Nappy Hair And Doing It Big

Texas, the lone star state, produced a lone star that shone at the just concluded Miss USA pageant. Everything is big in Texas is a general saying but maybe the saying should be amended to “everything is big in Texas except Miss Crystle Stewart” the brand new Miss USA.

When I saw Miss Stewart’s picture I was confused as to whether she’s black or not, I guess the hair must have thrown me. Miss Stewart has such long hair that it is possible for you to be confused as to her heritage. I actually had to do a search to satisfy myself that she was indeed black.

I wonder if she would have won the pageant if she had left her hair in its natural state. If you think I am raising false alarm in this regard then you definitely have not been paying attention to the issues regarding a black woman’s hair.

The white woman probably feels comfortable with her hair, I don’t know for sure, I never asked them but then I am yet to see one that tries to make her hair look like that of a black woman except, perhaps, for braiding.

Adjectives such as “hard”, “kinky”, “nappy”, or “woolly” are used to describe natural black people’s hair and you cannot find high profile black female wear their natural hair. Remember the ill-fated joke of Don Imus referring to Rutgers University women Basketball Team as “nappy-headed hos”

Almost every black woman I know, except for older women in Africa, wants her hair to look like that of the white woman. A situation that makes me wonder, what is wrong with the black woman’s hair as nature dictates?

A black woman once told me that she did not like her natural hair because it makes her look like a man which is quite unreasonable to me since there are some white men whose hairs are exactly like the white women’s. Would she not look like those men when she wears her hair the way she does?

I think the media and Hollywood have come together to brainwash our black woman into thinking that to be beautiful their hair must look like that of a white woman.

I believe there are ways of looking beautiful as a black woman without having to fry your hair in order to make it look like a white woman’s. Perhaps men too have been brainwashed into believing a black woman’s hair must look like that of a white woman to look beautiful.

Some women, such as Aisha Hinds, have shown us that a black woman can look beautiful without wearing their hair like white women. It is time for our women to feel beautiful in their own skin.

Some black women are proud enough to wear their natural hair but those of them in Corporate America may not have such luxury. Such was the case of Baltimore police Department which created a policy to create a professional appearance thereby banning hairstyles worn primarily by blacks; this includes Twists, Locks, Mohawks and Cornrows. Six Flags Amusements Parks Chain also created such policy in June of 2006.

Read more about the hair controversies here: and here.

If anything, there are some advantages of wearing natural hair, there would be no need to push it away from your vision and you won’t have to worry yourself about the car’s windows being down or when it rains. There’s this saying that black women do not like rain, the reason is quite obvious, rain takes their hair back to how nature dictates.

This is not to take anything away from the New Miss USA, my sincere congratulations goes to her for beating her pair to wear the Crown.

Talking of Big, if I have money like Donald Trump I would have started my own beauty pageant except that unlike his own pageant I would have made it one for plump women. I refused to believe that the contestants in the various pageants are more beautiful than the voluptuous women. Let’s practice equal opportunities and stop making it seem the most beautiful women are the skinny ones.

I guess Big is playing big with me today. On the radio this morning, on the T MAN’S SHOW, was the issue of big or should I say long and thick manhood. You must have heard women say size doesn’t matter, maybe it does after all.

As the story goes, a lady met a guy that was a perfect gentleman, who was fun to be with and she liked everything about him until it was time for sex. According to the lady, this gentleman was “packing”, if the stuff was parked at all, a very, very small member, note the double very. She wanted to know from listeners if she would be considered base if she left him because of this apparent “natural defect”

It is a good thing God is not subject to litigation and whatever he endows you with you have to live with, otherwise guys with small members and women with small breasts would have taken him to court for, hmmmmm negligent creation of vital areas?

Size must really matter in some cases; maybe it’s not in others. While women might like guys with big, perhaps enormous members, guys certainly might not find a woman with wide stuff enjoyable. I know a lot of guys like big butts, and some do like wide hips. I think it is subject to argument that guys like big breast, maybe majority do but what if it is enormous?

I know as a fact that unless the woman is extremely clean, enormous breasts are subject to emanating some offensive odor, but do we really mind the odor if we have more to play with?

Someone on the radio said what the small guys lack in size they make up for in passion; she said a smaller guy could go many times in the course of the night while the big guy will be spent after one or two plays.

Maybe someone should experiment and tell us if this is true. Unfortunately I am not a woman I would have done it myself. One could argue that I can find out if I am willing to but no thanks. A friend invited me to a club this weekend where I could have found out if I was really crazy about finding out; it was a gay’s club. He told me he was having fun and I should come down, I asked him what the name of the club was and he told me. I asked if that wasn’t a gay’s club and he answered in the affirmative. Good thing I always check out clubs in my area.

If I was planning to go he made me reconsider when he told me he would protect me. That certainly made up my mind for me. I don’t want to go anywhere I would need to be protected, for real. So, since it was a woman’s assertion, I wish a woman would take up the challenge and write to tell me if that assertion is true, email is, looking forward to some interesting emails.

Written by
Michael Ewetuga
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