Nelson Mandela: Human Rights Must Thrive

After the South African experience, where human rights were systematically violated by the apartheid regimes with the connivance of civilized nations, it is no longer enough to pay lip service to human rights.

Since 1945, shortly after the Second World, scholars and diplomats, worked tirelessly to institute a culture of respect for human dignity.
A number of human rights conventions, treaties, multilateral and bilateral agreements were signed and ratified by states. Apartheid South Africa refused to participate in human rights gatherings.

Out of the myriads of international instruments, the following are outstanding in the coverage of human rights; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, the United Nations Charter, International Convention on the taking of hostages, etc

The existence of all these international instruments permitted hopes that human rights would be respected.

As municipal governments enthroned a culture of internecine political power rivalries in pursuit of self-interest and the hegemonic pursuit to dominate the world by big powers gained acceleration in the wrong direction, human rights were wantonly violated, especially in the last ten years.

Ideological rivalries by states violated the “inherent dignity of the equal and inalienable rights of UN member-states.” Shockingly, some states promoted rebellion against leaders they disagreed with their domestic policies. This has led to violations of human rights of citizens, non-combatants and helpless women and children.

Yet, we claim to be civilized.
The kingdom of satan on earth gave room to same-sex marriages, trafficking in female children, rampant shootings of school children, the multiple murders of citizens and the debaucheries that have caused the wrath of God to manifest in roaring winds, climate change, that seem to increase in furiousity and intensity.

Yet, man has not been able to read the hand-writing on the wall.
Violations of human rights erode the “foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”.

“ The disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which outraged the conscience of humanity ,“but people with misplaced conscience, who push the business of the arms trade do not just care a hoot as long as the cash flows.
The oppressed must always have recourse to rebellion as the satanic sway holds.

This happened in America, France, Russia, China and in South Africa.
The satanic ideology of apartheid was the brain-child of the Dutch Orthodox Church which regularly played host to members of the Luciferian hierarchy in Europe and America.

Members invested heavily in the South African economy. Their ideologists lied that those, who asked for freedom were COMMUNISTS.
They passed a laughable law called the “Suppression of Communism Act”, which resonated in America, with the Mac Cathy and the satanic KU KLUX clan movements, which lynched fellow humans because they were black, even when they were brown!

Was Nelson Mandela not sentenced to 27 years imprisonment, just for asking for freedom?

Did the civilized nations raise any eye-brows? The history of apartheid, colonialism, imperialism must haunt the conscience of man, till time indefinite.

In the absence of fervent request for forgiveness, atonement and forging a genuine brotherhood of man, KARMIC CONSEQUENCES will follow every sun-rise and every sunset till time indefinite!!!

So shall it be in the Name of the FATHER, so shall it be in the Name of the SON and so shall it be in the Name of the Holy Ghost.
I have been in search of the ENAMEL WHITE man or WHITE woman, in the five continents since 1962.

I have only found shades of rosy-pink, reddish-brown and pale yellow. Anytime and anywhere you find a white man or woman, call upon me.
The embedded racist ideology among brain-washed people, make it impossible for them to avoid telling all those, who can see that Obama is a black, when he is brown.

President Nelson Mandela was “the first black President”. Who does not know that he was the first African President?

Whiteman Clinton was an American President. Whiteman Regan too. Whiteman Putin is the Russian President. Whiteman Quest is CNN ace broadcaster, Whiteman Hitler destroyed Germany, White woman Angela Merkel re-built Germany, Whiteman Turner is the owner of CNN etc, etc, etc.
This must be the new order! Sooner or later, we shall be tired of racist appellations and appendages.

We all know who is who, without the racist description that does not say whether he or she is a crook, a cheat, a corrupt leader or a racist.
We are all God’s children and so it shall remain. If Mandela’s reconciliation and forgiveness will take eternal root and not be “interned with his bones” corporate South Africa, the South African government must initiate solid policies in the field of education and social justice for all. It cannot be business as usual.

The equitable doctrines of fairness, equality and good judgment, must not only be heard in speeches, but must be felt from the Eastern Cape to Pretoria. A stitch in time saves nine.

The South African youths, who were not tutored on the evils of the Dutch Orthodox Church apartheid ideology, have learnt a lot in the last six months .about their society.

They now know about Walter Sisulu, Govern Mbeki, Steve Biko and other anti-Apartheid leaders.( See my article, “ Before the First Whistle During the 2010 world Cup” in Nigeriansinamerica.

Young South Africans now know and this knowledge will empower them to fight for social justice, with both hands.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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