Nelson Mandela: Hallelujah! My Jesus Conquered satan’s Apartheid in South Africa

Nelson Mandela lives on!!!

It is important to really understand the spiritual connection between the dangerous ideology of the Dutch Orthodox Church and how God used Nelson Mandela to defeat the dark forces of apartheid.

The Dutch Orthodox Church was infiltrated by satanic forces from Hades to demean the sons and daughters of God by instituting the policy of apartheid after the Boer Wars, in South Africa.

When people erroneously blame the former Prime Ministers of South Africa, from Verwoerd to De Klerk and the fervent practitioners of apartheid, it shows that they do not comprehend that these man-made gods, whose hearts were hardened, by Lucifer, were commissioned to brutalize and humiliate the black people of South Africa, for over three hundred years.
Other racist nations with the same Luciferian traits looked on uninterested.
They too, practiced racial discrimination; racial segregation and they pretended to be superior to others, which pushed them into colonial massacres, looting of the resources of weak nations, which made them rich.

At BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, the Curatorium discussed the 1977 Anti-Apartheid International Conference on South Africa, in Lagos, Nigeria and the impact that Conference had on the final struggle against apartheid.

Some Western nations were ambivalent and did not condemn apartheid like some so-called third World states, who were vociferous.

Today, they are forced to relate to Chinese, Africans and Latin Americans, in their own interests.
In football fields, we still witness the idiocy of some East
European states, just emerging from barbarism misbehave inexorably.

The cacophonic and exuberant annotations about the passing of Madiba are significant, not only because of the man’s unique existence, but in the way God Almighty used him to educate Luciferians, haters of other races, that he is God, the Creator of the Universe.
The Western press has had to revisit and revise their hurtful, disrespectful editorials, in which they are hard put to eulogise a black man for the first time in history.
For example, CNN’s Robin narrative how she was grabbed by Mandela, belong to the stratagems of demystification, which the scandal loving press, will soon begin to fabricate and publish.

When the Boer-led government of South African philistines damaged, destroyed social humans under the apartheid regime, those, whose grandparents relished the work of “the hews of wood and drawers of water”, did not ever reckon with the survival of Nelson Mandela, let alone his ruling over them, in historical time.

In Qingdao, China, I met a South African couple, in their seventies, who were complaining that they had to flee from South Africa, because of the growing hostilities in the townships.

I told them that if apartheid had not been such a pathetic, inhuman, social system, they would not have been on the run.
Winnie Mandela was not happy that shortly after Nelson Mandela was released from prison, he went on a state visit to Britain.

As a result, the South African intelligence Bureau concreted cock and bull stories to discredit Winnie, costing her her marriage.
When I examine the workings of the hearts of men and women, who do weird things, I become hardened in my convictions, that only hearts and souls tainted heavily with the tar of satan do abominable things like shooting children, practicing racial discrimination, oppressing the poor, sending soldiers to wars, where they get killed or maimed and other such reactionary-minded tendencies .

Those, who can discern the spiritual significance of the noble life of Nelson Mandela, especially the spiritual evidence, we can deduce of the great Hand of God in his life, will not be content with skating around the near one century of his life, extolling his political activities, but will look deeper into how Jesus conquered satan, satanic Dutch Church ideology of apartheid, a devilish social order, in South Africa.
The spiritual insights given about Mandela’s mission on earth by Arch-Bishop Desmond Tutu are profound and represent the truth of the matter and the truth in the matter.
It is true that the latter-day South African freedom fighters, emerged from the trenches into the Board rooms of corporate South Africa

Seriously speaking, the ANC needs to broaden the social policies embedded in the Freedom Charter and undertake a revolutionary development to advance the townships.
The ANC could lose the support of the dispossessed and face displacement by the coalition of nationalist parties, who incendiary rhetoric seem to be catching on.
From credible reports, there are centrifugal and centripetal political forces in South Africa, who, out of respect for the Madiba, have sheathed the swords, for this long.
When the Madiba aura wears thin, as it will be eventually happen, it could be to your tents O! Israel.

For now, we shall praise the Lord that the expected blood-bath, which the Luciferians expected would happen in 1994, was prayerfully averted by the forces of good.
Racists have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing!!! So, what is the joy? CHEM RADOST? They will learn nothing and will not forget anything.
Meanwhile, let’s praise the Lord.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah praise the Lord (3)
My JESUS conquered satan
Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!!!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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