiciary is currupt,i knew dat a long time ago. But power belongs to God. No matter how long a ship sails,it’ll surely be back to the harbour.

  • Pls. King you can not resist your mission on earth that is why you are able to reject billion naira, the lord we see to it that you are taking care of to achieve this purpose, ride on the esteem patentee Nigeria you are about to liberate we make you are th Abraham of today through you many nation shall arise and be bless. I also want you to be keeping me update about the development in Comamdclem.Thanks a grate deal.

  • Am in support of opinion that any body who belief in the intectually patient right of CCNL would come together and organise a rally to support the proprietor of the right. I think if the man comes out victorious in the court, it is the beginning of good things to come to nigeria

  • I think the case of comandclem is quite a Nigerian case wish should be supported by all. I have no doubt in me that if Comandclem is victorious over this case, it will definately profit the entire Nigerian even the unborn ones. Once again cudos to the CCNL and we would be glad to read update information about the case. Cudos to you too.

  • I believe in camanclem & i know that God will show Himself strong in this case. Nigerians can not be trusted with money,but only a man of intergrity will stand. Hope is not lost,we will win.

  • Iam one of the patentee of Comandclem, i understand that Mobil won the case and CCNL have appeal,what is the latest on the appeal?

  • Well, going by all the information a got from daily news paper and on net, i believe that this is not a 419 scam,if a nigerian can have a mind of helping the poor, and the government are just sitting without doing anything about it, then it tells us what kind of govermnent we are having. Can this kind of thing happen in advance country and thier government will not do something? What i'll just appeal to nigerians is for us to stand firm behind this man, and by God grace we will win the case, let them continue prosponing the judgement, the whole world is watching. The question in my mind is: WILL OUR GOVERNMENT WATCH A FORIEGN COMPANY COME INTO OUR COUNTRY AND ROB US OF OUR RIGHT? God deyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • The information is inspiring, though there is still fear in the eyes of the patentees to commandclem. Thanks, and pls keep us informed duely.

  • thanks for Almighty Allah, to this wonderful man in nigeria

    i wonder and suprise this wonderful man in nigeria to like nigerian men (poors) to become somebodies (richest), may God help you and put you in the rigth way and give you Aljannatul fiddausi (most highness paradise) amen

  • Chuks,

    There are different anti-corrosive paint for different usage. The one of Comandclem is Transteel Blue for QIT used only for onshore/offshore oil exploration and there are proves with the paint coy IPWA contracted to mass produce it and for your information, the case has already been won but for the court to decide how much Mobil is to pay Comandclem. Period

  • What a daylight robbery of Comandclem by Mobil Producing Unlimited. This can only happen in Nigeria. If Comandclem were to be American and Mobil Nigerian, you know the extent US govt. under Bush would have gone to tell the whole world about the Terroristic tendency of Nigeria/Mobil. What is our own President doing? Can somebody help speak to our president to reduce the 7 point agenda to probably 3 (Power Supply, Good roads & Security) for effective implementation and monitoring. Mobil, pleae in your own interest give unto Comandclem its due and escape the wrath of MEND in Niger-Delta.

  • Its realy a good idea to come up with, and God that has started it will surely end with you, you the pride of our nation.

  • my name is bode thomas, i am also a member of thiscompany, i wish to know the latest about this so call legal battle and i think federal government should be involve

  • My name is kazeem olamilekan asimi,am among the member of the patentee of commandclem chemical company of nigeria.I wish to know the actual time of payment because it has been six months ago,have registered with the commandclem chemical business investment opportunity.

  • I advice that you visit: and then click on “litigation” at the side bar .there you will find all admitted documents as authentic in the court of law. Thanks.Recently, it is confirmed that the judge received one million dollars bribe from mobil, and decided to give a ruling, instead of the judgment that the appeal court ordered the court to give. commandclem is now going back to the appeal court.

  • Thanks Barr.Martins Odu Cyril for your article on this page. Every one with common scence will understand from how far the proceedings has gone, that Comandclem has already won the case, but i think the fear of many Nigerian is that our judiciary system is not trust worthy and in the other hand, some are afraid that even if the case is won, that Comandclem might hesitate in paying his patentees or even not paying at all.

    But all the best to Comandclem and it’s members. It all lies on the shoulder of the judiciary, it’s time for the judiciary to show all Nigerians how sincere they have been with their offices, but all powers and might belong to the Almighty God. God bless Comandclem, God bless Nigeria, in Jesus name, Amen. Post by Stephen from Lagos Nigeria.

