My head swells, that is my country

“Speaker of the national assembly, former governors, and the daughters of former presidents all lost the last election. I cannot contain my excitement; political offices in my country do not seem to be an exclusive right of a few anymore.”

Having sojourned in Europe (Denmark and the UK) for almost 10 years I now have hopes that I may probably have a country to which I can return. It is now becoming glaring that my countrymen have decided to take their destinies in their own hands by voting out those corrupt, insensitive, and impious politicians that have plagued the country and put the economic vehicle in perpetual reverse mode for over a decade by means of a political party that appears more of a fraternity.

During the last national assembly elections, Nigerians voted and refused to leave the polling station until their votes were counted to forestall misrepresentation of figures by the INEC returning officers. Immediately election results were announced in most constituencies’ people uploaded the results onto the internet. To me, that was impressive and laudable for a country like mine.

In this day and age of global community, where technology has played significant pivotal roles in the revolution now sweeping across the middle east one can not but thank God the Almighty and then thank the creators of Facebook, internet, Blackberry, twitter, etc for their invaluable contributions to humanity.

I was concerned that the wind of change may not get to my country eventually but my countrymen know better as they have chosen the path of a peaceful revolution using the ballot rather than violence. Even though there are some enemies of democracy working against the peoples’ aspirations using bombs to kill the innocents, yet the majority resolved to put an en end to the monocracy of a political party – PDP.

Nigerians enthusiastically registered their names on the voters list, demonstrating a rare penchant to get registered with a drive like their whole lives depended on the voters registration. The people resolved to register their names because they have had enough and were determined to vote out the politicians that made their lives hell in their own country, a country where they all have equal stakes.

The people would not want to be used any longer, enough is enough they said, so this time unlike in the past the electorates collected money from the desperate politicians who wanted votes for money but the people in the end voted for the candidates of their choice. What a powerful message to send to the politicians. The news is everywhere that in a constituency in Kogi state a politician who was known for his troubles in the national assembly gave out over $3 million for votes but lost by just 300 votes, that to me is a sweet victory of good over evil. Though narrow the victory margin may appear, yet significant. The good people of Nigeria are now awake.

It is also worth celebrating to know that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole, Senators Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, Iyiola Omisore and Bode Olajumoke and two former governors — Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Olusegun Agagu will all not be returning to the national assembly after been booted out by the peoples’ votes.

Good news also that two other former governors— Orji Kalu and Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani lost their bids to become senators, in Abia and Enugu. My people spoke with a reverberating voice against the politics of money and oppression, more so against the corrupt supper rich

If the speaker of the house, Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, daughter of former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, and Jumoke Akinjide, daughter of a former Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Chief Richard Akinjide can be defeated, then we are getting close to getting our country back from the political party, PDP that ruined the country.

Former governors lost the election, I cannot contain my excitement – political offices in my country do not seem to be an exclusive right of a few anymore.

The former speaker of the national assembly was brave enough to concede defeat and said, “the exercise (election) as a good omen in our national quest to entrench democracy,” declaring that, “ the race was not a life-and-death duel.” Does his opinion count anymore? No.
The incumbent president also claimed that it was one of agenda to conduct a free, fair, and credible election. Does he have a choice especially, when the people have decided to take their destinies in their own hands? No.

From recent political awakenings, we are not there yet as a country but we are on our way, God bless Nigeria.

Written by
Dele Oluwole
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