My Sincere Apology to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

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I want to use this medium to unequivocally apologize on behalf of the good people of Ekiti State to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and the good people of Nigeria for the recent sponsored abominable Obituary publications in some nihilistic media in Nigeria by Governor Ayo Fayose. His action is not a true reflection of who we are in Ekiti. Sir, his wish (not curse) on you is a sign of longevity. It is also a sign that your life shall be robustly prolonged with mesmerism.

The new governor of Ekiti State has further brought disrepute to the politics of Ekiti and Nigeria. It’s unheard of a sitting governor anywhere to have displayed that sense of anathema and immaturity. My Governor is behaving like a bird that befouls its own nest. His action is highly condemnable as I literally weep for my country.

Image courtesy AITonline
Image courtesy AITonline

Upon all the monstrous and premeditated lethal lies, campaigns of calumny and obloquy, Gen. Buhari stands gidigba (solidly) like a rock of Gibraltar. He has displayed a befitting maturity by giving respect to the President Jonathan’s person, his family and the office the president presently occupies. Buhari has displayed sterling and presidential qualities by keeping mum of my governor’s childish and abusive persona. His fertile mind is commendable. Buhari’s actions also show a disciplined General, a man who is firm, fair and consistent in spite of all odds. A quintessential and indefatigable strongman, who continues to shape our polity for good. That is the true genius of a leader.

Governor Ayo Fayose is a man who has smudged the integrity of the sons and daughters of Ekiti. My state suddenly punctuated their serenity and development by electing a man who has a corruption case pending in a court of law. A state of academia who sold her conscience and principles to the ghoul through bags of rice and a spendable =N=3,000.00.

If the news flying around about the governor’s banning any academic certificate from the North and from being recognized in Ekiti State’s institutions is true, then the agba gba (elders), Obas(Kings), Ijoyes(Chiefs) in Ekiti and other well meaning Nigerians should summon emergency meeting to caution or stop the governor not to destabilize the state and Nigeria. Fayose’s impending imperial majesty should be discountenanced before he becomes unrestrained dictator. My patriotic brothers and sisters from the North, East and the West should understand the inept and shenanigans of the Jonathan’s administration. They will not succeed by using wedges to divide this generation and the next generation of youth of this beloved country.

They have all altered sleep they cannot sleep anymore. They know they have skeletons in their closets, that is why these children of corruption, political prostitutes and inconsequential beings are panting now profusely. They have climbed the trees to the apex, their antics on these trees now is like the antics of buffoons which is a comic relief in the marketplace.

Buharimophobia is in the air. This is a wind of change blowing across the land and in the country’s horizon, it is a causative agent of vicissitude that is afflicting the conscience and minds of NebuTanians.  A ramshackle clutching and pummeling the feet of the children of corruption, and in vain their defamation cast. A group of people with non-correctable disfigurement of characters that believe in speculative impossibilities. What circumstantial evidence do they need again to rescue Nigeria from the claws of graft, corruption and insecurity?

The 16 years’ nothingness of People Democratic Party is coming to an end, its political arsenals are empty as the teeming timid members are afraid of the looming change. Lies and political shenanigans have become their signatures and trademarks. Mother Nigeria is waking us from our ancestral slumbers as things are falling apart in the house (PDP) of Corruption.

The country’s roads are famished; the airspace is ticklish(ed); the crannies of Nigeria is in the dark; the economy looks gloomy; security is zilch and with ouch!!! Yet, contorted minds jibe the status quo. A looming golden chance for change is in FeBuhari, when we have date with history. Are we ready or getting it right this time? We should beware and avoid the idle of March.

As we look forward to change, let us invoke the spirit of Gani; Let us appease the god of Achebe and Wole Soyinka; and make Devine sacrifices (vote wisely) to the wizardry political souls of Awo, Balewa and Zik for the rebirth of a new Nigeria. Let us vote Buhari and Osibajo in Febuary with our overwhelming votes for the mind of leaders, and for political tranquility of Nigeria.

They are seeing the handwriting on the wall from every corner of Nigeria. They know that they cannot stop the idea whose time has come. Predictably, Buhari will win by landslide and they will all troupe to exile in torrent or be made accountable to a castrated nation. June 12 elections will be a child play in FeBuhari 14, a day all well-meaning Nigerians will collectively “horny” and date a New Nigeria as their Valentine’s suitor.

According to Rev. Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, “Nigeria needs to be rescued from Jonathan’s imminent brink of irredeemable destruction”. In this election, people will voice out their angers through the barrel of ballots and show their disgruntled dispositions towards this banana administration, and vote them out of grips of power. And it will be extremely difficult; yes!!! Extremely difficult for president Jonathan and his co-travelers even to use the power of incumbency to silence the voice of God through the collective voice of the Nigerian people.

And Change and tranquility will come to Nigeria.

God bless the people’s General, God bless you all and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Yahaya Balogun

Arizona, USA.

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Yahaya Balogun
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  • Nna, you bring ya “Baba Keepe” mentality to America! Last time Yar’adua challenged us to a game of squash and successfully concealed his true medical (and psychiatric) condition to Nigerian peoples and eventually died in office.

    Fayose is a smart icon of “Ekiti Kete” renowned for their brutal frankness and unassailable integrity.

    Fayose only called for caution bearing in mind our recent experience with Yar’Adua. Like the certificate issue the only viable answer from Yaya to prove Fayose wrong is to collect from Buhari his Certificate of Physical and Mental fitness and publish same. That is the what is compatible and acceptable from someone who has had a transformational experience in the desert fields of civilized democracies like America not verbal assaults or apology.