  • we nigerians are solidly behind ccnl and wish you the very best and urge you to live by your words

  • I think Command Clem satnds a big chance of winning the case, I still want to know if I can invest. I believe it will go in their favor.

  • I think if Uwemedimo,a nigerian inventor,were to be an american he will have been given the presidency medal,I wonder what nigerian government,human right groups,intellectual property right commission&patriotic nigerians are doing over this broad day-light robbery of Mobil.I suggest selling of MOBIL,their properties &certificate of operation to pay the owner of that patented product.

    PAUL SAM-OLU OYETOLA,Legal Reports Analyst,East Sussex,UK.

  • Mobil is indeed a robber that has been caught red-handed& anywhere in the world an inventor is a winner! Mobil is an infringer of ccnl patency.ccnl having won in all levels of nigerian court of law can't loose anymore as the fed. High court handling the case now is just to declare the amount due ccnl from mobil&payment method_barr.martins odu cyril,a nigerian from court of texas.

  • thanks God for giving Commandclem the strengh to fight the case,

    i wish him best of luck to win the case, and i thanks him for making Nigerian one of the inventions country in the world.

    i pray for God intervention and protection for Commandclem(Nigeria)limited in Jesus name i pray. amen. from Cletus Bassey Edet.

  • Honestly things like this could be happening in Nigeria, i think there will be limitation in fraud, harmed robbery, 419ing etc. Am happy for commandclem and i wish them good luck in the forth coming final rulling.

  • hate to brake the news but guys you need to read this and i tried to verify if the patent right was valid any where at all, but couldn’t find any. lets assume the patent is only valid in nigeria. and the war is against Mobil producing nigeria. those patent in that website are far back btwn 1969-1981. which means the technique has already been discovered. before 1999. if only the formula for the patent is different from those above which i doubt. if mobil went on contract with CCNL for it to pay $2 for every barel for live then we all need a strong proove. and also we need a proove from the paint company that incorporated the formula to produce paints. these are the things needed to win this case

    we the mass need to know this before investing.

  • I wish him well, but let us not get carried away;when a person has no authority or jurisdiction to negotiate/sign a contract in the first place, does that not make the contract null and void? I wonder if the MPNU staff who ”signed” the initial agreement did not just set CCNL on a wild goose chase. But like I said, i wish him well.

  • The case will be decided on July 22nd 2008. Whether or not they are still open to the publuc I cannot tell.

  • Pls can someone tell me how the case went? Did Command Clem win? Are they still open for us to invest in?

  • Thanks be to God that somebody(in Nigeria) like cammandclem can till come up with such Good idea for the benefit of its own conutry.

  • Thank God for the privilege CAMMANDCLEM has given to nigerians.i believe that God had won the case for CCN.

  • I wish him the best of luck but if the case is lost i will recommend that the funds collected from the subscribers should be used to set up a company to provide dividends and employment for them but i am very confident that the case will be won by Commandclem.

  • Information that has just reached me from CommandClem says that the court case between Mobil and Commandclem has been adjourned till 22nd July, 2008. Details can be found on THISDAY newspaper, page 10 of 20th June 2008.

    I wish everyone goodluck concerning the case.

  • a very good information. But it will be a good thing if the commandclem can be keeping their their subscribers informed on the latest

  • hi king clement uwemedimo, i like u but i wil like to be an inventor like u. world most inventor or dont u like nigerians to take over from where u stop

  • hey, this is awsome.i heard about commandclem and wanted to be sure.thanks for giving me confidence.i wish DIVINE FAVOUR to king Clem.pls tell us, what will happen to patentees if things turn out otherwise?

  • You only can imagine the traffic on your fat page. Keep on!

    For Clement Uwemedimo, good luck to ccnl.

    And pls let me know what will happen to the registered patentees if the otherwise occurs.

  • I’ve heared of this since 2007 and i’ve subscribed.but when i saw this article it gives me more confidence about the program. May GOD almigthy win the case for us.

  • If ccnl succeed and do as they have said, they will be doing for Nigerians what they have long expected from their Goverment.I wish ccnl the best.

  • thanks to CNL for making Nigerians register as patentees. May God bless and prosper CNL in Jesus Name Amen.

  • i wish cammandclem lucky in the case and also i wish to know what will happen with the subscribers money if the case is not win.

  • Excellent job, Mr.BOB MAJIRIOGHENE. I actually heard about commandclem patent stuff and wnted to find out how true it is.Your article has made me understand it more.Keep the fire burning.

  • This is hope for the masses if the case turns in favour of commandclem. I wish him best of lurck