My advice to President Jonathan

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

MR. PRESIDENT, Goodluck. Few moment I met with you before, May 1999 ; I saw a decisive man appeared short-of-words.From that time every chance I have ever created with you was a much easier room for your presence. During your days at the university of Port Harcourt, we happened to meet at the post-graduate office inside Delta park in 1993 on one thurs-day you were going through a notice-board by Prof. K. Harrison’s office ;as brat as i was as at thta time, i refuse to obtrude into your discusion with your companion.But today you have become my country’s president to put me in a mood so noble.Its rare to meet a person like you, where intellect and intuition make such a perfect rhyme.

Your intuition tells you that the well-being of the Nigerian people, spiritually as well as physically, is connected with Nigeria’s role in the world. let me show you the ropes;

I know you know that the prosperity of your fellow Nigerians, though hard fought, is less fulfilling knowing there is so much more that can be done to alleviate poverty and suffering inside Africa.

You know that less than one per cent of government income as a contribution from one of the worlds big oil-producing economy to the worlds poorest is not a fair tithe even in times like these which is why you have promised to double foreign assistance.

As with our own personal sojourn, so it is with country and community we discover who we are in service to others.

I know your intellect has weighed up the evidence on how effective Nigerian tax dollars are, when converted into smart, targeted, focused aid.

Putting children into school where they can think freely of freedom. Giving farmers on the parched land seed varieties that double the size of their crop yields.

Giving mothers immunisations to protect their newborns from the deadly viruses they pass on through childbirth.

I know your intellect has taken in the data and seen the analysis on the transforming power of effective aid in places where Nigeria flag is currently not one smiled at.

I know you know how much cheaper it is to make friends of potential enemies than to defend yourself at a later date. I know you know all this stuff.

My prayer for you is that your instinct and intellect stay in harmony in the difficult months and triumphant years ahead.But every morning you will say a prayer to yourself ; that God should uncover the secret of your contenders,make your name more renowned internationally,that God should visit your setbacks, reverse your reproach,restore your face from the shame this 2011 election could carry, correct your shortcomings, redesign your roughworks,clarufy anything confusing you,speak live into your destiny, light up your darkness,open your door to international community,prepare a table before you anywhere in the world,cause a favourable discusion about you from the world best leaders meeting,remove you from event where wrong thing could happen,give you keys to your destiny, set up good things before your arrival anywhere in the world,move that your contenders may change their testimony over you,energize your weakness,
re-arrange that no contender can retire you,give you what belongs to you, take you from corner of Africa to centre of the globe,prepare you in advance, give you multiple favour,that nobody will come after you over your position in Nigeria,take away dead-threat from your career,enable your position to remain publicly-accepted,scare evil-minded people from you, guide you to lead away where Nigeria will recover from economy troubles and losses,and enlarge your coast. God who made you our president will do it.

I speak peace into your regime, remain blessed.

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Tarka Ignatius March 1, 2011 - 5:15 pm

you may say any other thing but a prayer said unto the king will always prosper the land. Nigerian leaders like jonathan’s deserve your kind of prayers. May God prosper your effort, Mr. Arizona-Ogwu. Thank you!


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